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Hanson has been a guest on several podcasts, sharing his insights on business growth, scaling, and entrepreneurship. Here are some highlights:

Amateur Traveler: In this episode, Hanson shares his experiences from a two-week road trip in New Zealand. He spent a total of three months in the country, but this particular episode focuses on a selected itinerary from Auckland in the North Island to Christchurch in the South Island. He visited various locations, such as the Coromandel Peninsula, Tongariro National Park, Abel Tasman National Park, and Mount Cook. He also visited Wharariki Beach, which he considers one of his favorite stops in New Zealand.

Selling with Love Podcast: Hanson shares his top strategies for scaling a business and achieving maximum growth. He provides valuable insights on prioritizing tasks, building a solid team, and scaling a business effectively. Listeners can expect to learn about effective task prioritization for business success, common hiring mistakes to avoid, strategies for scaling a business like a pro, and proven tips for maximizing business growth potential.

Brand Builders Group Podcast: Hanson shares his insights on hiring great contractors. He discusses the importance of clear communication, setting expectations, and understanding the contractor's perspective. He also talks about the significance of building relationships with contractors and treating them as part of the team.