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16 Best KPI Software Dashboards For Small Businesses In 2023

By Hanson Cheng

August 18, 2023

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  • You know what?

    In an online business, KPI software dashboards are the main course, not a side dish. Modern online companies have countless moving pieces to make your head spin. That’s why you must have an agile KPI tool to bring everything together for easy tracking and analysis of your all-important metrics.

    But with countless options out there, picking the best tool can be daunting.

    I’ve done the legwork for you, so you don’t have to.

    Here’s a hand-selected list of top KPI software to help you manage your data better and grow your business with data-backed decisions.

    What Is KPI Software And Why Do You Need One?

    KPI software, aka dashboard software, is a program that merges data from multiple sources to give you a visual summary of your business performance.

    Modern tools can measure virtually anything, so there are countless metrics you can measure.

    Intelligent KPI software allows you to select and measure key performance indicators (KPIs), not everything.

    This brings us to the question…

    What Are Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

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    A Key Performance Indicator is a specific measurable metric that shows if a company is hitting or missing key business goals.

    Organizations use KPIs to measure and track their performance against their strategic goals.

    Each company has its northern star metrics. These few vital metrics give you a picture of your brand's overall performance at a glance. You know if you are on track to meet your targets.

    Best KPI Dashboard: A Curated List Of 16 Data Tools

    It’s time to dig into the top data platforms one by one to see what each offers.

    Here we go.

    With over 50,000 users, Klipfolio is a sought-after, real-time cloud-based KPI software.

    It's a lightweight but powerful business intelligence (BI) platform that helps you and your team make smart decisions to grow your business. You can track, visualize, understand, and share KPIs that matter to you.

    Klipfolio Features

    • Custom Connectors: Connect to hundreds of data sources in your team's tech stack. 
    • No Coding: Get instant access to all your metrics without coding headaches.
    • Comparative Functionality: Compare stats from different periods and pick trends from the historical data vault.
    • Live Klipfolio Dashboard: Get real-time insights into the performance of your brand's departments: sales, marketing, finance, user experience, and admin.
    • Reports: Build and easily share interactive reports and data visualizations with key stakeholders.

    Tableau Software is a popular interactive data visualization BI company that has been dubbed the golden standard in visual data analytics.

    The platform brings your business data to life so you see and understand it easily. Tableau is one of the fastest-growing business intelligence tools around.

    Salesforce bought Tableau because they saw the tool's potential on the market.

    Tableau Features

    • drag-and-drop Feature: Use instinctive drag-and-drop analysis, no matter your skill level.
    • Data Blending: Mesh, shape, clean, and automate your data workflows using Tableau Prep.
    • Share And Collaborate: With various collaboration tools for business, you can share data securely with decision-makers for feedback, management, and shared insights.
    • Hybrid Connectivity: Bring in-memory back to life via encrypted extracts and also get live analysis.
    • Interactive Dashboards: Create stunning interactive visualizations and AI-driven statistical models with an intuitive drag-and-drop feature.

    Sisense is a leading AI-driven bi and analytics solution.

    The tool is a painless end-to-end platform for complex data analysis and visualization. Sisense is powerful. It picks data in real-time from many sources, merges it, and allows non-techies to build stunning reports.

    Sisense Features

    • BI Dashboard: Take complex data from many sources and change it into actionable business intelligence reports and dashboards.
    • Flexible Analysis: From a drag-and-drop interface to self-service via Python, SQL, and R, choose how you want to visualize and analyze your data.
    • Customer Service: Track KPIs related to customer service, such as call center stats, support tickets, and customer satisfaction NPS score.
    • Handle All Data Types: Process data from any source, in any format: real-time data, cached, data lake, in-app, on-premise server, and data warehouse.
    • Finance KPI Tracking: Track KPIs related to your finance department: profits, losses, acquisitions, and investments analysis.

    Zoho Analytics is a robust business intelligence software and business analytics platform.

    You can use this KPI dashboard software and visual analytics tool to collect data, analyze it, and create remarkable data visualization. You get valuable insights into your business performance and progress from the revealing bi dashboards.

    Zoho Analytics Features

    • Data Integration: Collect and analyze data from 250+ data sources like business apps, files, feeds, web URLs, and more.
    • Data Visualization: Slice and dice your data and present it as splendid interactive dashboards, tabular views, and ad hoc analysis reports.
    • Unified Business Insights: Fuse and analyze business data across your organization from many wings like marketing, sales, support, finance, etc.
    • drag-and-drop Reports: Create marvelous reports with the intuitive drag-and-drop interface.
    • Mobility: Access and work on your data and reports from mobile devices like phones and tablets.

    Qlik Sense is a comprehensive new-gen KPI dashboard software.

    The software is an agile data discovery and data visualization tool that helps you turn gobs of data into actionable business insights. It’s a cloud-based business platform with an advanced, special AI associative analytics engine.

    Qlik Features

    • Self-Service Visualization And Discovery: Merge, analyze, and visualize your data easily, no matter how large or small.
    • Real-Time Advanced Analytics: Allows business users to interact with data from third-party sources and contextualize business metrics in real-time.
    • Mobile Analytics: Because Qlik is a mobile-first platform, you can access your analytics dashboard from anywhere on iOS and Android devices.
    • Reporting And Alerts: Provide stakeholders loaded, data-driven alerts and reports for bold, prompt dashboard monitoring.
    • Interactive Dashboard: All bi dashboard elements are interactive so you can unpack a specific KPI to understand more.

    Scoro is an end-to-end project management software.

    It empowers organizations and teams to share data, work together more effectively, automate billing and simplify quoting. Besides being a respected management software, Scoro also doubles up as a robust KPI dashboard software.

    Scoro Features

    • Live KPI Dashboards: Monitor the pulse of your business in real-time based on your chosen KPIs and metrics.
    • Google Analytics Integration: Auto share data between Scoro and Google Analytics using the handy Google Analytics integration.
    • Integrated View: See and manage your entire sales pipeline from one place—sales, budgets, projects, forecasts, team performance, etc.
    • Shareable Dashboards: Create tailored shareable dashboards for every department in your company with everyone’s KPIs and targets.
    • Integrations: Supercharge your data workflow automation by connecting Scoro to hundreds of 3rd-party tools.

    7. Domo

    Domo is a modern web-based BI reporting software to help you integrate data from any source and unlock value from your data. The software lets you turn data into live visualizations and share it with every team member across your company.

    Domo Features

    • Data Unification: Mesh disparate data and provide a single source of truth for everyone in your organization.
    • BI And Analytics: Unleash the potential of your teams through live visualizations and KPIs for agile, informed decision-making across the entire organization.
    • Intelligent Apps: Design customized intelligent apps to make your business insights actionable.
    • Templates: Get over 1,000 pre-built and custom data connectors.
    • Data Science And Forecasting: See what lies ahead for your business through AI and machine learning-powered predictive analytics.

    8. Grow

    Boasting hundreds of 5-star reviews for business intelligence software excellence, Grow has its place on the list of top software tools for full-stack BI performance management.

    The best part?

    You don’t have to fiddle with complex code to see KPI metrics.

    Grow Features

    • Data Meshing: Connect, store, and mesh data from hundreds of data sources for a complete view from one dashboard.
    • Custom Dashboard: Choose which KPIs you want to monitor and build custom views so you see your info your way.
    • Accounting And Financials: Keep tabs on vital accounting and finance KPIs like revenue, cash, and expansion complete with invoicing integrations.
    • Social Media: Connect and combine data across all your social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.
    • Files: Support data imports from Google Sheets, Dropbox, Google Drive, Excel Spreadsheets, Smartsheets, OneDrive, and Amazon S3.

    Transpara Visual KPI is a cloud-based or on-premise KPI software that connects data in real-time and puts it at your fingertips.

    It’s a formidable live operation monitoring and performance management software. It blends thousands of data sources and spits them out as colorful, easy-to-grasp visualizations. Visual KPI enables you to make better decisions, eliminate bottlenecks and keep all your teams up to speed from one place.

    Visual KPI Features

    • Live Analysis: Pick live data from 50+ data sources: web browsers, manual data, spreadsheets, big data, business apps, and IoT/IIoT.
    • Clarity And Context: KPIs are color-coded, which makes it easy for you to see and compare data from many sources.
    • Unlimited Dashboards: Build as many drag-and-drop real-time dashboards as you want.
    • Any Device: Monitor your KPIs on any device with a browser, including tablets, phones, laptops, PC/Mac/Linux.
    • Fully Customizable: You have full control over your data workflow automation from colors to naming, views, and language.

    Bright Gauge is a potent, yet easy-to-use data management platform that lets your data do all the talking.

    The platform removes data silos and brings all your data and KPIs under one roof. You get intuitive fresh dashboards.

    Bright Gauge

    • Dashboards: Track and visualize any KPI from multiple dashboards and make sound informed business decisions.
    • Custom KPIs: Customize your data presentation to suit your context to perfection.
    • Calculated Metrics: Unpack your data more by subtracting, adding, multiplying, and dividing one metric against another.
    • Data Mashup: See all your metrics and KPIs - from your PSA, RMM, BDR, and security tools side-by-side on one integrated dashboard.
    • Client Reporting: Prove the value you provide and impress clients with automated KPI reporting.

    If you are looking for an enterprise software platform, Dimensional Insight can be a superb option.

    They specialize in the development and marketing of enterprise business intelligence software. Their solution includes data integration, KPIs, and analysis. The software platform has been ranked #1 eight times in the Annual Best In Klas Report.

    Dimensional Insight Features

    • KPIs: Measure the metrics that matter most to you by applying business rules to a collection of data sets for swift automated rule processing.
    • On-the-go Access: Access your data anytime, anywhere on any device.
    • Advanced Capabilities: Use the powers of predictive analysis to identify trends and plan for the future.
    • Custom KPI and Dashboard: Handpick the KPI you want to focus on and build individualized dashboards for your preferred metrics.
    • Integration: Connect with countless marketing, sales, CRMs, and other tools for improved performance.

    Next on our KPI dashboard tools list is Simple KPI, a cloud-based solution.

    As their name implies, the Simple KPI goal is making complex data simple. Their mantra is “data management doesn’t need to be complicated”. True to their word, they packed the software with easy-to-use data visualization features that non-techy users can grasp fast.

    Simple KPI Features

    • Dashboard Views: View your data as charts, graphs, league tables, and widgets to help you communicate it better to team members.
    • Excel Spreadsheets: Bring your Excel Spreadsheets data to life by turning it into stunning dashboards.
    • Export Tool: Export robust KPI reports as popular file formats like PDF, Word, or Excel.
    • In-depth Analysis Tools: Use drill down or up features to see your data from a wealth of perspectives.
    • Intuitive Interface: An instinctive interface that makes it easy for users, no matter their skill level, to manage and share data.

    Moving along, the next KPI tool we will look at is Target Dashboard.

    Target Dashboard is a one-click BI software and data visualization tool for boosting team effectiveness. Their suite of data visualization tools allows you to enter data manually and connect to Excel or databases.

    Unlike other complex KPI tools, the software is easy to set up and use. You don’t need any technical skills.

    Target Dashboard Features

    • Dashboard Templates: Choose from 300+ chart and dashboard layouts to manage your data your way.
    • Connect To Any System: Connect to any third-party tool or system, be it an SQL database, Excel, CRMs, financial system, or sales system.
    • Data Combination Tools: Combine targets and actuals automatically for an accurate view of your progress. 
    • Quick Import Tools: Import Excel and other data files into Target Dashboard in just seconds.
    • Color-coded Dashboard: Get the essence of your company’s performance fast via color-coded customizable dashboards.

    TapClicks is an elite cloud-based business intelligence (BI) solution that offers digital marketing reporting and analytics for eCommerce brands, ad agencies, media companies, healthcare, and other enterprises.

    The KPI tool helps you unify your marketing and sales efforts by connecting all your data sources.

    TapClicks Features

    • Marketing Operations: Dial into all your marketing figures, reports, campaigns, and workflows. 
    • Competitive Intelligence: Spy on your competitors’ SEM conversion funnel.
    • Calculations And Custom Metrics: Create individualized metrics and KPIs with a few clicks.
    • Goals & Pacing: Pace your campaign budgets so you track progress at any time, not just the end goal.
    • Tap Reporting: Automate reporting and share detailed reports across channels.

    Next up is Databox, an in-demand KPI software that helps you understand what’s happening in your business.

    Databox pulls your data from multiple sources into one place, so you can monitor progress live and uncover actionable insights to grow your business. A fan favorite, Databox has 5-star ratings on leading review sites like and G2 Crowd, Capterra, and AlternativeTo.

    Databox Features

    • Integrated Dashboard: Mix and match KPIs and metrics from many sources into one dashboard and avoid the hassle of logging in and out of many platforms.
    • DIY Dashboard Designer: Build your own beautiful KPI dashboards and view them in different ways, even if you don’t have any coding skills.
    • Integrations: Use the 70+ integrations to hook up your favorite marketing, social media, sales, or any other business tool to enhance your data automation workflow.
    • Performance Alerts: Get prompt performance alerts whenever your team hits important milestones or when something is off and needs immediate attention.
    • Scorecards: Get your crucial KPIs delivered to you via email, mobile push notifications, or Slack.

    With 20 years of experience under their belt, iDashboards is an enterprise business intelligence platform that has a long track record.

    They serve clients 3,000 in 10 countries.

    The KPI tool is known for its simplicity and ease of use.

    iDashboards Features

    • Multiple Sources: Connect and mesh data from 160+ sources using the Data Hub tool.
    • Interactive Dashboard: Interact with your data live on the 3D charts and scorecards to turn your data into practical insights.
    • Flexible Access: Share your data securely with your local team and external stakeholders via desktop or mobile.
    • Customizable Charts: Package your data as you desire using hundreds of customizable chart options.
    • Code-free Dashboard: Create a KPI dashboard regardless of your skill level or the need for code wizardry.

    What Makes A Good KPI Dashboard Software?

    Source: Pixabay

    There are many attributes of an excellent reporting tool.

    Here are five vital qualities the best KPI platforms share:


    A good reporting dashboard sums up all your vital metrics so you understand them at a glance.


    Smart BI systems take complex, disparate business metrics and make them straightforward.


    A superb KPI dashboard uses rich visuals to present KPIs in appealing user-friendly ways.


    The best KPI dashboard allows you to mix and match your vital metrics and connect with other data tools.


    An exceptional KPI tool analyzes and presents data in measurable practical ways for your team to carry out.

    In summary, that’s what makes a great KPI tool.

    Best KPI Software - FAQ

    Is A Free KPI Dashboard Tool Good For Business?

    Many free KPI dashboard tools are available online, but it is essential to consider if a free tool is right for your business. A free tool may not have all the features you need, and it could be more challenging to use. That said, if you are starting out using KPIs, a free tool may be a good option. 

    However, if you have more experience with KPIs and want a more robust tool, you may want to consider a paid option.

    What's The Best KPI Dashboard Design To Use?

    There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best KPI dashboard design will vary depending on your specific needs. However, there are some general tips that you can follow to create an effective KPI dashboard:

    • Make sure that your dashboard is easy to read and understand.
    • Deeply consider how the question “what is KPI?” applies to your business and only Include the most important ones you need to track.
    • Use colors and visuals to help communicate information quickly and easily.
    • Consider using software or a template to create your dashboard, as this can make the process simpler and faster.

    Is a real-time KPI dashboard better than one updated manually?

    There are benefits and drawbacks to both real-time and manually updated KPIs. Real-time dashboards can be more accurate, as they will reflect the most current data. However, they can also be more challenging to maintain and may require more resources. Manually updated dashboards may not be as accurate, but they can be easier to update and manage. Ultimately, the best option for your business will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

    How Many KPI Can Be Prepare In A Dashboard?

    There is no hard limit on how many KPIs you can include in a dashboard. However, it is vital only to have the most important KPIs that you need to track. Otherwise, your dashboard may become cluttered and difficult to read. If unsure which KPIs to include, you can start with a few and add more as needed.

    For example, if you're using CRM tools to track sales data, you might start with KPIs like leads generated, conversion rate, and average deal size. Many list building tools will also track KPIs like email open rate and click-through rate.

    What Companies Use KPIs In A Digital Dashboard To Track performance?

    Some common examples of companies that use KPIs include manufacturing, ecommerce, and service businesses. Business management software tools use KPIs to track various metrics, such as production levels, sales figures, customer satisfaction rates, and more.

    Business Intelligence Software: Your Company’s Navigator

    That’s that.

    My carefully selected list of reporting software. From web-based solutions to cloud-based ones, they are all there.

    As the next step, why not conduct a workflow analysis and then choose the solution that’s the best fit for your business?

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