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VideoAsk Review: A Visual Way To Interact With Customers

By Hanson Cheng

June 13, 2023

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  • Do you know how you could get closer to your audience? With video, of course! 

    With video-on-demand platforms becoming more and more popular, software such as VideoAsk provides a simple and effective way to use video for data collection purposes.

    While the process of creating surveys using tools such as Typeform is still an excellent way to get people to give you the answers you're after, it might not be the ultimate solution right now.

    Creating interactive videos that logically show up based on the answers people provide, while also asking specific pre-recorded questions, allows you to see what people think about a product or service you offer.

    VideoAsk by Typeform is an easy-to-use website that lets you upload pre-recorded videos with questions and get people's responses in return.

    In this article, I will tell you all about VideoAsk - what it is, how it works, and of course, my experience with it. So without further ado, let's get started with this VideoAsk review.

    What Is VideoAsk?

    VideoAsk allows you to analyze your target market and have a face-to-face interaction with your audience in a whole new way. It is an online tool that will enable you to show your customers pre-recorded videos that appear based on customers’ specific choices while answering a survey.

    After a quick sign-up process, you will be asked a few questions to get the ball rolling. While answering these questions, you'll also be able to see how VideoAsk works, since you’ll be placed in the respondent’s role.

    After you answer a few questions, VideoAsk will take you to their easy-to-follow tutorial. This is quite useful, as it gives you the basics of how to use the tool.

    Your Main Dashboard

    Once you land on your main dashboard, there are various ways in which you can proceed.

    Using One Of The Preset Templates

    With various templates available, you can get started creating your video message in no time at all. For example, I chose the 'video testimonials' template, and here you can see that pre-recorded questions for this type of video survey have already been set up.

    Through these templates, you'll also be able to run through the process that your survey respondents would go through to ensure that your finished product is exactly what you're looking for.

    At any point, you can open up VideoAsk in a live preview to see in full screen what the outcome would be.

    Once you've decided to use a template, you will have full customization options for how your video survey will appear. Let’s have a look at the level of control you have available.

    The Flow Of Your Survey

    Here, you can visually see the flow of your survey and the questions that a user would go through. This is a great way to understand whether the logistics of your survey make sense and make any adjustments needed.

    You'll also be able to add or remove questions directly from this interface.

    Adjusting VideoAsk Settings

    When you open up a specific step, various settings will show up on the right-hand side of your screen.

    These include:

    • branding options
    • language
    • colors
    • fonts
    • turn captions on/off
    • make interactions shareable
    • scheduling of a close date for your VideoAsk form


    You can change the colors based on your branding needs. In addition to colors, you can also have your logo displayed on your form, though this is a premium plan option.

    Recording Options

    There are two recording methods available when it comes to saving user answers.

    You can choose the streamed method, which is used to record videos directly on VideoAsk’s servers, similar to when using call recording software that saves data directly in the cloud.

    On the other hand, you can also have the recording be uploaded on the user's device first, then on their servers once the survey is finished.

    The first method is faster and more reliable, while the second one prioritizes the quality of your respondents' video answers more than anything else.

    You can read more about the best recording method for your specific situation in VideoAsk's full recording guide.

    Setting The Thumbnail To Be Displayed

    This takes different stills from your video and allows you to use any of them as the video thumbnail for your survey.

    This is great if you want your quiz to stand out by choosing one particular frame from your video over another.

    Advanced Options

    Multiple advanced settings allow for fine-tuning of your survey. 

    These advanced settings include:

    • showing/hiding video controls
    • having autoplay enabled
    • using oversized video buttons
    • filtering profanities
    • setting reply notifications
    • and more

    Controlling Each Part Of Your Survey

    When you click on a specific section of your survey, VideoAsk will take you to more detailed settings.

    Here you have three settings categories you can control.


    You can choose the type of answer that you want to get from a user.

    With a wide variety of options available, you will be able to collect video testimonials based on the right type of answer you need.

    These answers include:

    • open-ended one
    • voice
    • multiple choice
    • buttons
    • NPS
    • and live calls
    • and more

    As you make a selection, the preview will change to reflect the choices made.

    Setting Up Your Video

    Under the video tab, you'll be able to upload your video, trim it, add video captions, notes, or even download it.

    To upload a video, you can either use a webcam, use screen sharing software, upload it directly or even choose from a video library.

    Setting The Logic

    Finally, one of the best features that VideoAsk offers is the ability to set the logic that you want your survey to follow.

    Depending on the answers that participants provide, it might make sense for some steps to be skipped over. Once set, your video survey will automatically follow the logical order that makes sense based on the user response.

    Connecting To Third Party Integrations

    VideoAsk also features an entire library of possible integrations that you can work with.

    You can also use Zapier for further available integrations.

    Moreover, there are also webhooks that you can set up if you want to get notifications when new questions are answered. VideoAsk’s webhook API document will give you more information on this functionality.

    Setting Up Your VideoAsk Form From Scratch

    Let's now speak about how you can set up a VideoAsk form from scratch.

    To start this process off, you'll have to decide how you're going to import your videos into VideoAsk.

    In this case, I chose the library option and was presented with various choices.

    With the ability to use stock videos, you don't even have to upload any videos yourself to get started.

    After selecting your video, you will create overlay text, define its size, and choose a few more settings to personalize your experience.

    Once that is done, you are presented with a menu that's quite similar to the one we saw before.

    You'll be able to choose the type of answer you expect and set the logic you want users to follow.

    You will also be able to see a visual flow of what your whole process looks like.

    VideoAsk offers four different plans. With a free plan that is available for you to get started and test out the system, there are then three paid plans, as follows:

    There are also yearly plans available if you prefer to pay on an annual basis.


    In conclusion, VideoAsk is a fantastic tool for video survey building. It is simple, easy to use, and allows you to collect answers like never before. 

    Giving you all the tools to get the job done, VideoForm is ideal for different purposes. Whether you want to integrate customer success videos in your surveys, create lead generation funnels, work on improving your net promoter score file (NPS), or even have asynchronous conversations with your clients, there's a video form for all of the above.

    To close off this article, I came across the following pros and cons as I tested this tool.


    • Make notes on the screen to help you as you are recording your video conversations.
    • Stay in contact with prospects and clients while building long-lasting relationships with video surveys.
    • VideoForm allows you to create top-notch customer engagement when getting answers that can drive your company forward. Plus, you’ll also ensure you have happy customers throughout their customer journey.
    • The interface is quick and intuitive to use, which means that you can be on your way to creating video forms in a matter of minutes


    • The features might be a bit limited for those that want more advanced settings.
    • The transcription software process takes quite some time to render.
    • Video or audio processing sometimes takes a little bit of time as well.

    With that said, I hope that you have found my VideoAsk review helpful. With a free trial available, there isn’t much that can go wrong when trying this software to see if creating video messages is the right fit for you.

    On the other, if you don't need video functionality when interacting with your audience, you can always use a text-based survey building tool. If so, feel free to check out my Typeform review for more information about this.

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