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Hanson Cheng has been featured in a number of interviews, sharing his journey and insights into entrepreneurship and business growth. Here are some of the interviews where Hanson has been featured:

Entrepreneur.com: In this interview, Hanson shares his experience of using Quora to grow his Instagram account and increase his business revenue. He provides a three-step approach to using Quora effectively: Define and prioritize your goals, copywriting for your call to action, and practice leads to perfection and results.

Niche Pursuits: Hanson shares his success story of getting 1.4 million views on Quora in under 45 days by answering questions with powerful, emotionally resonant stories. He also provides a step-by-step guide on how to make money on Quora, which includes getting eyeballs on your content, funneling the traffic off the platform, and capturing leads.

The Daily Star: Hanson shares his entrepreneurial journey and his unique approach to scaling businesses. He specializes in breaking down businesses into smaller, manageable processes and then automating these processes with software to make them more efficient. This approach has allowed him to run multiple successful businesses in the seven-figure league while maintaining a hub for discussion and insights called Freedom to Ascend.