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July 19


GrooveFunnels Review 2023: Is The Software More Hype Than Handy?

By Hanson Cheng

July 19, 2023

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  • This is your no punches pulled GrooveFunnels review. 

    GrooveFunnels has taken the online business world by storm. They get up to 2500+ sign ups a day and recently hit 100k users, making them the hottest and fastest-growing funnel builder on the market. GrooveFunnels dominates social media chatter about online business.

    But is this popular software all hype but no substance?

    Let’s find out.

    GrooveFunnels Review Quickfire Q&A

    Let’s get a few basic GrooveFunnels questions you may have out of the way.

    What Is GrooveFunnels?

    GrooveFunnels is a packed all-in-one-marketing software that gives users everything they need to start, grow, and scale a thriving online business.

    Who Created Groove Funnels?

    Four co-founders started GrooveFunnels.

    1. 1
      Mike Filsaime, aka the Michael Jordan of internet marketing, a vastly experienced digital marketer, author, speaker, software developer, online marketing educator, and marketing consultant.
    2. 2
      John Cornetta, a serial entrepreneur who has built and or assisted in the development of over 50 companies. He has worked in the publishing, retail, management, and marketing, food and beverage, and real estate industries.
    3. 3
      Matt Serralta has a decorated history in the marketing and advertising industry. He has expertise in social media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), sales, management, business development, and operations.
    4. 4
      Mattijs Naus, a drinker of fine malt whiskey, a builder of web things, and a driven entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience in building and launching profitable digital products.

    These are the great minds behind the ever-growing Groove digital network that now uses the popular landing page builder.

    Is GrooveFunnels Legit?

    Yep, GrooveFunnels is 100% legit.

    Is GrooveFunnels Free?

    Yes, and no.

    You can access their basic features for free. For the more advanced hard-hitting features, you must pay either $99 or $199 per month.

    What Can GrooveFunnels Do?


    Yes, that’s no exaggeration. GrooveFunnels gives you all the tools you need to run a super-successful eCommerce business.

    Need a drag and drop website builder? GroovePages will do.

    Want to sell digital products and services? GrooveSell does that.

    Want to reduce email cart abandons? GrooveKart covers that.

    Starting membership sites or online courses? GrooveMember does it.

    Need a smart blogging platform? GrooveBlog will do the trick.

    GrooveFunnels is your Swiss knife marketing tool. It expertly does whatever needs doing whenever it needs doing. No surprise people jump on their generous GrooveFunnels lifetime deal to grab all the jam-packed marketing tools before they disappear or become pricey.

    Feature By Feature Groove Funnels Review

    Some GrooveFunnels reviews try to cover everything. That’s a tough task because GrooveFunnels is a suite that has every single thing you need for profitable digital marketing. So you might end up writing a Harry Potter series. 

    In this GrooveFunnels review, I’ll focus on 8 key solutions. Keep in mind that some features are still in beta. But relax because so far they’ve kept their word and rolled out most of the marketing tools they promised.

    1. GroovePages

    Source: Groove Funnels

    To grow your online business, you must build many pages. 

    From homepages to landing pages, from services pages to about pages, from webinar invitation pages to home pages, each page must sparkle and nudge your customers further down your sales funnel.

    GroovePages is an intuitive, easy to use drag and drop page builder.

    It’s one of the best free landing page builders on the market. Their user interface is clean and newbie-friendly, even your grandma can find her way around the software with consummate ease. 

    You can use GroovePages to:

    • Design remarkable websites that impress your prospects and customers.
    • Build unlimited high converting sales funnels that rake in dollars on autopilot.
    • Create unlimited splendid, conversion-friendly landing pages for your offers.
    • Host all your pages and files on the GrooveFunnels servers for free.

    GrooveFunnels Page Builder Templates

    They have many page templates that cover most of the typical digital marketing scenarios like:

    • Opt-in pages.
    • Affiliate landing page.
    • Small business pages.
    • University/School pages.
    • Membership site pages

    2. GrooveSell

    Source: YouTube

    This app empowers you to design attractive online stores complete with a shopping cart to sell all your physical or digital products.

    Whether you want to create a sales and affiliate marketing business or start an e commerce empire, get access to GrooveSell. 

    So, what can you do with GrooveSell?

    A lot, including:

    • Create sales funnels for your digital and physical products.
    • Sell online courses and educational content.
    • Upsells, downsells, and order bumps for maximum profits.
    • Build unlimited sales funnels for all your products.
    • 1-click upsells to increase order value
    • Design flexible pricing structures
    • Compatible with PayPal and Stripe.
    • Create dynamic thank you pages.
    • Design powerful sales workflows to make selling easy, fun even.
    • Create custom order forms.
    • Add a secure, minimal friction shopping cart.

    3. GrooveMail

    Ever heard of the marketing mantra the money is on the list?

    It’s true.

    Email marketing is one mainstay of a lucrative online enterprise. It all starts with capturing email leads through your landing pages and lead-generation forms. Through clever email automation, you nurture the leads until they are ready to buy. Here’s how to maximize GrooveMail email marketing in your business.

    • Deepen relationships with your audience via the customer relationship management (CRM).
    • Set up automated follow-up email sequences to keep in touch with email leads.
    • Design full-color email newsletters as part of your sales funnels. 
    • Import up to 25,000 contacts free via a CSV file.
    • Add text and voice SMS broadcasting to your sales funnel.
    • Full-bodied analytics to optimize your email marketing efforts through analyzing open rates, click-through rates, and more.
    • Create high converting email sales letters.

    4. GrooveBlog

    Source: Bazaar Of Marketing

    Business blogging has become part of the digital marketing mix.

    Yes, WordPress is the king of content management systems (CMS). Wix, Squarespace, Weebly are the well-known CMSs on the chasing pack. Now GrooveBlog has joined the fray.

    It’s still early days, but things look promising.

    Here’s what you will find inside:

    • Publish text, audio, and video content.
    • Allows readers to leave a comment.
    • SEO-friendly so you will get found on Google.
    • Drag and drop templates blog design
    • Schedule and publish posts.
    • Integrates with the rest of the GrooveFunnels suite tools.
    • Integrates with WordPress.

    However, the blogging platform has security issues that need fixing.

    5. GrooveAffiliate

    Source: Find Focus

    The GrooveFunnels affiliate program is superb.

    Affiliate marketing helps you make money online without breaking a sweat. The best part? You can make money through other people’s products without having to go through the hassle of product development. And yes, you can sell GrooveFunnels too.

    A quick tip: to get more people to buy the software, offer them GrooveFunnels bonuses.

    For now, if you hop onto the free plan, you qualify to join the affiliate program without paying a dime. But this free plan lifetime deal won’t be there forever, so you better act fast if you want it.

    Already have proven products? Use the Groove affiliate platform to scale fast by launching an affiliate selling program and unleash an army of eager affiliate bounty hunters. On the affiliate marketplace you can sell your own products. Or you can push other people’s products.

    Either way, you boost your income fast. 

    6. GrooveDesk

    Customers get stuck.

    It’s normal in business for customers to reach out for help. You must assist them quickly, efficiently so you don’t spend the entire day caught up in customer service. The good news? GrooveFunnels users don’t have to look for expensive dedicated help desk solutions like Help Scout.

    Armed with GrooveDesk capabilities you can:

    • Integrate your help desk with your sales system.
    • Check customer history and oversee transactions.
    • Issue customer refunds straight from the help desk.
    • Offer multi-channel support complete with live chat, email, and self-help for total customer convenience.
    • Support ticket management.
    • Unlimited agents without paying an extra dime.
    • Detailed analytics so you can measure your performance and improve.

    7. GroovePages For Shopify

    This is a super cool upcoming app if you run an online store. 

    You will merge the best of Shopify and GrooveFunnels. You can create stunning landing and checkout pages in your Shopify store with GroovePages. Yep, you can have all the technological superpowers of GrooveFunnels right inside your Shopify dashboard.

    Upsells, downsells, cross sells, order bumps, checkout pages, funnel pages—everything. Now that’s an eCommerce game changer. It’ll be digital shopping heaven that’ll raise conversions and order values through the roof.

    When ready for release, this app will be available on the Shopify App Store.

    8. GrooveWebinars Live

    GrooveFunnels has an exciting twin app.

    Source: Groove Digital

    Live webinars are a powerful marketing tool. Let’s unpack what these two compatible apps can do for your online hustle.

    • Host live webinars with multiple presenters.
    • Turn recorded webinars into automated webinar sales funnel.
    • Live stream sales presentations, classes, and meetings.
    • Cool advanced options like sharing your screen or camera.
    • Plenty of webinar landing page templates to boost registration conversions.
    • Customizable webinar interface to fit your brand identity.
    • With all these goodies and then some, masses of people are dumping renowned business software solutions in favor of the GrooveFunnels funnel builder. Smart guys (and gals) are going for the GrooveFunnels lifetime access available on the highest plan.
    • Speaking of plans...

    GrooveFunnels pricing follows a tiered system. 

    GrooveFunnels co-founder Mike Filsaime and his team came up with a brilliant strategy. Their base plan is free, but they make their money on the higher plans using the wide free plan base of passionate affiliate partners.


    Base Plan

    • GrooveSell
    • GrooveAffiliate
    • GroovePages Lite
    • Affiliate program 20%
    • One funnel template
    • Only 3 sales funnels
    • Only 3 project sites

    Note that the Basic Plan doesn’t include custom domains.


    Silver Plan

    • GrooveSell
    • GrooveAffiliate
    • GroovePages Pro
    • GrooveMail
    • GrooveMember
    • GrooveVideo
    • Email Leads
    • Email Cart Abandons
    • Email Buyers
    • Email Affiliates
    • Unlimited Custom Domains
    • Premium Page Blocks
    • Free SSL Certificate

    All PRO Plans from the Silver Plan onwards give you unlimited everything: websites, pages, pop-ups, -free images, page elements, bandwidth, and more.


    Gold Plan

    Everything on the Silver Plan plus:

    • GrooveBlog
    • GrooveDesk
    • GrooveCalendar
    • GrooveSurvey
    • GrooveQuiz


    Platinum Plan

    The GrooveFunnels platinum plan is the pinnacle.

    On the Platinum lifetime deal, you get everything on the Gold Plan and:

    • GrooveKart
    • GrooveWebinars Automated
    • Groove Webinars Streaming
    • GroovePages For Shopify

    There are flexible payment plans for GrooveFunnels platinum:

    • 3 monthly payments of 497
    • 6 monthly payments of $288
    • 12 monthly payments of $188
    • Or go for the jugular and pay a $1397 one time payment for lifetime access. You get access to all the juicy features, save 35%, and stop paying the burdensome monthly payments

    Here’s a shot of Mike Filsaime explaining everything about GrooveFunnels from the entry-level up to the lifetime deal.

    Source: YouTube

    GrooveFunnels platinum is worth going for because it gives you all the tools a modern marketer needs to run a blockbuster online business. It also saves you a ton of money in the long term.

    Why GrooveFunnels Makes Sense For Marketers Today

    I’ve reviewed GrooveFunnels and you’ve followed along.

    Maybe you are asking.

    Why pick GrooveFunnels when there are plenty of dedicated tools on the market?

    Good question.

    GrooveFunnels is a wonderful choice because:

    • Dedicated tools are expensive - You save thousands of dollars by getting everything for a reasonable fee. Compared to buying individual solutions, GrooveFunnels is dirt cheap.
    • Cures the marketing tech headache - Today, you need countless tech tools to pull off your marketing and sales campaigns. By putting every tool under one roof GrooveFunnels saves you from the irritation of duct-taping your marketing tools so they work well together.
    • Eliminates inconvenience - Logging in and out of many dashboards can be a pain and a huge time suck. A centralized software system that lets you work from a single dashboard is a lifesaver.

    But GrooveFunnels isn’t all roses and sunshine. Here are some cons they must work on.

    • Bugs are biting… ouch - No, I’m not talking about the tarantula hawk. I mean technical glitches. As expected of a new solution still finding its feet, there are some bugs in the software.
    • Some features are still on the way - Several much-touted features are still in beta. Or worse, yet to be launched. Ugh. For instance, they haven’t released GrooveDesk and Groove Webinar Live yet.
    • Steepish learning curve - For beginners, the sheer volume of tools can be intimidating. And some tools can be hard to master if you are a newbie. By contrast, ClickFunnels is super easy to use even for tech newcomers.

    GrooveFunnels: Thumbs Up Or Thumbs Down?

    The Groove digital fanbase is exploding. 

    More and more people have joined the GrooveFunnels club. When you grab one of the GrooveFunnels pro plans, you’re set for digital marketing success. You don’t need myriad tools to run an e commerce brand. No need for tools like sales funnels software, email marketing platforms, webinar solutions, blogging platforms, and more.

    Like a formidable triathlon athlete, GrooveFunnels does everything equally well. With the software on hand, you will win the online hustle Olympics.

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