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12 Best LinkedIn Automation Tools For 2023

By Hanson Cheng

June 13, 2023

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  • There’s no debate about it.

    LinkedIn is the undisputed king of B2B social media channels. The platform boasts 774+ million members from over 200 countries. But to get maximum value from your LinkedIn lead generation efforts, you need the right tools.

    This prospects’ personality guide will give you my curated list of the 12 best LinkedIn automation tools to perfect your LinkedIn lead generation process. 

    Let’s dive in.

    What Is LinkedIn Automation?

    LinkedIn automation is using software tools to automate outreach activities such as sending connection requests, follow-up messages, endorsing skills, and more.

    Why You Need LinkedIn Automation Tools

    Using LinkedIn automation tools has many benefits for marketers and business owners. Here are some of them.

    • Saves Time:

    Manual LinkedIn outreach activities like viewing profiles, sending connection requests, endorsing connections, and messaging prospects take hours of painstaking work. Automation saves you from the hassle of performing all these tasks manually, saving you a lot of time in the process.

    • Hyper Targeting:

    Smart AI-driven LinkedIn automation tools enable you to target prospects in ways you can only dream of when working manually. At the click of a button, you can target potential customers in countless ways that include job title, income size, company size, industry, education, location, interests, and more.

    • Message Sequence Capability:

    Getting a lead into your funnel and keeping them there takes many touches. With automation tools crafting multi-level message sequences that build relationships with your leads is a breeze.

    • Bulk Messaging:

    Imagine sending hundreds of InMail messages to prospects one at a time. Unthinkable, right? LinkedIn automation tools help you send bulk messages to hundreds of prospects at once.

    • Reach More Prospects: 

    Feeding your sales funnel with fresh leads is the backbone of a business. LinkedIn automation software helps you reach thousands of prospects faster. The more leads you generate, the more money you make.

    In short, a LinkedIn automation tool helps you streamline your LinkedIn process for more leads, sales, and customers.

    12 Best LinkedIn Automation Tools For More Leads And Sales

    With the above LinkedIn automation advantages in mind, let's look at the 12 leading LinkedIn automation tools you can use to improve your outreach on the platform.

    Source: LinkedIn

    LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the platform’s automation tool.

    From lead generation prospecting to closing deals, LinkedIn Sales Navigator does it all. Research shows brands that use Sales Navigator see many benefits, including:

    • 42% increase in deal size.
    • 15% hike in leads in the pipeline.
    • 17% boost in lead win rate.

    Whether you want to woo potential employers, hunt for someone who’s the perfect fit for your next company position, or build relationships with prospects and customers on autopilot, Sales Navigator has got you covered.

    Sales Navigator Professional Features

    • Profile Views: See people who have viewed your LinkedIn profile in the last 3 months.
    • Real-Time Alerts: Get live updates on your leads and accounts for smarter data-driven outreach.
    • Leads: Save up to a massive 10000 leads and set up custom lead and account lists.
    • Advanced Search: Generate leads and hone in on your best potential customers through advanced lead and account search.
    • Unlimited Browsing: Browse as many people or company accounts as you want with zero restrictions.
    • Collaboration: Harness the power of your team’s network with Team Link on the Premium or Sales Navigator Account. 

    They have a 30-day free trial for those who want to give the software a spin first.

    Dux Soup is a popular LinkedIn automation tool.

    Dux Soup is a powerful LinkedIn automation program that helps you find ideal prospects and engage with leads automatically. Dux-Soup makes light work finding, attracting, and engaging with prospects on LinkedIn. 

    The cloud-based software comes as a handy Google Chrome extension. It’ll save you hours of painstaking manual data entry of prospects’ info. Dux Soup has an excellent customer support team.

    Dux Soup Features

    • Prospecting: Get qualified leads who meet a pre-set criteria and make connections with them at scale.
    • Scan Profiles: View people’s profiles and automatically export their details into your CRM.
    • Outreach Automation: Auto message 1st-degree connections, auto InMail, and send connection invitations automatically.
    • Customization: Tweak your sales team’s campaigns to perfection by customizing up to a dozen automated actions.
    • Drip Campaigns: Set up drip campaigns for prospects and stop them once they respond.
    • Downloads: Download notes and tags from profiles, skill lists, or education and job history. 
    • Advanced Filters: Skip profiles you’ve seen already and filter based on a chosen standard and tagged profiles. 

    Expandi is one of the best LinkedIn automation tools around.

    It’s a cloud-based software that automates your LinkedIn interactions, helps you to reach more people, and saves time for other business activities. Expandi makes a bold declaration and promise to their users: they are one of the safest LinkedIn automation tools that can generate 10x more leads for your business.

    Expandi Features

    • Human Touch: Give your automation the human touch through random delays between actions to mimic human behavior.
    • Cloud-Based: Unlike server-based LinkedIn automation tools, Expandi is cloud-based and runs 24/7.
    • Personalized GIFs: Boost acceptance rates by 82% and follow-up responses by 70% by using personalized GIFs and images. 
    • Smart Retargeting: Scrap everyone who liked and commented on an influencer’s post and target them with similar content.
    • Analytics: Get key insights on all vital metrics and improve the performance of your campaigns.
    • CRM Integration: Quick and simple 2-way integration with all leading CRMs so you can move data both ways.
    • Campaigns: Build many personalized multi-step campaigns for higher conversions.

    Their pricing is unique. They have a single plan that includes all the advanced features.

    No LinkedIn automation tools list is complete without mentioning Octopus CRM.

    Octopus is an all-in-one LinkedIn automation tool. The software empowers you to segment your connections into different groups to increase LinkedIn growth through smart targeting. You can also use the tool’s automation powers to automate regular LinkedIn tasks, such as checking LinkedIn profiles, sending connection requests, and follow-ups.

    Octopus Features

    • Automated Outreach: Send personalized automated connection requests to your 2nd and 3rd level LinkedIn connections.
    • Bulk Messaging: send hundreds of messages to your LinkedIn 1st level leads and prospects at once.
    • Skill Endorsements: Automatically endorse up to 7 skills on the profiles of your LinkedIn contacts, so they warm up to you.
    • Marketing Funnel: Find your target audience automatically, connect with them, and boost the level of engagement you have with them.
    • Evaluate Performance: Assess your marketing efforts by keeping tabs on vital stats like profile views, search appearances, and social selling index.
    • Import And Export: Upload your list of LinkedIn profiles to the CRM or export data from LinkedIn to CSV file.

    Linked Helper is a top-rated LinkedIn automation tool.

    Here are some of their splendid numbers:

    • 4 years of experience helping customers with LinkedIn automation.
    • 5-star ratings on most of their reviews.
    • 31 features that suit every LinkedIn automation context you can think of.
    • 90000+ people use the automation platform for lead generation.

    These impressive numbers show they have the chops to help you with LinkedIn automation campaigns.

    Linked Helper Features

    • Grow Your Network: Invite new connections and do follow-ups on 2nd and 3rd-level connections.
    • Bypass Limits: Sidestep the LinkedIn weekly 100 invitations limit by emailing connections.
    • CRM: Manage your LinkedIn connections and save contacts to the convenient built-in CRM.
    • Message Sequences: Send a series of personalized messages to your leads so they warm up to you faster.
    • CRM Integration: Detect replies automatically and send lead info to your CRM as a CSV file for Excel or Google spreadsheet.
    • Integrations: Connect your LinkedIn campaigns to the rest of your workflow by integrating with many 3rd party apps like Zapier, Salesforce, and Integromat. 

    Meet Alfred is another popular name that reviewers feature on many LinkedIn automation tools lists.

    Touted as the easiest yet most advanced LinkedIn automation software, Meet Alfred is packed with many features. What makes the platform special is that it’s a multi-channel selling and lead generation tool. Do lead automation on three platforms: LinkedIn, Twitter, and email.

    Meet Alfred Features

    • Campaign Manager: Craft multiple, complex messaging campaign sequences on LinkedIn, Twitter, and email.
    • LinkedIn CRM: Grab all LinkedIn users’ publicly available info on the profiles of your targets and store it in the Alfred CRM without lifting a finger.
    • Safety Usage Limits: Ensure your LinkedIn outreach campaigns don’t get banned by staying within the limits using the inbuilt safety usage limits.
    • LinkedIn Post Scheduling: Schedule your posts for timely publication to keep your LinkedIn network informed and engaged.
    • Integrations: Easily integrate LinkedIn lead gen with your CRM and other tools to improve your workflow.
    • Analytics Dashboard: Monitor your progress and get data-driven insights to improve the performance of your campaigns.

    If you are looking for a LinkedIn tool for sales teams, look no further than Zopto.

    Zopto is a cloud-based tool that helps sales teams and startups do LinkedIn lead generation the way they’ve always imagined. It allows you to generate leads faster and automate every aspect of your LinkedIn sales outreach.

    Zopto Features

    • LinkedIn Prospecting: Auto scale-up sales prospecting with random delays that mirror human behavior and reduce risk.
    • Time Zone Detection: Send messages to your prospects during their office hours no matter where they live.
    • LinkedIn Safety Features: Conduct LinkedIn automation campaigns without the fear of getting your account banned.
    • In-app LinkedIn Chat: Respond to conversations with leads in your inbox inside the app—no back and forth between LinkedIn and Zopto.
    • Manage Multiple Profiles: Manage many LinkedIn profiles and see your team’s performance from one dashboard.
    • Dedicated IP Address: Zopto uses a dedicated IP address to make your LinkedIn account authentic.
    • Cloud-Based: Access your account from anywhere on any device since the software is in the cloud.

    Crystal integrates DISC personality insights into your LinkedIn activities.

    The software gives you deeper insights into the personality of your prospects. Once you know what makes them tick, you can engage them better and close more leads. Crystal Chrome extension makes it easy for you to pick the personality of your prospects from their LinkedIn profile and activities. 

    You then reach out to them based on their unique personality, which improves your strategy and results.

    Crystal Features

    • Pick Personality Types: Spot your prospects’ personalities based on their public LinkedIn data.
    • Deeper Understanding: Get a deeper understanding of LinkedIn accounts beyond standard prospect data points and drive leads through the customer journey.
    • Personalized Outreach: Close deals faster with personalized messages based on rich account personality profiles.
    • Account Reports: Generate personality reports for any prospect by analyzing public LinkedIn profile data and text.
    • Equip Your Team: Empower your sales and outreach teams with valuable insights they can use to develop deeper relationships with customers.
    • Boost Cold Calling Results: Take the guesswork out of your cold calling strategy and nail your meetings with new customers.

    Founded in 2015, Apollo has taken the LinkedIn automation world by storm.

    In just 6 years, they’ve shot to 275k customers. From solopreneurs to Fortune 500 companies, people trust Apollo as their LinkedIn automation tool of choice. 

    Apollo superpower is using a data-driven approach to LinkedIn outreach workflow. The platform helps you run, analyze, and improve your LinkedIn campaigns.

    Apollo Major Features

    • LinkedIn Prospecting: Find and connect with your ideal prospects and get intel on how to turn them into customers.
    • Prospects Info: Scrape verified email addresses and phone numbers from LinkedIn, reach out to them, and know when they open your emails.
    • Rich Database: Fish for prospects from a gigantic database of over 200 people and 10 million companies.
    • Advanced Targeting: Hone in on your target audience using advanced targeting filters like company size, industry, keywords, job title, and more.
    • CRM Integration: Apollo gives you 65+ data points about your contacts, leads, and account profiles and pushes your list to Salesforce or HubSpot.
    • Data-Backed Analytics: Get rich, fully customizable reports about the performance of your campaigns.

    Phantombuster is another LinkedIn automation tool worthy of mention.

    The software makes LinkedIn lead generation easy. 

    You can scrape emails and other info from any LinkedIn account or group using the Phantombuster browser extension. Phantombuster can help you create lead gen forms and an entire lead generation workflow. 

    Phantombuster Features

    • Scrape Data: Scrape LinkedIn data from accounts: Name, Title, Current Position, Company, Bio, Education, and more.
    • Mass Scraping: auto scrapes up to 80 LinkedIn profiles per day or 150 with a LinkedIn premium or sales account.
    • Data Export: Export data to your CRM in ready-to-use Excel or Spreadsheet file formats.
    • Scrape Emails: Phantombuster’s Email Discovery service grabs verified professional emails of LinkedIn users and adds them to your results file.
    • LinkedIn Group Members: Use a LinkedIn group scraper to get profiles, names, and positions of 2500+ members of a LinkedIn group.
    • 3rd Party Integrations: You can use Phantombuster alongside 3rd party LinkedIn automation tools like Hunter, Dropcontact, or Snov.io with your API keys to get emails.

    Hyperise is a LinkedIn automation tool that allows you to personalize your social media outreach.

    The software is all about delighting prospects by adding personalized images to your campaigns.

    With Hyperise, you can hyper-personalize your LinkedIn and Facebook outreach campaign using images and 2x your conversions at scale.

    Hyperise Features

    • Image Personalization: Grab attention faster and make more connections on LinkedIn through dynamic image personalization (images and video).
    • Video Personalization: Entice and engage LinkedIn prospects with personalized videos that include the user's name, company name, logo, and website screenshot. 
    • 3rd Party Integrations: Hook up all your favorite marketing tools using hundreds of done-for-you integrations, including Zapier, for thousands of more connections.
    • CRM Integration: Hyperise plays nice with renowned CRMs like HubSpot, Salesforce, SalesLoft, and Intercom.
    • Analytics And Lead Discovery: Drill down lead info to the minutest details and enhance your LinkedIn outreach performance.
    • Email Campaigns: Push your LinkedIn list to your email tool and deliver unique, individualized email experiences to thousands of subscribers.

    Lead Fuze is a search engine for leads.

    The software aggregates professionals’ data and the companies they work for around the globe from LinkedIn and other social media platforms. This gives you a fast way to build an accurate, targeted list without wasting precious hours doing manual outreach and list building.

    Lead Fuze Features

    • Massive Lead Database: Get fresh company info, emails, phone numbers, social profiles, and more across 500+ million and 10+ million companies.
    • Listbuilding Automation: Automate LinkedIn marketing and list-building so you spend more time talking to prospects not hunting for them.
    • Email Verification: Use AI-driven technology to auto verify email addresses live for a 0% bounce rate and a super clean list.
    • Social Profiles: Sell across channels with LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.
    • Leads Background Info: Connect better with leads by discovering their background info you can use in your campaigns: college education, work history, skills, and more.
    • Hyper Targeting: Hyper-target leads using the laser-precise market-based search algorithm functionality that uses multiple filters such as job title, industry, ad spend, number of employees, and more.

    Get 25 Leads Free in both Starter and Scaling Plans

    That’s my list of the best LinkedIn automation tools you can get on the market today. Thankfully, all of them have a free trial. So you can try them out for free.

    Pick The Right LinkedIn Automation Tool

    LinkedIn automation tools are plenty.

    They do the heavy lifting that eliminates time-consuming LinkedIn tasks. This allows you to become more productive and use the extra time for other things.

    So take your pick and turn LinkedIn into an automated 24/7 lead-gen machine.

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