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11 Best A/B Testing Tools In 2023 (Ranked And Reviewed)

By Hanson Cheng

June 13, 2023

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  • A/B testing is a powerful tool that marketers use to improve conversion rates. The first step in A/B testing is finding the right tools for your business.  

    There are many different A/B testing software tools on the market, but not all of them are created equal. 

    A/B testing tools can range from simple split tests to complex multivariate tests.  

    One test can be as basic as just testing two versions of a headline. Whereas a complex test would involve different variables such as page layout, text color, and advertisement placement.

    To do that we've put together the top testing tools on the market and ranked them according to features, usability, and price. 

    However not every customer is the same so it's important to choose the best conversion rate optimization platform that makes the most sense for your business.

    What Are The Best A/B Testing Tools On The Market?

    Here you'll find my list of the best A/B testing tools to boost conversion rates.

    Optimizely is an A/B testing tool, visual editor, and personalization engine that uses data to build better experiences. They offer A/B tests for web pages, mobile apps, emails, and more. It has been used by some of the biggest companies in the world like Airbnb, Amazon, and Google.  

    Optimizely works by allowing you to have complete control of your web pages and mobile apps. You can create experiments in a few minutes without code or IT support. 

    Even though it may seem like a complex testing platform, it is actually quite user-friendly and allows you to get highly advanced targeting of your audience in real-time. 

    One of the best features of Optimizely is that they're simple and can be streamlined with templates from start to finish.

    Key Features

    • Personalization of your content. This can help boost engagement. It allows you to address the needs of specific audiences and easily tailor the message to suit their needs.
    • Customize messages to ensure your clients are getting the right information at the right time. Tests can be updated in a few clicks with no coding required. This makes it easy to update your A/B test without needing any help from IT specialists.
    • Inbuilt reporting dashboard that provides insights into your experiments and tells you whether they're successful or not. You'll know what works best for each audience segment so that you can make an educated decision about future versions of the product or landing page layout.
    • Drag and drop visual editor for email campaigns to customize color schemes, build content blocks, and more. Customize your next email with this unique tool that provides a drag-and-drop interface so you can choose from predefined layouts like newsletter or preheader text block.
    • Multivariate testing can help identify from all the data, what change (if any) affects your website's performance so that it keeps improving the user experience and converting visitors into customers.

    Optimizely doesn't display any pricing on their website and is available upon request. They are obviously targeting bigger brands here and that comes with an enterprise price tag but we're not talking about basic tools here. 

    Optimizely is a leading program that uses multivariate testing to optimize websites. By making changes to multiple pages and then analyzing the results, it can determine what tweaks will yield improved conversion rates for each website visitor type.

    Do you want to increase your conversion rates?

    AB Tasty is a personalization platform that helps businesses drive more conversions and a faster ROI. They offer the most complete suite of tools for marketers, including email marketing, website personalization, customer segmentation, and CRM integration.

    AB Tasty will help you create personalized content for each individual visitor on your site with their powerful A/B testing tool. You can also use their advanced analytics to see how different segments are interacting with your website or app so you can optimize it accordingly. 

    AB Tasty's goal is to help you make better decisions about what content to show customers based on their interests and behaviors online. 

    Key Features

    • An A/B Testing Tool that helps you create personalized content for each individual based on the visitor behavior on your site.
    • Easily update your A/B test variations when you have new product content, updated offers, or changes to pricing. This lets you try out different messaging and find the most effective marketing messages with customer retention in mind.
    • Tools like AB Tasty provide you with an inbuilt reporting dashboard that quickly lets you know which variants of a page or product are the most successful from your test results.
    • Conduct multiple experiments through split URL testing.
    • Multivariate tests and split testing as standard.

    Even though AB Tasty is one of the most feature rich A/B testing tools on this list, they do work with enterprise brands, and as such you'll need to contact their sales team to schedule a meeting. 

    After a recent update, many new types of testing features are now available. One such feature is the interesting funnel testing feature which enables you to experiment with changes across multiple pages at the same time without affecting conversion rates or success metrics on your other pages.

    3. VWO

    The world of digital experiences is always changing and oftentimes, the customer experience can be defined by chaos. The VWO (Visual Website Optimizer) platform empowers organizations looking for a solution to consolidate their efforts on creating an optimized customer journey that's enjoyable throughout all touchpoints.

    The VWO Platform operates as a hub for customer insights, strategy planning, testing ideas, implementing website optimization solutions & measuring success over time. This product enables companies to provide better service at every stage of the journey through qualified recommendations and intelligent automation.

    With VWO's help, you can deliver a great customer experience by testing and optimizing their digital adventures. 

    They make it easy for marketers to plan the optimization roadmap, gather insights, and test ideas. You can even use their platform to measure key business metrics like conversion rates or time on site.

    Key Features

    • Split URL testing allows you to test multiple variations on two different URLs.
    • GDPR and CCPA ready for security-conscious clients.
    • Capable of delivering fast and statistically significant results.
    • Multivariate testing allows you to test multiple versions all at the same time.
    • Heatmaps and session recording for optimal performance.

    VWO has seven different package bundles for you to choose from. Most of the bundles included a Growth, Pro, and Enterprise plan depending on the features you need. 

    You will still need to get in touch with them however to get accurate pricing but can start off with a 30-day free trial.  A little bit of research revealed that prices start in the range from $199 per month and can quickly scale depending on your traffic with a minimum of 10,000 monthly visitors. 

    The different plans you can choose from are included in the comparison table below.

    As you can see their plans are extensive and include plenty of features, so you can choose the best one. 

    If you would rather outsource it to them then you can choose the VWO Services plan and know that their in-house experts will deliver valuable insights from their reliable data to help you make more informed decisions.

    With Convert, you'll never run out of strategies for your product. They have been a SaaS company since 2006, and understand that every visitor is different and has unique needs. 

    Convert is a proven all-in-one A/B testing tool to optimize your website for more revenue. It will require some knowledge of programming, but if you think about it as an experiment and follow their instructions closely, it’s sure to bring about rewarding results.

    Because Convert offers businesses a scalable and powerful A/B testing solution, every website, blog, app or campaign will have an eye-opening conversion rate boost after being run through the software.

    Key Features

    • Use the A/B testing tool for landing pages or website conversion optimization.
    • Run unlimited tests to meet your business goals.
    • Google Analytics and API integration.
    • Split testing and multivariate testing allow you to test variations on a particular page.
    • A WYSIWYG editor that's easy for all marketing teams. 
    • Conduct multipage experiments.

    The most reliable way to grow your business is by testing every element. Increase conversions with the help of Convert's A/B tests and CRO insights, without spending a fortune on tools.

    They have three plans to choose from. These include the Kickstart, Specialist and Leader plans. Here is what's included.

    Best for those online businesses just getting started with A/B testing.

    • Unlimited Tests.
    • 5 Active Domains.
    • 10 Active Goals.
    • 5 Personalizations.
    • Basic Post Segmentation.

    Best for companies that want to do some advanced targeting based on user data.

    • Advanced Segmentation.
    • Live Log.
    • Change Log.
    • CNAME Setup.
    • API Access.

    Best for companies with require advanced statistical analysis.

    • Highly Advanced Segmentation.
    • Single Sign-On.
    • Unlimited Active Projects.
    • 30 Active Goals.
    • Unlimited Active Domains.

    As part of using this segmentation tool, you get a very clean user interface compared to some other tools out there.

    You may have been hearing a lot about AI-powered marketing, so it’s time to see what it can actually do for you.

    Adobe Target is the first and only platform that combines artificial intelligence with personalization tools and automation at scale, so marketers can deliver personalized experiences across every channel, from the web to mobile to TV. And they don’t just provide insights, they also provide solutions on how to implement them in your business.

    You know you want more customers, but you're not sure how to get them or where they are going next? Well, with their AI-powered tools and machine learning algorithms, you can find out exactly who your audience is and what they care about most. 

    You can then serve up content that resonates with their needs. That's why brands like Nike rely on Adobe for all of their digital marketing campaigns. 

    It's because the advanced features help them understand the customer better than ever before from all the qualitative data, which drives results faster than anything else out there today.

    Key Features

    Adobe Target is part of an enterprise personalization platform that helps you create, test, and optimize your marketing efforts. You get automatic personalized campaigns, mobile app optimization for all devices, and recommendations based on your customer's behavior.

    • Adobe Target is an advanced targeting A/B testing tool including multiple split URL tests.
    • Multivariate testing to find the most effective combination from your running tests.
    • Import your existing data into the optimization tool to gain further insights into your customers.
    • Email and server-side optimization.

    Pricing for Adobe Target is available on application through their website, but if you've already got most of the Adobe marketing package then it offers easy integration between programs. 

    This may not be the prettiest user dashboards or quite as easy to navigate compared to other tools such as VWO and Convert, but it's the impressive machine learning that makes it a big hit with enterprise brands.

    If you've been looking for a way to make your website more personalized and engaging, but don't have the time or budget to do it, then Google Optimize is a free tool that helps you create personalized experiences and run website tests.

    Optimize is used through the Google Chrome extension, whereas Google 360 is the paid version that can test multiple variations of a page. 

    It’s easy to use, so you can get started in minutes. You don’t need any coding skills or complicated software, just your creativity and imagination. Plus it's completely free!

    With Google Optimize, you can test different layouts of your pages to see what works best for your audience. You can also A/B test headlines, images, buttons, and more to find the perfect combination for conversion rates. 

    With Google's new Personalization Engine, it will help you personalize the content on the go based on who visits your site. A bit like showing them their favorite products when they visit a product page.

    The possibilities are endless with Google Optimize all without having to write code or spend hours setting up experiments manually.

    Key Features

    • Easy integration with Google Analytics.
    • A free option for multivariate testing and A/B/n split testing.
    • Drive better results through their testing platform.
    • Use raw HTML and Javascript code editors to experiment more.

    Google Optimize is completely free but just know there will be some limitations to the testing tool. 

    Google Optimize 360 is a paid version, but you'll need to fill in a form to get individual pricing. 

    This is a good starting point for those businesses looking to get familiar with what A/B testing and split testing, in general, has to offer before diving into more expensive testing tools. 

    Enterprise brands will find that it may be better to sign up for the Google Analytics 360 suite of products which automatically includes Optimize 360, but if you're just starting out this split testing tool has everything you need.

    If you're looking for a marketing tool that will help you optimize your customer journey, then Omnicovert is a great choice. 

    They predominately help e-commerce businesses find the best way to convert their visitors into customers by using A/B testing, multivariate tests, and conversion rate optimization. The team of experts will work with you to identify what’s working and what isn't, so you can grow your business without wasting time or money on ineffective marketing strategies.

    You don't have to be an expert in order for them to help you achieve success either. All they need is some information about your company's goals, target audience, and marketing budget, and then they do all the heavy lifting for you. 

    With Omniconvert's expertise in CRO, A/B testing, and web design, they can show you how easy it is to increase conversions through smart social proof data to make better decisions.

    Key Features

    • A serious conversion rate optimization platform.
    • Multivariate testing provides statistical significance from your customer feedback.
    • Find your creative side with their easy-to-use visual editor.
    • Get a full team behind your business to help in gaining more traffic with their advanced segmentation tool.
    • Technology to help your e-commerce business become customer-centric through advanced split testing.

    Omniconvert provides a sliding scale plan based on how much revenue your business generated in the last 12 months. 

    Prices range for those generating under $1M in revenue, $1M to $10M, $10M to $20M, and finally if you're generating over $20M in revenue. 

    From there you choose the relevant plan, Start, Grow, or Scale. We will look at what is included in the less than $1M plans.

    • E-commerce dashboard.
    • Customer retention tracking.  
    • RFM customer segmentation.  
    • Email support with a 24hr response time.

    Everything included in the starter plan plus:

    • Tailor-made RFM segmentation with cohort tracking.
    • CRM and 360 customer view.
    • Product catalog analytics.
    • Easily export data into .csv format.

    Everything in the grow plan plus:

    • Customer lifetime value tracking.
    • NPS pre and post-purchase tracking.
    • Direct and indirect integrations with Klaviyo and Facebook ads.
    • Chat and email support with a 2hr response time.

    Omniconvert provides real value to your e-commerce business through the use of automation, in-depth reports, and your customer's behavior.

    Of course, every business owner wants to make their customers happy. But how do you actually make your customer experience better?

    Kameleoon is a full-stack personalization platform that helps marketers, developers, along with product teams to boost engagement and conversions. They have helped companies like Coca-Cola, Nike, and Spotify increase their revenue by over $1 million in just one month.

    While you don't necessarily need any technical experience to get started with Kameleoon, having some sort of knowledge with CSS and Javascript will be useful for advanced modifications. 

    With their A/B testing toolkit, you can create personalized experiences for each of your customers without having to code anything yourself. You can also use our analytics dashboard to see how different versions of content perform against each other so you know which ones are the best performers.

    Key Features

    • API integrations to help you get started quickly with any app or website.
    • Easy to understand reporting interface.
    • Connect third-party analytics tools such as Google Analytics and AT Internet.
    • A smart visual editor that saves you time and minimizes mistakes.
    • Powerful split testing AI algorithms.

    Pricing is tailored to your exact requirements. 

    A truly enterprise piece of software, Kameleoon is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. It's rare for an enterprise CRO tool to have this design quality but you'll feel the benefits every time you use it. The best thing about its UX is that new team members find it effortless too, enabling them to get started on their projects right away.

    Oracle Maxymiser is the leading marketing automation platform for digital marketers.

    We help you create personalized and relevant customer experiences across all channels, including websites, mobile apps, email campaigns, and more. Our powerful technology helps you deliver better results with less effort.

    With our intuitive interface and robust feature set, it’s easy to build a campaign that will engage your customers on every channel they use from web pages to emails to social media posts. We have everything you need to measure success at your fingertips including reporting tools that provide deep insights into how well your campaigns are performing so you can make adjustments as needed.

    Key Features

    • Ability to effortlessly switch between the visual editor and code so it doesn't matter if you're a novice or expert in split testing the process is easy.
    • Leverage the data to gain the most out of your customer experience and reduce the frustration, cart abandonment, popups, and bounce rates.
    • Predictive insights with heatmaps to see how your customers interact on the page.
    • In-depth analytics and reporting systems.

    Pricing is only available through submitting a form. However, similar to Adobe, if you have the Oracle suite of products it will make sense to seemingly connect Maxymiser to the cloud. 

    Oracle's system is not perfect, but it does have some great features. For example, the length calculator provides a beneficial estimate on how long tests need to run before reaching statistical significance and there is no flickering or broken content when they do run.

    Freshmarketer combines all the tools you need to run a successful marketing campaign in one place. Making it easy for marketers of any skill level to set up and manage campaigns across different channels.

    Marketers everywhere are always looking for new ways to stay ahead on their game, which is why Freshworks created an automation platform designed specifically with today's marketer in mind.

    Freshmarketer provides a user-friendly interface for creating A/B testing and split URL tests. The WYSIWYG editor simplifies the process of designing these types of experiments, but you can also take advantage of their reporting features to view results in real-time.

    Key Features

    • A/B and Split testing.
    • Heatmaps - know what your customers are doing on your website.
    • Easy integration with Freshwork's suite of apps.
    • Session replay.

    There are four plans to choose from and one of them is absolutely free. Just bear in mind though that if you're looking for an A/B testing function then you'll have to go with one of the paid options.

    Freshmarketer is a great option for newcomers or online businesses with modest needs who want to enter the world of conversion optimization.

    As an entry platform into Conversion Optimization, it provides small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with moderate requirements access to sophisticated solutions in this rapidly evolving field.

    Zoho PageSense is a two-in-one conversion optimization and personalization platform with some of the lowest entry prices in the game. The Zoho team doesn’t restrict pricing on its plans so you get access to everything that their cutting-edge, low-cost platform has to offer.

    Your fee will depend on how many monthly visitors your website or business generates per month but rest assured, it won't be more than $10/month for up to 10 million visits!

    Key Features

    • Set website goals and measure their performance.
    • Heatmaps that show you where to place important features from where your customers are scrolling.
    • A/B Testing.
    • Split URL testing.

    One of the easiest plans to go through in this list. Zoho Pagesense has three very affordable plans for you to choose from. Of course, you'll save more (20% off) by paying yearly rather than monthly.

    The plans all scale depending on how many monthly visitors you get but they range from 10,000 all the way up to 1 million monthly visitors.

    In these plans below, we'll look at the base rates for 10,000 monthly visitors.

    What's included:

    • 3 projects. 
    • 6 months data retention. 
    • 20 custom dimensions.
    • 20 goals. 
    • Web analytics.
    • Funnel analytics.
    • Heatmaps.
    • Session recording.
    • Form analytics.

    Everything from the Analyze plan plus:

    • 3 projects.
    • 6 months data retention.
    • 30 custom dimensions.
    • 30 goals.
    • Polls.
    • Push notifications.
    • Pop-ups and banners.

    Everything from the Engage plan plus:

    • 10 projects.
    • 12 months data retention.
    • 50 custom dimensions.
    • 50 goals.
    • A/B testing.
    • Split URL testing.
    • Personalization.

    Zoho's PageSense is a great option for smaller businesses and startups because it offers all the features they need. 

    Plus, at this price point, there are few other options that offer comparable benefits so I wholeheartedly recommend PageSense to SMEs or entrepreneurs looking to start their own company.

    A/B Testing Tools FAQ

    How Do You Perform An A/B Test?

    To perform an A/B test, you need to establish a goal and create A/B variants. An A/B variation is the different versions of an element that are being tested in order to see which one performs best. 

    You'll then need to run a test that consists of two or more variations, where elements on each page can be changed, such as design changes, pricing change for products, content changes, and A/B testing.

    How Do You Decide Between A/B Testing Tools?

    There are many factors to consider when deciding between A/B testing tools. The first is the number of conversions you're willing to lose in order to gather accurate data. 

    The next is your goals. A website A/B test might focus on increasing the conversion rate, while a mobile app A/B testing tool may improve customer retention or engagement.

    You'll also need to consider which A/B testing tools are the easiest for your team to use and how much of a time commitment A/B testing is for your team.

    What Is A/B Testing In Digital Marketing?

    A/B testing is a method for comparing two versions of something to identify the better one. A common A/B test in digital marketing is an A/B split test, where marketers create two or more variations of content and ask visitors which version they prefer through on-site polls (click here). 

    The goal of A/B testing is to catch people's attention so they'll buy the product or service. A successful A/B test could lead to increased customer retention rates, reduced marketing costs, and increased conversion rates.

    What Is Multivariate Testing Or Split Testing?

    Multivariate testing is A/B testing on a bigger scale. It is when you want to A/B test more than two variations of content so that you can have an educated decision about future versions of the product or landing page layout. 

    With standard split testing, if conversion rates are low and your goal is increased customer retention, you may want to A/B test different variations of your landing page in order to determine which layout resonates best with customers.

    What Are A/B Testing Platforms?

    A/B Testing platforms are A/B testing tools that are designed to work on a website or mobile app. A lot of A/B testing platforms provide A/B split tests, but not all do. 

    An A/B split test is when you create two or more variations of a page and ask visitors which version they prefer.

    Bottom Line

    A/B testing is an important tool for marketers to use when they want to increase conversions. It allows you to get better insight into what your customers like or don’t like and the best way of getting them engaged with your product, service, or content. 

    Plus it helps you avoid wasting time on strategies that just won't work. It's crucial to focus on user behavior and how it affects your business. 

    If you're after some other tools I suggest you look at Unbounce and SiteSpect. 

    In this list, we’ve covered the top testing tools for just about every possible need you could have, from free options to enterprise solutions and easy-to-use optimization tools that are available right now. 

    You can't go wrong with any of these platforms but it's important to find a solution tailored specifically for your needs. 

    Which do you think is the most reliable A/B testing platform? Let me know in the comments below!

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