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12 Best Screencasting Software Of Today: Reviews And Comparisons

By Hanson Cheng

August 18, 2023

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  • Screencasting is an excellent way to convey your message, but there are so many different types of screencasting software available today that choosing one can be difficult.

    With dozens of options out there today, you need a guide to help you make the right decision. Which one should you choose? How do they work? Are they easy enough for beginners and powerful enough for pros?

    I've created this list of the best screencasting software on the market today. It includes features like ease-of-use, number of users, price points, and more!

    With the right tool also integrating video editing software that can help you create engaging, informative videos without any prior experience, you'll be able to produce high-quality content that will reach your audience and achieve your desired results.

    What Is A Screencast?

    A screencast is a recording of a user's computer display. People often use it to demonstrate certain functions or teach new processes. For example, many people use this in an audio-only podcast. However, it requires the listener to have already learned the concept introduced by the presenter.

    Screencasting recently gained popularity with easy access to webcam and microphone technology on the computer, but they have been around for many years.

    The Best Screencast Software In 2021: Reviews And Comparisons

    Screencasting is an excellent way to convey your message, but there are so many different types of screencasting software available today that choosing one can be difficult.

    I've created this list of the best screencasting software on the market today. It includes features like ease-of-use, number of users, price point, and more!

    1.  Loom

    Loom is a video production tool that allows people to use video or screen recording technology to help communicate more effectively. It enables users to take screens or capture videos and share them via a link with stakeholders using the web interface.


    Loom features include customizable branding, online video sharing, encryption, collaboration, comments, and animation previews. Loom is a video-sharing platform designed for engineering, sales, customer success, leadership, and support staff. It allows users to duplicate or trim videos, send tailored videos, and receive alerts for each view. The most beneficial feature is that it will enable you to turn on the "do not disturb" mode at the recording time, which may help avoid unwanted distractions.

    The basic app is free. For more advanced recording and other functionality, you'll have to spend $8 per user each month (for an annual subscription). You must contact them for business solutions.

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    • This app allows you to broadcast your screen on the internet immediately. There is no need to download huge video files.
    • You can choose to include your headshot, voice, or both in your screen share.
    • You can customize the privacy settings to make sure that your information is secure and safe.
    • It's simple to embed files on a website, copy/paste the link into an email, or download and upload them to a website.
    • No matter what browser you're using, it's effortless to use.
    • I also appreciate that you can watch videos at twice the speed to save time.


    • The video trimming function has gotten a lot better recently, but it's still not ideal.

    Screencast-O-Matic is a screencasting tool that also functions as a video editor. It's a simple program to use. It's available as a free and paid program for Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS. In addition, you may upload directly to YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive, and other services.


    The green screen and stock music are just a couple of the fantastic features included in this screencasting software. Unfortunately, while there is a free edition, it is difficult to use due to time restrictions. Therefore, it’s only worth discussing this program because of its premium version.

    Creating video tutorials by Screencast-O-Matic is most effective in the education industry, especially for assisting pupils with video tasks, creating instructional videos and lectures. It's also helpful in presenting product demonstrations, recording game walkthroughs, and conducting a workshop.

    It has two premium versions, Deluxe for $1.65 per month and Premier for $4.00 per month. In addition, there is a free version with minimum features you can use.

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    • The premium version removes the watermark.
    • There is no time limit for recording.
    • Allows users to modify audio tracks.
    • There is a referral program to get discounts.
    • One of the most cost-effective screen recorders on the market.


    • In the free version, you cannot remove the watermark.
    • There are only 15 minutes of video in the free edition.
    • The free edition has just a few features, so you'll need to upgrade to a paid plan to access them.

    Camtasia is a comprehensive software package that may be used to create internet training videos through screencasting. On the other hand, Camtasia is more of an all-in-one e-learning platform than a simple screen recorder.

    Camtasia is a video authoring and screencasting program that TechSmith created in 2002. It works with both Mac and Windows and supports various file formats for exporting and importing videos and other projects.


    Camtasia comes with video editing software that allows you to create professional-looking presentations. It's also ideal for making instructional videos and tutorials in the teaching business.

    There are a few video editing features (and e-learning extras, such as quiz builder) to consider when creating your videos. Nevertheless, Camtasia is a viable choice for screencasting if you're prepared to spend several hundred dollars and long hours exploring dozens of options.

    Camtasia is not a free program, but you do receive a 30-day money-back guarantee and a free trial, however. After that, you're charged a one-time, flat fee of $267.49 (single-user license).

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    • $85 for academics and $38 for the government institutions as special discounts.
    • Unlimited video length.
    • Both Mac and Windows systems are supported.
    • You may claim a full refund within 30 days.
    • Google Drive is integrated.


    • Not easy to use, it takes a significant amount of training to get the best out of it.
    • When compared to the competition, video editing is a little less advanced.
    • The availability of pre-made sound themes is restricted.
    • Live recording from a digital video camera is not possible.

    TinyTake is a video recording program created by MangoApps that is one of the most popular on Windows and Mac. There is a free version of the app. They also provide premium services that include more features as part of a subscription.


    TinyTake is one of the lightest and most user-friendly video recorders on the market, with features such as YouTube integration, webcam image capture, and automatic file compression.

    The app is ideal for providing customer service, documenting customers, and making training videos.

    The video recording program has just one freemium plan and three paid options.

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    • It's handy for annotating videos for product reviews, demos, flaws, or bug reporting.
    • Local copies of video annotations can be saved for future reference.
    • With a simple software installation, you may begin sharing files of up to 2 GB in size.
    • Even if the receiver doesn't use TinyTake, you can easily share huge files.
    • You may drag the complete folder hierarchy, zip it automatically, and upload it to the cloud.
    • Allows you to read PDFs, view pictures, and watch videos; there's no need for any additional program.


    • If there are any errors in your video recording, the app must be restarted completely.
    • Large videos take longer to load and download.
    • The basic version lacks many of the features.

    Ezvid Inc. is a video and screen recording software firm based in Los Angeles. With a talented staff of coders, writers, and designers working together, it's one of the finest windows and Mac screen recorders available.

    With its comprehensive video editor and screen recorder, you can make films for Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites easily.


    Ezvid is a helpful program for making video presentations that comes with quick keyboard shortcuts for hands-free recording. In addition, Ezvid is jam-packed with features like instant slideshow creator, free included music, and simple speed control for videos, making it an excellent choice.

    You may use the recorder to record games, produce videos, and do little jobs with numerous takes.

    Free App


    • An effective tool for YouTube videos, uploading your videos to YouTube is simple.
    • 1280 x 720 pixels video.
    • Audio recording and image/text addition are simple.
    • Free app.


    • The YouTube recording is up to 45 minutes.
    • Not compatible with Mac.
    • You can't hide the recording widget.
    • You can't save your video to your PC.
    • You can only upload your video directly on YouTube.
    • Lacks some vital editing features like zooming, transition effects, and panning (for recorded footage)

    ScreenFlow is a screencasting software for Mac with a built-in video editor. This program has a very easy-to-use interface that is suitable for every skill level. Unfortunately, although there is an option to try out their free trial, I believe the program is rather pricey for its limited features and appearance.

    However, it enables you to modify, remove, trim, and add particular sections of the recordings in real-time. As a result, it’s one of the most acceptable alternatives on the market due to its high customization capabilities such as high-definition recording, expert motion capture, and closed captioning support.


    The most significant feature is ScreenFlow's access to hundreds of stock images. So if stock pictures are essential to you and you're using a Mac, give ScreenFlow a shot. Another minor benefit is that ProRes and MP4 encoding may be customized while exporting.

    This program is excellent for demonstrating and explaining software and product demos and producing instructional videos. It's also a fantastic platform for developing online training films that you may customize and narrate yourself.

    The $149 level is where the paid plans begin, and it's one of the most expensive screen recorders on the market.

    Image Source:


    • Video export of excellent quality.
    • Customer service (by phone and online) is excellent.
    • Dropbox is fully integrated.
    • Great value for your money.


    • Common media extensions are not included in the list.
    • It's challenging to go from one stage to another.
    • A user-friendly and intuitive graphic interface is not available.
    • Only available on a Mac; it isn't accessible via PC or tablets (iPad).
    • On-screen text choices may be improved.
    • There will be no sketching during the recording.

    CamStudio is a free screencasting program for Windows. This free program allows you to make AVI videos and convert them to SWF Adobe Flash files. However, there is no way to distribute your work, so you'll have to upload it manually.

    CamStudio is a video-recording program for Microsoft Windows. RenderSoft created it, but Microsoft re-released it as a pen-source video-record software.


    There is a barebones editor that enables you to add comments and save your videos in AVI format. Furthermore, file size restrictions are not imposed.

    CamStudio comes with several features that you won't find in other professional video editing software. You'll be able to record an endless number of videos, add numerous extras, have a simple installation and setup procedure, and so on.

    It is perfect for professional training courses, IT advice and assistance, marketing areas, education, and research.

    Free App


    • Easy to install.
    • Free Open-source software.
    • You may either add a timestamp or a watermark to your document.
    • It's simple to create training videos.
    • Video editing tools include a wide range of video styles.
    • Unlimited recording time.


    • There is no video editor in this software (no essential editing capability).
    • The output options are limited.
    • In the past, it was vulnerable to malicious software and viruses (Trojans).
    • The output file might be too large at times.

    Another unique program is Icecream Screen Recorder, which is feature-rich, simple to use, and free and open-source. One of the most delicate features of this application is that it allows you to capture any part or the whole of your computer screen and store it as a screenshot or a movie clip.

    It's cloud-based and boasts a user-friendly interface. It enables you to record games, video instructions, live streams, webinars, Skype calls, etc. You can use it on Windows, Mac, or Android devices.


    One of the most significant advantages of this software is that it is incredibly lightweight and automatically updates to the latest version.

    It can be helpful if your needs don't call for a frequent number of modifications. In addition, it possesses some editing capabilities, although popular feedback is that it has restricted capacity.

    The app is free, but you may purchase Screen Recorder Pro for $29.95 (one-time fee).


    • Easy to set up and install.
    • Superb UI & UX.


    • It can slow down the computer's performance.
    • Few editing features.
    • Only 10 minutes of recording.
    • Limited formats for saving Videos.

    OBS Studio is the most incredible free screen recorder for gamers. OBS Studio doesn't apply any watermarks to the output. However, it’s also open-source, completely free to use, and without limitations.


    OBS Studio allows you to stream or record in high definition, with no limits on the number or length of your creations. You can either live broadcast to Twitch or YouTube gaming, save projects and return to them later, or convert your footage to FLV format and store it locally.

    OBS Studio can capture full-screen running games (many other screen recorders may only record the windowed match) with the help of customizable hotkeys to effectively control the recording. This software can also effectively use multi-core CPUs for improved performance and high frame rates (60 or even higher).

    Free App


    • Unlimited Recording
    • Free & Open-source
    • Wide source selection
    • Very much ideal for games


    • Not much guidance on how to get the best out of the app.

    In the world of screen recording tools, iSpring is still one of the most popular choices. It lets you record any part of your screen and upload it directly to YouTube or save it as a Windows Media Video (WMV file).


    The application is excellent for making engaging educational films, tutorials, and films that demonstrate product demos or games.

    One of the advanced features of this software is that you may include a presenter video at the top or bottom corner of the screen, which encourages users to interact more with your content.

    Free App


    • Easy installation.
    • Good UI/UX.
    • Friendly customer support.
    • Secure, bug-free software.
    • No watermark or ads.
    • Unlimited recording.


    • Limited editing features.
    • No tools for annotation.
    • It only supports WMV format for saving the video.
    • Only 15 FPS frame rate.

    Screen Recorder from SmartPixel features a user-friendly interface and is compatible with Windows and Android. In addition, it is free software that uses D3D technology and is interoperable with the majority of PC and mobile games. One significant advantage of the apps using D3D technology is that it makes the app lightweight by not using any resources from the system.


    It's an excellent tool for gamers, especially for recording gaming tutorials. It's also ideal for product demonstrations, instructions, and even educational films. You may also produce professional, custom music or webcam movies with Smartpixel.

    Furthermore, because of its video compression technology, it can capture high-quality videos with basic PCs.

    Free and Open-source.


    • The file sizes of videos are much smaller than usual.
    • Hotkeys enable you to execute features via a keyboard.
    • You can store multiple projects and access and modify them at any time.


    • No zoom options.
    • You can't edit the audio.
    • The user experience is not simple to grasp.

    12. ShareX

    ShareX is undoubtedly one of the most incredible free screen capture applications currently available on the market. It may take pictures of the entire display or just particular areas of it. With a lot of flexibility, it promises to meet the demands of each user.


    This app is an excellent choice for instructional videos, product demos, and creating gaming-oriented demonstrations.

    In addition, it may be used to mark audio and screen captures and upload them in several ways to various locations. Unfortunately, it is presently only available for Windows.

    ShareX is a free, open-source screen recording software program.


    • Capable of importing photos, videos, and music.
    • Wide range of color effects.
    • You may combine any number of images.
    • No watermark.


    • Game recordings are of poor quality.
    • The UI is not user-friendly.
    • It doesn't support Webcam recording.
    • There are some issues with uploading large files.
    • It doesn't come with a video editor.
    • Not available for Mac.
    • Limited customer support.

    Best Screencasting Software FAQ

    Which software would be the best for screen recording videos?

    A screen recording software is required to make a screencast. There are several different features available with various screen recorders, but there are some fundamental criteria. An intuitive user interface, for example, is crucial because one of the primary reasons people create screencasts is to save time and spare others from confusion.

    Another frequent want is to record audio and screen captures simultaneously; therefore, explanations may be more precise, and the information they provide may be more readily understood. It's equally important to share your video after you've recorded it. This is another fundamental but essential function of screen recording software - simple sharing without additional applications or tools. The most effective screencast program is one that saves you the most time.

    What is the most lightweight screen recording software out there?

    The aim of employing screencast software is to save time and avoid additional emails, phone calls, and other such things. That's why the program you choose must be simple and user-friendly. TinyTake is an excellent option in this respect since it is designed to work fast while retaining its simplicity and lack of complicated features.

    What is the best open-source screencasting software?

    Open-source software is free and has no limitations. It can be used for any purpose, which is one of the benefits that makes it so popular among users. The best open-source screencasting program out there is CamStudio since it provides an inbuilt video editor with a range of different effects you may apply to your recordings, along with GPU acceleration and audio support.

    What is the best screencasting software for gamers?

    OBS Studio is an excellent choice if you are looking for the best recording software to use when playing video games. It was primarily designed with gamers in mind, so it has all of the features necessary to capture your gameplay at high definition without any dropped frames or other issues.

    Final Words

    This blog post has covered the top twelve screencasting software. I hope this article helps you find the best for your needs and priorities, whether you are making a tutorial video for an online business start-up or other purposes. 

    My goal was to share my personal experience with these different options to help someone else in their quest to produce quality videos, tutorials, reviews, etc., without having to spend hours scouring YouTube comments on what people think about each program. 

    With all of this information at your fingertips, hopefully, you will be able to make an educated decision on which software suits your needs best!

    If you need any help growing your online business to the next level, let’s talk.

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