November 17, 2020

9 Top LeadPages Alternatives In 2023

by Hanson Cheng

Many LeadPages alternatives have popped up all over the place.

For years, LeadPages has been the golden standard for landing page builders, unchallenged at the top of the pack. They have bossed the landing page building space for so long that finding a comparable software was unthinkable.

But things are changing. 

Several formidable competitors have emerged. They offer competitive services that match or exceed those offered by LeadPages. Because they are agile and innovative, they have caught up with the market-leading tool and are giving LeadPages a run for their money.

To save you the trouble of scouring the internet for solutions, in this post, l will explore the top nine LeadPages alternatives. 

Let’s get started.

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What Is LeadPages?

LeadPages is a stalwart landing page building software that helps business owners create conversion-friendly landing pages and close more sales. 

Over the years, the tool has grown and now offers way more than landing pages.

LeadPages Features Q&A

Have questions about what LeadPages can do for your business? 

Here is a quick rundown of the capabilities of the software.

What does LeadPages do?

LeadPages’ goal is to help small business owners convert website visitors into qualified leads and sales. Below are their most powerful features and capabilities. 

  • Smart landing page builder for high-converting landing pages. 

  • Superfast drag-and-drop builder, so you create pages easily. 

  • 160+ proven, customizable landing page templates, so you don't build pages from scratch. 

  • Form builder for easy lead generation. 

  • Unlimited pages on all plans.

  • Make sales online and receive payments through Stripe. 

  • Mobile responsive templates, so mobile visitors have a delightful experience. 

  • 6 channels for education and support, so get running quickly or get help fast when you are stuck. 

  • 40+ native integrations to connect to all your best-loved major tools, including Zapier. 

  • SMS Marketing to grow your email list through SMS opt-in and also nurture leads. 

  • Unlimited exit-intent or timed pop-ups so you collect visitor info and build your list. 

  • 5 free sub-accounts so you collaborate easily with your team and stay organized. 

  • Auto save function so you don't have to worry about losing any of your valuable work. 

  • A/B testing for easy tracking of page performance so you adjust your strategy on the fly.

Facebook Ads Builder for your paid advertising needs.

How much does LeadPages cost?

LeadPages has three pricing plans. 

  • Standard at $27 per month 

  • Pro at $59 a month 

  • Advanced at $239 a month

Does LeadPages have a free trial?


You can try the software risk-free for 14 days. But you must provide your credit card info to gain access.

Are free alternatives to LeadPages available?

There are plenty of free landing page apps like the HubSpot Landing Page Builder, Wix, or MailChimp. But they have basic functions that curtail what you can create.

Now that the basics are out of the way, let’s get into the essence.

9 Best LeadPages Alternatives To Try

It's time to examine the best LeadPages competitors to see what exactly they offer. I will focus on each tool’s standout features compared to LeadPages.

What makes Get Response special it's all-round marketing and selling capabilities. 

Modern marketing has many moving pieces. This means you need separate tools for list-building, landing pages, email marketing, webinars, sales funnels, and paid social ads, right?

Not so if you have Get Response. You get all that and more from one platform.

Why Use GetResponse Instead Of LeadPages?

Landing pages:

When it comes to landing pages, Get Response matches LeadPages stride for stride. They have 150+ templates, just 10 shy of the LeadPages predesigned templates. And they also have a drag-and-drop editor like their rival.

Conversion Funnels:

Unlike LeadPages which specializes in landing pages, Get Response also enables customers to create conversion-ready sales and lead magnet funnels to automate your sales and leads.


With the webinar feature, you can run highly engaging webinars and close more sales. LeadPages doesn't have this innovative feature. Webinars have a high conversion rate so this is an invaluable tool to have.

Email marketing:

Get Response is part of the big five email marketing service providers. They have a staggering 500+ email newsletter templates so all your email needs are covered.

The Get Response price for the pro plan which unlocks all the powerful features is $50. Comparably, you pay $9 more for the LeadPages pro plan. But with the Get Response plan, you have an all-in-one marketing for all your marketing needs.

Another popular LeadPages alternative is ClickFunnels.

While ClickFunnels can build landing pages they’re essentially a sales funnel builder. With it, you can design lead-generation funnels, webinar funnels, and sophisticated tripwire funnels. 

They also offer sales pages, email autoresponders, lead-gen and order forms, and affiliate management. But their towering feature is membership sites.

Why Use ClickFunnels Instead Of LeadPages?

Landing pages:

Although they have only 30 landing pages templates compared to LeadPages’ 160, what’s important is you can build decent landing pages using their software.

Conversion Funnels:

With their famed profit-churning funnels feature, ClickFunnels outshine LeadPages because they don’t have this feature. From launch funnels to video sales letter funnels, ClickFunnels boast of 26 funnel types to suit every typical marketing scenario for every industry. Every funnel incorporates 1-click upsells to help you increase your average order value.


Through a clever third-party integration, you can run an online event using popular webinar software like Gotowebinar or Zoom. Webinars are superb for marketing throughout the whole customer journey and at every stage of the funnel.

Email marketing:

You can use ClickFunnels to build a thriving, profitable paid membership community if that fits your business model. Or can take advantage of the feature to build a free, loving, and supportive community. Perhaps you prefer to host your free training content and drip-feed your members at set intervals, that’s also doable.

Because email is an integral part of digital marketing, all agile marketing software incorporates email. ClickFunnels is compatible with well-known email service providers like Get Response, Aweber, Active Campaign, Ontraport, and InfusionSoft.

Of all LeadPages alternatives, Unbounce is their most direct competitor.

Like LeadPages, Unbounce is primarily a landing page builder. Both software has visual drag-and-drop editors that make it easy to edit your pages. The two platforms also have email capture forms and lightbox popup forms to enable marketers to capture leads.

The biggest drawback of Unbounce is that they limit the number of pages you can publish on each plan. With LeadPages you can publish unlimited pages.

That said, Unbounce is better in some respects.

Why Use Unbounce Instead Of LeadPages?

Landing pages:

although they lag behind LeadPages 160 templates with 125, their templates are topnotch. Plus, they provide a game-changing feature, Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR). DTR lets you suit your landing page copy to match your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign keywords for higher conversion rates.


Unbounce blends with 1000+ marketing tools, in a word—everything. You can connect the software with your favorite apps like CRM, ESP, or payment gateway through in-app or Zapier integration.  As for LeadPages, their native integrations are not that many.

At a glance, Unbounce is more expensive than LeadPages because their basic plan starts at $80, almost 3x the $27 charged by LeadPages. But when you look closer, on the higher plans they cancel each other out with the LeadPages advanced plan priced at $239 in comparison to the $300 Unbounce highest plan. For established businesses who have the budget to play with Unbounce is worth the investment.


Unbounce is ahead of LeadPages when it comes to the editor interface. Unbounce has an easier and smoother editor than LeadPages so you can move from ideation to a stunning customized landing page within a few minutes.

A/B testing:

LeadPages restricts A/B testing to higher plans. This means if you are on the standard plan you can’t track and optimize the performance of your pages which is a big con in a data-driven marketing landscape. In contrast, Unbounce offers this critical feature across all its plans.

Instapage matches LeadPages pound for pound.

Whether it’s an intuitive editor, publishing options, lead magnet delivery, responsive design, or widget selection, the two software go neck and neck all the way. 

A major difference between the two is the price.

Instapage is expensive. It costs a hefty $149. That’s 2.5x more than the LeadPages pro plan. Despite this astronomical price, Instapage has many advantages over LeadPages.

Why Use Instapage Instead Of LeadPages?


The Instapage templates library is extensive with 500+ landing page templates to choose from. Not only that. There are 1000+ Instablocks, or pre-designed block templates like testimonials, headers, and footers to help you create personalized pages that convert better faster. Conversely, the LeadPages template library isn’t as well-stocked with only 160+ templates.

Mobile responsiveness:

Both LeadPages and Instapage have mobile responsive pages but that's where the similarity ends. Although LeadPages shows you a preview of your mobile page, you can’t change it. On the flip side, Instapage allows you to manipulate and edit the various elements of the mobile page to your liking.

Richer Analytics:

While both Instapage and LeadPages make it a breeze for you to add third-party analytics tracking codes to your landing pages, Instapage gives you a little bit more. The Instapage analytics dashboard is more intricate so you can view your cost per lead numbers and even heatmaps.

Visual On-page Collaboration:

 A cool feature of Instapages is that team members can join together and work on the same page in real-time. You can even rope in your clients to be part of the review process to get everyone’s feedback and make changes live.

True Server-side Split Testing:

Unlike simple client-side testing that happens on the user’s browser, server-side testing happens directly on the server and offers you advanced tests. Instapage provides accurate, richer server-side testing to help you understand user behavior and adjust poorly performing elements.

A different competitor to LeadPages is Optimize Press.

Optimize Press is no ordinary page builder. 

It has all the features of a typical all-in-one marketing solution. You have access to a drag-and-drop editor, landing pages, sales pages, marketing funnels, checkouts and payments, and integrations with major tools.

It also comes with a fully functional built-in WordPress theme.

Why Use Optimize Press Instead Of LeadPages?

Faster Page Builder:

While LeadPages is easier to grasp and use than Optimize Press, it’s page builder is laggy. On the opposite end, Optimize Press has a steep learning curve. But once you master the software, you’ll notice that their drag-and-drop editor is markedly faster than LeadPages.

If the price is a determinant in your landing page builder choice, then Optimize Press wins hands down over LeadPages. Priced at a favorable $99 per year, Optimize Press is still 3.5x cheaper than the LeadPages $27 per month for the standard plan. If this isn't a steal, then I don’t know what is.

Membership Site Function:

By coming with a membership site capability built-in, Optimize Press eclipses LeadPages. You can sell online courses or paid subscription sites with multiple products and levels. That’s tremendous news if you want to sell courses or paid community.

One-off payment:

A special feature of Optimize Press is their pricing system. While LeadPages and the majority of landing page builders follow the monthly subscription model, Optimize Press uses a single payment model. You only pay once for the platform and it’s yours for the rest of your life.

This is what I use on my own websites.  This is my personal favorite (although it's NOT for beginners).

While Thrive Themes and LeadPages have similar features like landing pages, drag-and-drop editing, lead-gen forms, payment gateways, and more, the two are radically different.

Thrive Architect is a WordPress plugin. You can only use it if you have a self-hosted WordPress site. 

LeadPages is a hosted solution. You can use it even if you don’t have a website.

Why Use Thrive Themes Instead Of LeadPages?

Content Ownership:

With LeadPages once you cancel your subscription you lose all your content and digital assets. Not so with Thrive Themes. With Thrive Themes, you keep all your pages and content even if you cancel your subscription. The reason? Because Thrive Themes is a WordPress plugin, your content is kept on WordPress. You own your pages 100%.

The Thrive Themes price of $19 per month is way cheaper than LeadPages charge of $27 per month. This is welcome news if you are starting and can operate with the essentials only or if your budget is tight.

One-off Payment:

You buy Thrive Architect and it’s yours forever if you can do without the support. No recurring monthly payments to bug you.

Better Page Customization:

Both software allows you to customize your pages. But Thrive customization options are better. You can tweak any of the 37-page elements (testimonials, buttons, text, etc.) until your page looks exactly how you want it to look. In comparison, in LeadPages, you can only change 17-page elements.

Superb Support:

LeadPages uses a tiered support system. If you are on the standard plan you can get help via the knowledge base or you can submit a ticket. In-person support, live chat, and phone support are only available on the higher plans. Thrive Themes give unlimited support to every customer regardless of the product they bought.

Sendinblue is mainly an email marketing solution.

But, like many tools these days, they have stacked up their features to become an all-in-one solution. Their services include:

  • Landing pages
  • CRM
  • SMS Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Retargeting
  • Facebook Ads
  • Sign-up Forms

These multi-features have turned Sendinblue into a powerful LeadPages competitor.

Why Use Sendinblue Instead Of LeadPages?


Sendinblue offers users email autoresponders to nurture leads and tie automated emails into your sales funnel. This is the software’s biggest advantage over LeadPages. Their whole email marketing set-up is brilliant and allows users to create powerful personalized email campaigns that convert.

Sendinblue makes it super easy for people to take their tool for a spin. Their free trial gives you unlimited storage, email automation workflows, email templates, advanced segmentation, live chat, CRM, and customizable sign-up forms. They don’t require your credit card details for you to sign up for the free trial. But Leadpages do. This could turn off some fussy prospects.

Volume-based Pricing:

If your business is new and you want to build your email list as a foundation for your e-commerce brand, then Sendinblue may be a perfect fit since they charge by volume of emails sent, not the number of contacts you have. You can send up to 300 emails a day to an unlimited number of subscribers for absolutely free.

Easy to use:

The user experience is smooth and easy to use, fun even. You can design an email newsletter instinctively because the editor is user-friendly.

Transactional Emails:

If you are in e-commerce, transactional emails are an indispensable part of your email workflow automation. Sendinblue has an A-grade transactional messaging system that churns out receipts, order confirmations, and passwords when needed. Transactional emails foster trust in your brand and keep customers engaged.

In Groove Funnels, Leadpages has a fierce fast-growing competitor.

No doubt, Leadpages forte is building conversion-focused landing pages. Groove Funnels does landing pages as well plus a laundry list of other things. 

You can run your entire business from A to Z on the platform. 

From selling and delivering digital products to building a website, from running a membership site to 1-click upsells, from doing a webinar to email marketing, Groove Funnels does it all.

Why Use Groove Funnels Instead Of LeadPages?

For now, Groove Sell the lighter but loaded version of Groove Funnels allows users to use their superpower software for free—no credit card required. You can access their major apps like the landing page builder, funnels, video marketing, emails, membership sites, and more without paying a dime. There’s no competition with Leadpages here.


Unlike Leadpages that has a few features, Groove Funnels offers users an extensive array of features that cover every online marketing scenario. Whatever you need to do to take your online business to the next level, it’s there in the packed Groove Funnels toolbox.

Fewer Bugs:

Groove’s development and design teams want to keep their software fresh. So they update it virtually every week to serve up fresh templates for their customers and to keep bugs to a minimum. They’re determined to squash every bug on sight.

Unlimited Access:

Leadpages limits access to some of their prized features if you are on a lower plan. For instance, you can’t do online sales and payments or conduct as many A/B tests as you like if you are on the standard plan. With Groove Funnels, everything is unlimited.

Let’s now look at the final Leadpages alternatives list —Ontrapages.

Originally, Ontrapages was a free-standing landing page builder designed to assist companies to build captivating landing pages fast.

But they’ve improved it remarkably.

It’s now a fully-fledged page and form builder.

Why Use Ontrapages Instead of LeadPages?

SMS Marketing Automation:

Ontraport has a native SMS marketing automation, a feature Leadpages doesn’t support straight out of the gate. Set off automated keyword-based text messages to your prospects and customers. You can communicate back and forth with them via text.

Built-in Membership Sites:

Leadpages don’t have a membership site facility but Ontraport does. You can get your membership site up and running in minutes. You can hide particular pages and show specific content to specific people at specific times.


Ontraport powers 66+ integrations, 26 more than LeadPages.

Direct Mail Marketing:

Postcard marketing is yet another distinctive Ontraport feature. You can send tailored postcards to your customers. Dispatch reminders, birthdays wishes, and coupon codes.

LeadPages Alternatives: Weigh Your Options Carefully

There you have it.

The 9 best LeadPages alternatives available on the market. 

All that’s left is for you to assess your needs, consider your options, and pick the software that’s suited to your company’s goals. 

Put the software to work and you’ll see results.

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