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May 23


Exploring Third-Party App Integration with Go HighLevel

By Hanson Cheng

May 23, 2024

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    How unfortunate it is that many ambitious businesses don’t succeed because they struggle to manage the many disparate parts of their enterprises. Sales, marketing, team communication, and even keeping a consistent social media presence, the list of tasks and challenges often feels simply overwhelming.

    But what if there was a single platform to streamline it all, helping you simplify your business workflow under one digital roof? If a lack of systematization is keeping your winning business idea from succeeding, it is long overdue for you to hear about the benefits of Customer Relationship Management systems (or CRMs).

    In this article we will explore why integration matters for business growth using Go HighLevel as an example.

    App Integration with Go HighLevel

    What are CRM systems?

    CRM systems like Go HighLevel are essentially specialized cloud-based software that offers all-in-one sales, communication, and marketing management for your business. These technologies, much like advanced “control panels,” organize, simplify, and even automate every aspect of your customer interaction needs. Think of CRM systems as a user-friendly interface or suite that unifies all of your business operations into one central platform. As such, they are key investments if you want to successfully strategize the disparate digital parts of your enterprise. Furthermore, CRM systems allow businesses to collect and analyze data. This can be an incredibly valuable tool for your advertising and marketing needs.

    For instance, imagine all the separate operations that are needed to run a casino: accounting, purchasing tickets, maintaining their machines and venues, providing food, services, and entertainment, and even developing strategies to keep up with digital advancements when hosting online casino games for real money. In the online casino realm, operators have to ensure a seamless and secure platform for players to access and play their favorite games, ranging from classic slots and table games to live dealer experiences. This, of course, necessitates proper systems running behind the scenes.

    An online casino utilizing CRM integration could, for example, collect valuable data on their potential leads, such as their favorite games, spending habits, playing behavior — including risk-taking or aversion — or even their birthdays, favorite holidays, or times of the year they are most likely to visit a casino.

    This valuable information could enable them to provide highly specific targeted advertisements to their customer base, including special promotions, discounts or special offers that might increase lead loyalty or even revitalize their lost business leads. Just as a casino could benefit from a highly optimized, centralized management system to collect data and streamline their operations, your own enterprise can thrive with the robust CRM systems that companies like Go HighLevel have to offer.

    Benefits of Third-Party App Integration on CRM Software

    Let’s explore just one of the many different and exciting benefits that CRM software has to offer: third-party integration.

    Integrating your business with third-party applications creates a much more functional and simplified ecosystem. One of the key aspects of CRM systems is their capacity to host a wide array of the most popular and powerful third-party applications. The good news is that you are probably already familiar with them and utilizing them in your day-to-day business operations. Do you hop on Zoom for online team meetings? Calendly to quickly schedule clients’ appointments? WordPress to host your site?

    CRM platforms like Go HighLevel offer the possibility to integrate most of your favorite business applications into one space. This can save you valuable time and effort collecting lead data and not having to manage or switch between applications, maximizing your business’ efficiency to stay ahead of your competition.

    There are currently four types of integration currently available through Go HoghLevel: direct integration, third-party integration, and API and webhooks integration. Our focus is on direct third-party integration, but let’s quickly explore all of them.

    Direct Integration with Go HighLevel

    Go HighLevel directly integrates with the following applications — and more! Direct integration simply means that these applications are natively supported through Go HighLevel’s high-end CRM interface.

    No additional steps are required. Just open the software, browse through their app catalog, and add the applications just with a couple of clicks. Here’s a list of some of the most popular third-party applications offered natively through Go Higher Level:

    (Note: You can visit this HighLevel help forum for in-depth step-by-step tutorials on how to integrate most of these applications!)

    Workflow and Client Management

    1. Clio: Manage your legal workflow, including client information, cases, and billing.


    2. Facebook and Instagram Ads: Create and manage your advertising.

    3. TikTok Ads: Manage your advertising on this popular short-format video-sharing platform.

    Online Presence and Optimization

    4. GBP: Control and optimize your online presence on Google Maps and searches.

    5. Google: Including Google Analytics, Calendar, and Leads, Go HighLevel lets you access all of your business data in one place, such as website traffic, events, and potential leads.

    Payment and Accounting

    6. PayPal: Manage your payments, invoices, and transactions through one of the leading global payment systems in the world.

    7. QuickBooks: Excel at your accounting tasks by keeping a clear management of your invoicing, bookkeeping, and bill payments.

    8. Stripe: Power and process your online and in-person payments with one click.


    9. Shopify: Create an online store to sell your products.

    Communication and Team Management

    10. Slack: Manage your team communications in one user-friendly interface.

    11. Twilio: Program your communications needs such as email, SMS, and even phone calls with this cloud communication company.

    12. WhatsApp: Offer direct communication with clients using one of the leading texting applications on the market.

    13. Zoom: Schedule and host your meetings or online events.

    Website Management

    14. WordPress: Host, design, and manage your website.

    While the current offerings certainly provide a comprehensive integration of some of the leading apps in the market, the capabilities of Go HigherLevel can be greatly enhanced by taking advantage of other forms of third-party app integration.

    Let’s take a look.

    Additional Integrations with Third-Party App Integration Apps

    Apps like Zapier, Pebble and AppyPie can further expand the potential of Go HighLevel by allowing you to integrate applications that are not currently directly supported through GoHighLevel. These include applications such as AirTable, Bravo, Docusign, DropBox, GitHub, Microsoft Teams, OpenAI (including ChatGPT and DALL-E), Square, Telegram, Wix, and more.

    But wait, there’s more!

    If by a rare chance none of the applications you need are available, or if you want to further benefit from Go HigherLevel’s robust programming capabilities, you will probably be glad to know that the system also offers comprehensive API and Webhook integration.

    While it might seem daunting at first, a quick chat with a programmer or developer can help you get these powerful APIs up and running in no time.

    API and webhooks integration

    While the topic of APIs and Webhooks (also known as web callbacks or HTTP push APIs) deserves its own in-depth topic, Go HighLevel offers the possibility to integrate several other functionalities offered via API and webhooks integration. Check the Go HighLevel forum for instructions on how to use and integrate APIs and Webhooks.

    Final Thoughts

    Third-party integration with Go HighLevel proves an essential tool and powerful solution for small businesses and entrepreneurs that might yet to acquire more hands on deck and resources. CRM systems offering third-party integration allow you to streamline your marketing and business communications by simplifying and automating your workflow and business pipeline. This is crucial if you are struggling to manage all the components of your business.

    While Go HigherLevel is just one of the many companies offering this type of all-in-one business integration, it has proven to be one of the front-runner agencies in the CRM landscape specifically targeting digital marketing needs, and one definitely worth checking out.

    With over 60,000+ customers, 1.4+ million businesses, and 622 million leads, Go HighLevel has positioned itself as one of the leading and most comprehensive companies offering CRM and third-party app integration. Just last year alone, the company received five badges from G2 Best Software alone, including the Leader, Momentum Leader, Leader in Small Business, Easiest to do Business With and High Performer accolades.

    Furthermore, the company is expected to have a steady growth for the years to come, recently receiving a heft minority growth investment from General Atlantic. As covered by BusinessWire: “HighLevel’s value proposition and differentiated model have allowed it to unlock and connect with the market in a unique way. The distinct agency and small business ecosystem that HighLevel has built is a testament to the resonance and effectiveness of its product.”

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