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Legendary Marketer Review: Precious Treasure Or Worthless Trash?

By Hanson Cheng

July 19, 2023

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  • If you dream of starting an online business and attaining financial freedom, you will love this Legendary Marketer review. 

    Anyone who’s Googled ‘how to make money online’ has come across the popular Legendary Marketer program. Is it the real deal or an elaborate scam?

    Let’s find out.

    Legendary Marketer is a complete suite of digital courses about how to start and grow a successful online business.

    Started by David Sharpe, who has made $200+ million in online sales, it’s a sought-after digital marketing training program. It has grown into a powerful network of highly successful legendary marketers scattered around the globe.

    David Sharpe was part of the notorious, collapsed Empower Network. That’s why some people claim Legendary Marketer is a scam, but it isn’t.

    A Blow By Blow Look At Legendary Marketer Products

    So, what does Legendary Marketer offer?

    They have many programs for people who want to learn how to make money using different business models. I will focus on 8 low and high ticket products that touch on various business blueprints.

    In the 15 day business builder, you get step-by-step guidance on how to kick-start your online business.

    Honestly, there’s nothing like the business builder challenge. It’s an action-oriented course that aims to help you start an online hustle and start earning money within 15 days.

    The best part? It’s free.

    It covers daily:
    • Videos.
    • Tasks.
    • Quizzes.
    • Assignments.

    As you dive into all these activities, little by little, your online business dream becomes a reality. On top of this, you even get coaching. You have access to a personal Business Plan Advisor to help you develop your business plan so you get into action following a roadmap. 

    That’s insane value for a free product. 

    Usually, coaching comes as part of high ticket programs. They use coaching/consulting as an irresistible value addition. It makes you think: if their free product is this good and includes personal guidance, how much more their paid ones?

    Do yourself a favor. Do all the work they assign you. 

    You’ll shave off countless hours, weeks, or months of scouring through the internet for solid trusted info. You will emerge from the packed 15 day challenge armed with knowledge that takes years to learn. 

    Not only that. 

    You will gain clarity about your goals. You emerge with a reliable business plan that might change your life. The 15 day business builder challenge allows you to dip your toe in and see if Legendary Marketer gels with so. 

    Since it’s Legendary Marketer’s gift to you, accepting it is a straightforward decision.

    Legendary Marketers Club

    Aptly named the Netflix of marketing training, their flagship 30 per month subscription is jam-packed. 

    They have video classes on how to start, grow, and scale your online businesses.

    Want to learn how to use YouTube for business? Then take “The Journey To 250,000 YouTube Subscribers”.

    Want to master how to close bumper sales? There’s the “Sales Secrets From The 5-Billion Dollar Man” class for you.

    These mini-courses in the marketer’s club turn you into a legendary marketer. They take a deep dive into various topics you need to master when building your own online business. They have hours of training content from A-list marketers like Nathan Lucas and Kevin Harrington.

    For only $30 a month, you get packed Q&A webinars from 6 to 7-figure marketers who are at the top of their game. You pick their brain about all their winning marketing strategies. They hand out loaded business blueprints you can’t get anywhere else.

    This direct access to industry masters is worth hundreds of dollars.

    Topics covered in their materials include:

    • Product selection.
    • Sales funnels.
    • Success mindset.
    • Affiliate marketing.

    If you can’t join the classes live, you can always watch the replays. You will learn at your own pace and grow your money-making skills from the comfort of your home.

    To get the marketer’s club for less than $30 through an annual discount, you can buy any of the following courses:
    • The Insider’s Guide To Affiliate Marketing
    • The Copywriter’s Playbook
    • 15 Second Free Leads Tik Tok
    • 15 Day Online Business Builder

    Packed with a lot of value but priced at only $30 per month, the 15 Day Challenge is one of the best Legendary Marketer products. 

    Traffic University

    Traffic University teaches you how to drive traffic from paid sources.

    Because traffic is the lifeblood of online business, this course is vital.

    But here’s the thing.

    As a new business, you will hear nothing but crickets on your website

    The reason? 

    Nobody knows you except three people—your mum, spouse/partner, and your loyal cat. The only visit you get is the occasional spammer. An injection of paid traffic goes a long way in helping you get traffic in a short time and gain traction in the early months while your organic strategies gain momentum.

    The traffic rolodex bundle teaches you how to drive traffic from red-hot social media channels such as

    • YouTube
    • Facebook Ads.
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • Google Display Network (GDN)

    There are nine rich modules in this bundle.

    Step by step, channel by channel, click by click, their top-notch advertising experts take you by hand and teach you the ins and outs of paid advertising. You will get valuable practical insights on how to succeed with your paid traffic campaigns and drive much-needed traffic to your site.

    Besides, you will also learn where to take the traffic.

    Inexperienced marketers often take traffic to their home page. This leaks conversions because your home page is the busiest and most distractive page on your site. The traffic rolodex bundle will show you how to take traffic to dedicated landing pages for each campaign. 

    You will learn the intricacies of creating winning landing pages that generate maximum leads. 

    But the traffic course only deals with paid traffic.

    But lately, they’re moving to fix that. Organic traffic experts have come in to fill the gap. In particular, the Tik Tok mini-course has produced stellar results.

    This course is perfect for affiliate marketing and driving traffic to your affiliate business. It sets you back a $247 one time fee. Speaking of affiliate marketing, that’s what we will talk about next. lt's a solid program, but its biggest drawback is that it doesn't cover organic traffic, a key aspect of online traffic generation. 

    Digital Products Business Blueprint

    Legendary Marketer also covers another lucrative income stream—selling digital products. 

    Digital products have many advantages over physical products.

    • Very low barrier to entry.
    • Cheaper to ship.
    • Instant delivery.
    • Never go out of stock.
    • Huge profit margins.
    • Low overhead costs.

    In the Digital Products Business Blueprint, you get step-by-step tutorials on how to turn your passion and expertise into text, audio, or video products that sell. 

    From how to map out your product to delivery and how to get your first customers, you will learn it all. The training also includes how to pick the right channel to market your products. Finally, you will learn how to determine the right price for your digital products.

    So how much does this course cost? 

    Only ahem, a $2,500 one time fee. Now, that's steep. Usually, digital products are cheap so you have to sell many units to cover up your costs. 

    At this price point, you expect direct access to the course creator and a dedicated personal assistant to hold your hand from A to Z. 

    Coaching And Consulting Business Blueprint

    Not sure how to start your digital business? 

    Then your best bet is coaching or consulting. 

    Besides selling other people’s products, coaching and consulting also have a low barrier to no entry. 

    Think about it for a sec. 

    All you need to start a service-based company as a consultant is your expertise. All you have to do is package that knowledge as a hyper-specific solution to a specific problem in a specific niche. 

    Voila! You've monetized your skill. 

    No overheads. No office space. No shipping costs. 

    Clearly, this is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get started on your business journey. 

    But don't people already have all the info they need for free on the information superhighway?

    They do, but the info deluge has brought a fresh problem. Information overload. People are overwhelmed and don't have the time to scour through the internet for hours and hours to sift the diamonds from the dross. 

    So they appreciate and will gladly pay someone who gives them reliable info with the exact solution they need. Plus, a coach helps people become accountable and achieve goals faster. That's something you can't get by just devouring heaps of info on your own. 

    In the Coaching Business Blueprint, you will get an understanding of:

    • How to pinpoint your profitable niche.
    • How to create a mouthwatering offer.
    • How to make an irresistible pitch and close more sales.
    • How to deliver your coaching services.
    • How to scale your coaching business.
    • How to pick the right tech tools for your business.

    To get your hands on the Coaching Blueprint, you must pay a $2,500 one time payment. Once again, too high for content only without personal help. 

    Legendary Marketer Promise

    All Legendary Marketer products have a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

    Legendary Marketer Pros And Cons

    We've covered significant ground. You now have enough armory in your legendary marketer's chest to build a successful business. 

    Let's go over a few Legendary Marketer pros and cons. 



    • Your leads remain yours for life—no one can steal them from you.
    • Superb onboarding process.
    • Constant updates keep their products fresh.
    • High-quality videos.
    • Live sessions with renowned instructors who teach what they do.
    • Watch the session replays in your own time.
    • They have a kick-ass Facebook group.
    • You must jump through too many hoops to get accepted as an affiliate.
    • Some countries can't access their products—tough luck if you live in one of them.
    • Some products are outrageously expensive.
    • Affiliate training leans towards promoting Legendary Marketer products.
    • You must pay to unlock higher commissions.

    Legendary Marketer FAQ

    Let’s wrap things up with a quickfire FAQ.

    Is Legendary Marketer legit?

    Yes it is. Some of their products are pricey but that’s a pricing issue. It has nothing to do with their legitimacy.

    Is Legendary Marketer a pyramid scheme?

    No it isn’t but it can feel like it because they center on promoting their products.

    How much does legendary marketer cost?

    Anything from $30 a month to $2,500 one time fee depending on the product.

    How does legendary marketer money?

    To make money on Legendary Marketer, you must recruit new members to buy their products and earn a commission from the resulting sales.

    The Verdict Is In On The Legendary Marketer Review

    Legendary Marketer is a mixed bag. 

    They have fair products, but some of them are overpriced so they will be a waste of time and money. 

    But if you choose wisely, you can become a monied legendary marketer.

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