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AI Writing Assistant Software: The New Writing Assistant That Never Stops Producing Content

By Hanson Cheng

August 19, 2023

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  • Writing is an incredibly important skill. It's the most common way to communicate, whether it's a love note or an email asking for a raise.

    However, writing can be hard and time-consuming. You need to come up with ideas, organize your thoughts, write out what you want to say in the best possible way - and then edit your work again and again until it reads just right. 

    AI writing software is here to help! These tools take care of all that heavy lifting so you have more time for other things (like making money). 

    They do everything from brainstorming ideas and organizing them into a logical sequence to drafting entire documents based on your input words and phrases. 

    Let's get right into it.

    The Top AI Writing Software On The Market Right Now

    Jasper is packed with tools for a writer to produce an excellent article. The automated tool can help in creating unique content and can radically transform writing styles. You have access to an online AI assistant writing software in many languages which helps you to create articles that are readable and understandable.

    Jasper features three price plans: starter, pros, and premium. The starter version allows up to 10 users to try out the software at the same time. Pro gives access to unlimited words and longer texts such as blogs, video scripts, and books. Finally, boss mode, which costs $119 a month, provides complete full access to Jasper features and no limits. 

    The functionality can also be made to produce more accurate documents by deploying Jasper Command. All plans can be tried with a free trial.

    Wordtune is a tool to analyze and understand your writing language syntax. The tool summarizes the original contents you have already written and outputs a rewrite that is easier to understand.

    It tries to make text readability better instead of performing traditional checks when it comes to grammar, where the focus is more on the syntax rather than the semantics. The service is developed as a new type of network-based NLP system and features an extensive library of software products to help solve business-level tasks in a standardized manner.

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    This non-paid plan is there for anyone who wants to use it without payments or registration. If you want to take things to the next level, you can change to the Premium Plan. This plan costs $9.99 a month.

    Through Text Blaze snippet templates you can streamline communication across the entire enterprise. Text Blaze gives its users a great advantage over other AI programming software because it is free to run anywhere Google Chrome is compatible with all ChromeOS devices.

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    The AI in the industry can improve everything from grammar and synonyms to syntax, sentence style, and structure. You can easily opt for an affordable subscription plan that will suit your needs. Free Basic Plans are available, so you can add the Chrome extension and start using it immediately.

    While not purely an AI writing tool, Sapling is used to improve communication when it comes to messaging software and with CRM networks. This can be considered as an AI chatbot platform and it is a tool that helps your sales people. 

    By supporting your people when it comes to writing and sending personalized responses to customers, you will get leads to turn into customers faster - since you are giving these leads what they want at the right time.

    At the moment, Sapling is used by large companies who implement it in their day to day business. Saplings free plan contains suggested hints which can be used on a free domain. To get the benefit of premium features and suggestions you need to sign up for any of their payment plans.

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    The tool helps user agents by generating the answers that make the most sense. In just a few clicks, you can get back to the customer and solve his or her problem. In addition to this, Sapling additionally integrates your CRM to provide more personalized responses.

    This means that by using Sapling, you are able to progress your prospects down the customer journey while ensuring that they get the right message at the right time.

    Talk about AI writing assistance doing the job for you.

    Articoolo is another article writing software and AI content creator which offers a WordPress plugin to make the article creation incredibly simple and quick.

    By using this tool you won't waste time when it comes to collect and analyze data in the old, manual way. The primary service being offered is the AI article writer, however it is possible to use this tool when it comes to rewriting existing articles.

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    The pricing plans are classified into two categories: Paying per use plans and monthly subscriptions. They may offer customized teams of subscribers to companies who require bulk service. It also comes with an API and a plug-in to enhance integration with other apps.

    ProWritingAid offers advanced grammar and spell checker as well as style suggestions. The app has a chrome extension, an MS Office addition and even works with Google Docs and Scrivener. Through detailed reports, the software helps a writer refine his/her content and to develop writing styles.

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    It also provides you with unique writing suggestions related to articles and videos and quizzes to make editing more interesting. The app also offers discounts for students and bulk purchases and is segmented based on user needs. The program is freely available and you can choose any payment plan according to your requirements.

    AI Writer is an AI content tool that produces an AI document for you based on the information you provide. The website claims the company can save the author about 35% of content writing time while creating relevant, quality articles in 2 minutes. 

    This is a great way to improve your business with content writing services that are done internally using an AI. 

    The official website of AI Writer offers a 7-day free trial that can create articles automatically.

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    If you are happy with the way the trial goes, you can go for any of the paid plans. Aside from being a writing automation software, AI Writer includes a text editing feature. 

    This means that you can rewrite an AI-generated article that was previously created.

    What Is An AI Content Generator?

    AI data generator is either a digital app or downloaded software that utilizes artificial intelligence and the GPT-3 machine learning model to generate articles in a few seconds. 

    It's easy to choose your writing topic then enter a keyword or phrase and hit the compose button. The software will then do its thing and generate the desired content. 

    You can get the results back in just a few seconds. This means that there is no need to spend a lot of time preparing research about many topics, as all you need to do is type in your keyword or phrase then hit the button; An AI content generator will do the rest of the work for you. 

    It also doesn't matter whether your topic is similar to others, it can generate an automated article based on what you have entered.

    Before you get started using automation software, realize that automation may provide different levels of quality.If you are not sure whether automated software will meet your needs, try a free trial version first. 

    Check the different websites for updates before you make any decision to purchase an automated content generation tool. In fact, you should always take your time to analyze the tool before you use it.

    Will AI Article Writing Replace Professional Content Writers?

    The fact is that a copywriter, content writer, blogger, or storyteller puts emotion into the content while writing. AI can't imitate this. It is capable of simulating intelligence and communication but is in no way able to replicate the emotional expression ability.

    Additionally when using AI writing programs, it is advisable to use a human editor first to review the article content created using these programs. In short, it's fair to say we'll never see an AI replace humans completely.

    With that said, automated article software is a time saver for authors who are always busy and need to generate great content daily. It's even possible to use automated software to improve the quality of your articles.

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    There is nothing wrong with using automated software, as long as you have a general idea about how automated article writing software works. If that’s the case, then there will be no problem with it because you’ll be able to add your voice to any content piece written. 

    While some people still complain that AI machines are not good writers or their ideas coincide with that of other humans, AI machines will start not replace human writers - that is until machines start mimicking emotional expression and delivering messages based on human feelings rather than just acting logically, without any understanding of the language used by humans.

    This is still a long way off from becoming a reality.

    AI Writing Tools Make The Job Easier But Are Not A Direct Replacement

    The use of automated tools will make your work easier and faster, but what you should always remember is to not let automated software run your business.

    Keep in mind that automated long-form content generation tools are designed to enhance what you can do rather than replace you as a professional writer. Use automated writing services to improve the quality of content without compromising on the clients' expectations.

    Automated content generation tools assure excellence from the start by eliminating human error and freeing writers from time-consuming tasks such as data collecting and formatting so they can spend more time polishing their article's structure and fine-tuning it for exact audience fit.

    AI tools can also be used when it comes to market validation - by creating content quickly, you will be able to see what your target audience responds to best, and adjust your plan accordingly. 

    This is different to what used to happen in the past, where content was created painstakingly slow and took a lot of time to be published online.

    AI Writing Software FAQ

    What is the best AI writing tool?

    The answer is that it depends on what you are doing and what you are hoping to accomplish.You can sign up for free to use an AI writer to see the kind of output it produces.

    Moreover, there is automated software to help you create specific pieces of content, such as a press release. In such situations, one software might be better than others.

    My recommendation for an AI writer: It depends on what you are doing, and what you care about the most.

    Is AI software being updated frequently?

    Many AI writing software is constantly improving. They are intelligent and can work with any kind of content, while still allowing you to edit your work before publishing on your website or even create buzz by sharing it on social media sites.

    The vast majority of AI assistants can also recognize context, so they are considered as a better alternative to most blogging tools.

    Is AI writing free?

    Free versions do exist but are usually limited when it comes to the number of words that they produce each day. 

    Some free versions are limited to only a few hundred words per day, but you should be able to get more content if you upgrade after some time.

    Others limit the total amount of words you can generate before having to upgrade. As with the previous answer, it all depends on what you want to do.

    How does an AI writing assistant work?

    They work by using artificial intelligence and algorithms to create content that looks like it was created by humans instead of machines.

    The only real difference between an AI writing assistant writing software and any other authoring tool is the approach, but they are much faster and more effective than most tools because they can write faster than these tools.

    AI writers also have many advantages over human writers, including 24 / 7 availability, higher quality of generated articles, and lower costs.

    With the way that things are moving, in the next year or two, it is expected that a huge amount of articles will be generated by AI authors. If you want to stay ahead of your competition, there's no better way than automating your writing process, starting now.

    Can AI write stories?

    An AI can write stories in multiple languages given a pre-written guide. If you want an AI to create original pieces of fiction, then this is the closest thing that is available right now. 

    The only difference between using an AI writer and a human one is that your story will be supported by facts and statistics related to some topic - which you can add anyway during editing.

    The most important part of writing stories with an AI writer assistant software is the preparation stage. You need to have text snippets together so that your AI can compose multiple articles based on your ideas or keywords.

    What types of content can an AI software generate?

    The quick answer is that the use cases for AI software are many since it can generate any type of content that you can think of.

    Traditionally, those who have tried to write landing pages or blog posts, know how much time it takes. As content marketers, we know that content is king and when you are developing a website,  landing page or blog posts, content is essential.

    If your website doesn’t have enough content, then it might be considered spammy and visitors will leave your website faster than you can act. If landing pages or blog posts have too much content then visitors will get bored with it and leave your website without doing anything at all. Artificial intelligence can take over and generate content that is just right.

    AI software can also generate Facebook ads headlines with specific ad interest and ad text - ads that will help Facebook users feel satisfied when they read the ad. 

    Furthermore, AI software (such as Grammarly for proofreading) can also help with fixing grammar mistakes to create high-quality articles, which means that your writing skill will also improve as you use AI software over and over.

    Who is AI software the best fit for?

    If you are someone that wants to generate bulk content, create youtube video titles, product descriptions, and create a high quality content marketing plan in just a few seconds - all while improving your writing skills, then AI might be the right fit for you.

    If you are someone that creates social media posts, AI tools might be the right fit for you.

    If you are someone that suffers from writers’ block and ends up starting at a blank page, all while needing real-time suggestions to auto-generate catchy titles and get the ball rolling, then AI might be for you.

    With many software offering the addition of natural language processing, AI article generators are great if you want to write articles that offer advanced artificial intelligence and answer the questions that your website visitors are asking.

    Can I generate unlimited articles using automated article writing software?

    As long as you have a plan with unlimited credits, AI machines will write as many articles as you want without any limits, but what's more important is the quality of those articles. The most effective thing that an AI writer can do for you is to help you manage your time efficiently and free up time for other tasks by using machine resources (rather than human ones).

    If capturing reader attention and getting visitor engagement are both high on your priority list then it might be a good idea to try this particular type of content generation.

    A lot of people want to create high quality content but they are sometimes afraid of the amount of time it takes to write one blog post. There's currently no better way to get content created than automating your writing process using AI.

    Yet, if you think about it, an article generator is a tool that helps you manage your time more efficiently and save a lot of time on writing content for your website or social media pages.

    AI software has been evolving over the years and it can help whether you are creating a personal blog, auto blogging projects, or even specific things such as Google Ads copywriting.

    By creating optimized articles using an automated article writing software tool you can save lots of time that otherwise would be wasted while trying to come up with new, creative ideas.

    Other AI Writing Software to check out

    Before we conclude here's a quick list of other software that you might want to check out (that we haven't mentioned in this article):

    • Rytr
    • Writesonic
    • Article Forge
    • WordAI
    • Copysmith
    • WriterZen

    Final Thoughts On AI Writing Assistant Software

    If you are looking for a tool that will help you manage your workflow and create quality content to improve your business, website, or blog then it might be worth giving an AI article writing software tool a try.

    An AI article writing software is great if you want to create professional articles within minutes while also improving your writing skills over time with less effort. What's more important is the fact that these types of generators can produce unique content and generate new ideas on autopilot.

    The ones who benefit from an AI Article writer are people that do not have enough free time to spend on generating enough high-quality articles. In addition to this, anyone who wants to find inspiration when it comes to creating more content, can use the provided suggestions by AI to come up with more ideas on the fly. 

    The best part of all is the fact that once you get comfortable with these tools, there won't even be a need to hire someone to create quality content for your business, website, or blog on autopilot. You’ll be able to have your own team of AI writers working for you 24/7.

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