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July 6


Creating Evergreen Content: Building a Lasting Foundation for Your Marketing

By Hanson Cheng

July 6, 2023

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    In this article, we delve into the concept of evergreen content – content that provides continual value and remains relevant, regardless of the season or current trends. We’ll explore why it’s crucial in marketing, the different types that can be utilized, and a step-by-step guide to crafting it.

    Plus, we’ll highlight the benefits it offers for SEO, social media, and email marketing. Finally, we’ll take a look at real-world examples of evergreen content from big names like Nike, Apple, and Starbucks. Whether you’re a content marketing newbie or a seasoned professional looking to refine your approach, this article is a comprehensive guide to understanding and using evergreen content.

    Introduction to Evergreen Content

    In the dynamic realm of digital marketing, where trends are constantly evolving and easily supplanted by the newest craze, there’s an aspect that remains perpetually relevant – Evergreen Content.

    Definition of Evergreen Content

    Evergreen content refers to any digital marketing content that remains timeless, relevant and significant irrespective of time. Unlike news articles or seasonal content that lose their relevance post the event, evergreen content continues to hold value, imparting useful information that remains applicable for years to come.

    Deriving its name from the evergreen tree that remains green round the year, evergreen content forms the symbol of steadiness and consistency in the constantly shifting world of content marketing. It withstands the trends, retaining its value and relevance, serving as a continuous source of traffic and engagement for your platform over an extended period.

    The Importance of Evergreen Content in Marketing

    Evergreen content forms the bedrock of an efficacious content marketing strategy. It serves as a trove of valuable information, perpetually appealing to readers and search engines alike. Given that it continues to hold relevance irrespective of time, it maintains a fixed rank in search engine results, consistently driving traffic towards your platform.

    Furthermore, being a trusted source of essential information, it serves as an avenue for establishing authority and trust in your niche. This, in turn, aids in extending the reach of your platform, boosting your brand recognition and reputation. Therefore, evergreen content ultimately drives conversion and fosters customer loyalty.

    Different Types of Evergreen Content

    Upon understanding the role and significance of evergreen content in marketing, it’s imperative to familiarize ourselves with its various forms.

    How-to Guides and Tutorials

    Composing a majority of evergreen content, ‘how-to’ guides and tutorials serve as comprehensive guides to performing specific tasks. Regardless of time, these guides continue to hold value since the methods described largely remain unchanged. Businesses such as Home Depot frequently publish these as blogs or visual content.

    Lists and Top Best Items

    Lists and ‘best of’ content typically elaborate on the top or most popular entities in a category. For instance, Time magazine frequently publishes lists of the best books, movies etc. These prove particularly beneficial for B2C businesses, aiding customers in making informed purchasing decisions.

    Industry Resources

    Resources such as industry statistics, definitions, FAQ’s, terminology etc. form a significant part of Evergreen content. Providing valuable insight into the industry and its various aspects, such content helps in driving constant traffic.

    Product Reviews

    Product reviews offer an unbiased view of a product’s functionality, features and worth, guiding customers in their buying journey. Platforms like CNET excel in delivering high-quality evergreen content in the form of product reviews.

    Expert Advice and Interviews

    Advice from industry experts and interviews hold timeless value, providing insider knowledge and deep insights that remain applicable over the years.

    Steps to Creating Evergreen Content

    Creating evergreen content involves a systematic process of identifying relevant topics, researching, planning, creating the content and devising strategies for its longevity and updates.

    Identifying Relevant Subjects

    The first step towards creating evergreen content involves identifying topics that hold timeless value. These should resonate with your core audience and align with your brand’s mission and vision.

    Researching and Planning the Content

    A significant amount of research and planning goes into devising relevant content that aligns with your targeted audience’s interest, values and behaviours.

    Creating the Content

    Once researched and planned, the next step involves creating insightful, engaging, and quality content.

    Ensuring Content Longevity

    This involves creating content that holds its value over time, remaining insightful, and relevant irrespective of industry trends.

    Strategy for Updating Content

    Regardless of the content’s relevancy, occasional updates are crucial to ensure it retains its attractiveness for search engines and target audiences.

    Applying Evergreen Content in Marketing

    In the world of digital marketing, evergreen content plays a pivotal role, and it can be applied in numerous ways to drive traffic, increase visibility and enhance brand authority.

    Content Strategy Integration

    Integrating evergreen content into your content strategy helps reap long-term benefits including continuous organic traffic, improved site visibility, and genuine lead generation.

    SEO Benefits of Evergreen Content

    As search engines prioritize quality and related content, evergreen content often ends up ranking higher in search engine results pages.

    Social Media and Evergreen Content

    Evergreen content makes for great social media content as it continues to remain useful and relevant to followers over time.

    Email Marketing and Evergreen Content

    You can use evergreen content in newsletters as a means to add value to your email marketing strategy by providing subscribers with useful, informative content.

    Real Business Examples of Evergreen Content

    Several businesses have leveraged the power of evergreen content to bolster their marketing efforts. Below, we will consider a few examples of such businesses.

    Case Study Example: Nike’s “Just Do It” Campaign

    Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign is an epitome of evergreen content. The simple yet powerful message continues to inspire and motivate individuals to overcome their inhibitions and challenges, remaining relevant even after decades of its launch.

    Case Study Example: Apple’s iPhone Tutorials

    Apple’s iPhone tutorials, designed to guide users about the various features of its products, serve as perfect examples of evergreen content. As long as the particular iPhone model is in use, the tutorials are of value to its users.

    Case Study Example: Starbucks’ Coffee Brewing Guides

    Starbucks’ coffee brewing guides, offering detailed steps and tips for brewing the perfect cup of coffee, can be considered as valuable evergreen content, being of use to coffee lovers of all generations.


    In a nutshell, evergreen content, owing to its timeless nature, is a crucial aspect of a successful content marketing strategy. By providing continuous value, it helps in building a lasting foundation for your marketing efforts, boosting site engagement, driving traffic and ultimately leading to higher conversions. Hence, it’s essential for businesses to leverage its potential and integrate evergreen content into their content strategy, to pave way for sustained growth and success.

    Summary of Evergreen Content

    Evergreen content, being timeless and relevant, holds significant value in content marketing. It comes in various forms including how-to guides, product reviews, lists, expert advice etc. By following the systematic process of identification, research, planning, creation, and update, you can create valuable evergreen content.

    Final Thoughts on Building a Lasting Foundation with Evergreen Content

    Strategically integrating evergreen content into your content marketing strategy can go a long way in reaping long-term rewards. Offering sustained value, it helps in building brand loyalty and contributes towards a sturdy and lasting marketing foundation.


    Summary of Evergreen Content

    Evergreen content is a type of content that remains relevant and valuable over time, providing long-term benefits to both the audience and the marketers.

    Final Thoughts on Building a Lasting Foundation with Evergreen Content

    Building a solid foundation with evergreen content requires understanding what evergreen content is, identifying the right topics, creating quality content, and having a strategy for updating it. With companies like Nike, Apple, and Starbucks successfully utilizing evergreen content in their marketing strategies, it’s clear that evergreen content is a crucial element for successful, long-term digital marketing.

    Evergreen Content: FAQs

    1. What Is Evergreen Content?

    Evergreen content refers to materials that stay relevant over time, undiminished by changes in trends or industry dynamics. This type of content shows steady traffic and search engine rankings, driving consistent engagement from audiences.

    2. Why Is It Important in Marketing Strategies?

    Creating and investing in evergreen content helps foster lasting relationships with the audience. Furthermore, given its long-term value, evergreen content can lead to improved search engine optimization (SEO), continuous audience engagement, and sustained lead generation.

    3. Which Types of Content Are Considered Evergreen?

    How-to guides, testimonials, glossaries, tutorials, and case studies make excellent examples of evergreen content. These content types remain relevant for a long duration, as audiences continuously seek this information.

    4. How Does One Create Effective Evergreen Content?

    Start by identifying topics that maintain relevance within the target industry or audience. Then, create high-quality, thorough content that provides value beyond the immediate publishing date. Remember to refresh and update the content as necessary.

    5. Can Seasonal Content Be Evergreen?

    While seasonal content might peak in relevance during specific times, if created strategically, this content can classify as evergreen. For instance, holiday planning guides or yearly trends overview can garner yearly recurring traffic.

    6. How Often Should Evergreen Content Be Revisited or Updated?

    There’s no universal rule, but consider revisiting evergreen content quarterly or biannually. This evaluation ensures the information remains accurate and continues to provide value to readers, maintaining the content’s “evergreen” status.

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