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JustCall Review: The Future Of Call Centers?

By Hanson Cheng

June 13, 2023

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  • Advertised as a modern phone system for growing businesses, JustCall is my favorite cloud-based phone system for any business with a remote sales team or customer service team. 

    Over the last few years, more companies have been allowing their employees to work remotely, which has caused a surge in demand for online tools to enable companies to grow and manage an online workforce.  JustCall has done a fantastic job in listening to the needs of progressively online companies.  They’ve created a company that delivers features and solutions to allow online businesses to grow in this changing world.  

    In this review, I will be diving deep into JustCall’s features and why I believe it’s the complete solution for remote sales teams.  

    What Is The JustCall App?

    JustCall is a cloud phone system that allows you to bring a call center for your sales teams and a contact center for your support teams online.  We all have heard of Saas (software as a service) companies.  JustCall is one of many new companies that make up a new form of SaaS.  These new types of SaaS are called Contact Center as a Service or CCaS, and they’re focused on bringing the way we communicate with potential clients and current clients into the new online world.

    How Does JustCall Work?

    JustCall is a subscription-based model. No hardware, no contracts, and no setup fees. You just go to their website and select a plan to get started.  We will go over the pricing later in this post.


    Once you sign up for a plan and log in, you’ll see your dashboard, which looks like this.

    Choose A Phone Number

    The first thing you’ll need to do is to pick your phone number. 

    As you can see, you can search for available numbers by Country, State, and area code. 

    Integrate With Your CRM And Help Desk

    Once you pick a number, it’s time to integrate it with your CRM and help desk.  JustCall integrates with the top CRM’s like Active Campaign, Hubspot, and Salesforce.  My favorite integration is with Active Campaign because that’s what I use as my hub to manage my prospects, email list, and sales team.  My favorite thing about the integration is that JustCall AUTOMATICALLY records every SMS and call recording and saves it to my contacts in Active Campaign. 

    The screenshot below will show you what it looks like when JustCall is integrated with Active Campaign and SMS is saved to the contact card.

    All phone calls made with your JustCall number will be automatically recorded and saved to the contact card as well. 

     As you build out your marketing and sales automation workflows, you can use the calls and SMS to trigger email automation in Active Campaign or automated SMS campaigns in JustCall.  The number of automations you can create between just these two software is endless.  

    You can easily integrate with help desks like Freshdesk or Intercom for your support team, so tickets are automatically created for any calls or text messages you receive through your JustCall number.  

    JustCall’s support team is just fantastic at this stage.  They have a chat on their website that you can easily access through your dashboard.  In my experience, I can chat with a live support team member within 5 minutes of reaching out to them.  They have walked me through every issue I’ve encountered while integrating different CRM’s and automations.  A great support team is something that I look for in every one of the tools I use to scale my business.

    Invite Your Team

    Once these integrations are set up and tested, it’s time to invite your team members into JustCall and have them set up their phone numbers.  Inviting your team members is easy to do, as you just need to send the invite through your dashboard to their emails.  Once your invitation is received, your team members can easily follow the steps above to integrate their contacts via the CRM integration and utilize JustCall’s support team for any other onboarding questions.  

    Their support team alone saves money by being readily available to onboard and train your team.

    Download The Chrome Extension And Phone App

    Make sure to download the chrome extension and phone app to unleash the full features and capabilities.  

    When you download the chrome extension, it allows a one-touch click to call and text in your CRM.  

    Having the JustCall app on your phone will allow you to quickly receive and send SMS and calls from your phone and have all activity recorded back into your CRM. 

    Track And Record Calls And Texts

    Once you’ve got your team set up,  integrated with your CRM and Help Desk, and downloaded the Chrome and phone app, just start making and receiving calls and texts.  Everything will be automatically logged and recorded in your CRM and JustCall account.  As the admin of your account, it’s effortless to oversee your team’s activity and performance.  (I’m showing you screenshots of a brand new account I’m setting up, so there isn’t much activity to look at).

    Why Do You Need Justcall?

    Justcall is a feature-rich cloud phone system that integrates with the top CRM and help desk solutions.  Its integration with Zapier allows you to custom-build your call center solution as your company grows.  It’s perfect for brand new companies and can scale with you as you build out your sales and support teams.   

    I recommend using a software like JustCall because it allows you to deploy advanced sales and customer service experience while simultaneously keeping track of KPIs and ensuring constant improvement in your sales and support team’s interaction with future and present clients.  

    Reviewing recorded calls and texts periodically with your team is the key to continually improving your overall company’s close-ratio and success metrics.

    Who Is Justcall Good For?

    I’ve worked with many companies in different industries and have helped them set up a call center like JustCall for their sales and support teams.  If you have a company with a sales team and a support team that works remotely, JustCall is a no-brainer.  

    Suppose you currently use Active Campaign, HubSpot, or Salesforce to manage your sales team’s pipeline. In that case, I’d recommend giving this software a spin or signing up for a demo to see how JustCall can plug into your current sales funnels and help your teams close more deals.

    Is Justcall Good?  Pros And Cons


    • Integrates seamlessly with top online CRM and Help Desk Solutions
    • Records calls and texts automatically
    • Automated SMS workflows
    • Incredible Support is available through their help center and live chat
    • Very receptive to feature requests. Having their tech team improve or create a new feature is not out of the question 
    • Easy and painless onboarding and integration
    • Ability to get international phone numbers in over 70 countries
    • Price points are incredibly affordable and reasonable


    • Call Quality can suffer if you have a poor internet connection
    • Calls can be dropped sometimes
    • Integration can be buggy

    How Much Does JustCall Cost

    JustCall has three pricing packages you can choose from.  You get a 20% discount if you choose to pay annually.



    /user per month (billed annually)


    /user per month (billed Monthly)



    /user per month (billed annually)


    /user per month (billed Monthly)


    Custom Quote

    (minimum 100 Users)

    Custom Quote

    (minimum 100 Users)

    Here are the features for each package:

    My Review Of JustCall: Conclusion

    JustCall is a powerful call center for businesses in diverse industries, B2C and B2B.

    Recommended If:

    You need an integrated sales or service center:

    Suppose you have one or more sales reps or customer service reps who have experience using email marketing funnels and automation tools. In that case, JustCall will give them a powerful addition to their toolbox while also giving you an even greater ability to train and monitor your team. 

    You are serious about stepping up your marketing automation game:

    The real bang for your buck comes from in depth integration with your tech stack to create a custom solution for your current workflows.

    Not Recommended If:

    You are looking for a beginner-friendly option to make calls and texts:

    If you’re a solopreneur and just starting, I’d skip this software.  JustCall is for managing and growing your sales and support department.  Save your money and invest in improving your offer and profitability.  

    You are not relying heavily on a CRM:

    If you are just beginning to build out your tech stack for sales and marketing, we’d recommend you focus on finding and building out your core CRM first.  My favorite is Active Campaign.

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