10 Best Social Media Tools For Your Business

July 24


10 Best Social Media Tools For Your Business

By Hanson Cheng

July 24, 2023

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  • Social media tools have become essential for businesses. With an increased focus on this marketing channel, companies need to ensure that they use the right small business tools to interact with potential and current customers. 

    With the increasing number of social media tools, it can be overwhelming to determine which ones are the best for your business.

    In this article, I will give you a list of the best social media tools for businesses. These tools will help you interact with your customers, and they will also help you understand better what your customers are saying about your business.

    Let's get right into it.

    What Are The Top Social Media Tools For Business?

    Here are the business social media tools to consider.

    1. Tailwind

    Best Overall For Creating Personalized Content.


    Tailwind provides personalized content recommendations for your business based on interests, demographics, and interactions.

    Showing you the action steps that deliver the most significant results, Tailwind gives you marketing automation powers through the right help and guidance.

    The platform also provides post ideas and real-world examples from other businesses in your industry to help jump-start your content strategy.

    Key Features:

    • Tailored to your unique business, you can use Tailwind to get content recommendations based on interests, demographics, and interactions.
    • Get help staying on track with your social media goals using the platform's customizable goal-setting and reporting features.
    • Get photo-to-design transformations in seconds with Tailwind's Design Studio, which offers a library of pre-made designs and allows you to customize them with your pictures and branding.
    • Beautiful, responsive emails are made easy with the platform's Email Designer, which offers a library of mobile templates optimized for mobile and looks great on any device.
    • Ensure a streamlined workflow with Tailwind's suite of tools that help you save time and get more done in less time.


    2. Later

    Best For Social Media Scheduling.


    Later is a suite of social media tools that help businesses with their content strategy, scheduling, and performance.

    The platform offers a visual calendar, content library, and insights to help businesses plan and publish their posts.

    You can even post your reels through Later, a feature many social media schedulers don't offer.

    The ability to moderate and reply to comments across various social media platforms from one place is a huge time saver.

    Moreover, you can use the curated on-brand content recommendations to quickly find and post high-quality content that your audience will love.

    Key Features:

    • Drive traffic to see which social channels send the most visitors to your website.
    • Track sales by knowing which social posts are driving the most conversions.
    • Measure what matters most to your business with custom insights and reporting.
    • Crush your social goals with Later's suite of tools that help you save time and get more done in less time.


    3. SocialBee

    Best For Getting More Social Media Leads.


    SocialBee helps with various social media-related actions, from creating, scheduling, publishing, and even getting a detailed analysis of your posts.

    Managing your profiles from the platform's interface is easy, and finding content ideas with the help of SocialBee's recommendations is simple.

    There is also Canva integration to help you quickly create visuals for your posts, and the ability to republish your best content to keep your feed fresh is also a must-have.

    You can schedule posts to go live at the best time for engagement while taking advantage of SocialBee's evergreen content feature to keep your content strategy on autopilot.

    Key Features:

    • Plan your social media content ahead of time to save time and ensure a consistent posting schedule.
    • Use Canva, Unsplash, or GIPHY to create your posts' visuals quickly.
    • Build a better social media presence with the help of SocialBee's recommendations.
    • Watch your accounts grow with the platform's detailed insights and reporting.
    • Improve teamwork and collaboration with the ability to assign tasks and monitor progress.


    SocialBee Pricing

    SocialBee offers these various plans:

    All of these are charged monthly.

    4. Unbox Social

    Best For Tracking Social Media Activity.

    Unbox Social

    Unbox Social tracks all your social media activity in one place and gives you valuable insights into your performance.

    Used by 2000+ top brands worldwide, you know that Unbox Social is a platform that can be trusted.

    With Unbox Social, you get all the tools to drive your social media strategy, including content creation, scheduling, performance tracking, and reporting.

    You can also see what your competitors are doing and learn from their successes (and failures).

    The platform is simple to use and has a wide range of integrations, making it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes.

    Key Features:

    • Influencer tracking helps you see if someone you're interested in working with is a good fit for your brand.
    • Competition tracking enables you to keep an eye on your competitors.
    • Social media analytics gives you valuable insights into your performance.
    • Social media scheduling & publishing enables you to save time by scheduling and publishing your posts ahead of time.


    Unbox Social Pricing

    Unbox Social offers these plans:

    There's also a 14-day free trial available.

    5. Wave Video

    Best For Making Social Media Videos.

    Wave Video

    Wave Video is a platform that provides a complete experience when it comes to creating videos for social media.

    With Wave Video, you can easily create optimized videos for all social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

    Whether it's live streaming, editing videos, creating thumbnails, hosting videos, using the stock library, or anything in between, you can find it all within one interface that is easy to use.

    A bundle of powerful tools helps you create stunning videos that are sure to capture attention and drive results.

    Also, no coding is ever required, so the interface is as easy as it gets to use.

    Key Features:

    • Secure and stable video hosting provides an excellent experience for your viewers.
    • Reliable video recording ensures that you never miss a beat.
    • The built-in stock library offers access to millions of royalty-free photos and videos.


    Wave Video Pricing

    Wave Video comes in at these pricing points:

    6. Mention

    Best For Brands And Agencies Wanting To Monitor The Web.


    Mention helps you manage your social media accounts by listening to conversations and offering real-time insights.

    You can use Mention to track your brand, competitors, industry, or any other topic across the web. Mention also offers tools to help you engage with your audience, including social media monitoring, reporting, and analysis.

    This results in a tool that makes connecting with one's audience and driving results more manageable than ever.

    You can also publish your content across multiple channels from one interface.

    Key Features:

    • Amplify your brand awareness to grow your business.
    • Empowering social and web listening to help you understand how people perceive your brand online.
    • Analyze how your brand is perceived online to strengthen your brand strategy and manage your reputation.
    • Identify media to work with that best represent your brand.
    • Monitor crisis situations and make sure your reputation is intact.


    7. MavSocial

    Best For Businesses With Multiple Locations.


    MavSocial is used by businesses that run multiple social media accounts for different locations or languages.

    MavSocial consolidates all your social media content into one platform so you can easily manage and publish your content. If you want to boost your content and get more engagement, MavSocial also offers a suite of tools to help you amplify your reach.

    Save valuable time by using MavSocial to manage all your social media content in one place without going between multiple platforms.

    You can also track keywords important to your business and get real-time insights into your content's performance.

    Key Features:

    • Build reports that deliver actionable data to help you make better decisions for your business.
    • Understand industry trends so you can stay ahead of the competition.
    • AI image recognition automatically tags images with relevant keywords to help you get more exposure.
    • The mavSocial app allows you to manage your social media content on the go.
    • 2-Step verification adds an extra layer of security to the app.


    MavSocial Pricing

    MavSocial offers three pricing plans:

    8. Agorapulse

    Best For Its Social Media Inbox Features.


    Agorapulse gives you the ability to organize your social media in one place.

    Agorapulse's inbox feature lets you quickly see all the activity from your social media accounts in one place.

    You can then respond to comments, messages, and reviews from the same interface.

    You can also plan, collaborate, and schedule content so your social media is always fresh and up-to-date.

    Moreover, Agorapulse offers a suite of tools to help you amplify your reach and engage with your audience.

    Key Features:

    • Insightful analytics that help you make data-driven decisions.
    • Social media ROI tracking so you can measure your success.
    • Great customer support in the business, so you can get help when you need it.
    • Voted the 1 social media management solution by users on G2 Crowd.


    Agorapulse Pricing

    Agorapulse offers a free plan to get you started.

    Then, these are the paid ones:

    9. Crowdfire

    Best For Finding The Right Influencers.


    Crowdfire helps you discover what content works in your industry and share it with your audience.

    You can also use Crowdfire to find and connect with influencers in your niche.

    With powerful features like reporting and social media monitoring, you can track your progress and measure your success when running influencer campaigns.

    You can also create tailored content for each social media platform using updates from your website.

    You can also automatically customize your posts for each social media platform, so the time you spend creating content is minimized.

    Key Features:

    • Get images based on your favorite topics that perfectly complement your content.
    • Use the Chrome extension to share articles you like with your social media followers with just a few clicks.
    • Add your RSS feeds, so you always have fresh content to share.


    10. Adobe Express

    Best For Creating Business Graphics.

    Adobe Express

    Adobe Express offers thousands of royalty-free photos, videos, and graphics to help you create stunning content.

    You can also use Adobe Express to edit your photos and videos with the included professional tools.

    Adobe Express also offers a suite of tools to help you amplify your reach and engage with your audience.

    With assets for social media content, web design, and marketing collateral, you can create anything you need for your business.

    In addition, the intuitive tools and templates make it easy to get started, even if you're a beginner in graphics design.

    Sharing media is also a piece of cake, so you can quickly post your content to your social media channels.

    Key Features:

    • Create all the content you need for your business with Adobe Express.
    • Professional editing tools make it easy to get going, even if you're not an expert.
    • Templates offer a quick and easy way to create beautiful content.
    • Discover new content ideas with the built-in content discovery tool.
    • Quick actions let you quickly post your content to social media channels.


    Adobe Express Pricing

    Adobe Express offers a free and a paid plan:

    Best Ways For Businesses To Use Social Media Tools To Build Relationships

    Relationships are at the heart of any social media, and business management tools can help companies create and maintain these relationships.

    Building these relationships involves creating and sharing interesting and relevant content with your customers. It also requires engaging with customers and responding to their comments and queries.

    Here are some of the best ways businesses can use social media tools to build relationships.

    Use Social Media Monitoring Tools For Business To Listen To Your Customers' Opinions About Your Brand

    Listening to what customers say about your brand is integral to building relationships. It can help you identify any areas where you need to improve, as well as allow you to show your customers that you care about their opinion.

    Several social media monitoring tools can help you track mentions of your brand across social media channels. Look out for features like sentiment analysis, which can help you identify negative comments so you can address them quickly.

    Use Social Media Management Tools For Business To Help You Plan And Share Interesting Content

    Creating and sharing interesting and relevant content is another excellent way to build relationships with your customers. If potential (and current) customers see that you are providing them with constant value, they are more likely to keep returning for more.

    Social media management tools can help you to plan and publish your content so that it is consistent and of high quality. Look for features like a content calendar, which can help you plan, and social media analytics, which can help you track the performance of your content and make necessary changes.

    Some CRM tools also offer social media management features, so it is worth considering this option if you already use such a system for your business.

    Use Social Media Tools To Help You Engage With Your Customers

    Engaging with your customers is an integral part of building relationships. By promptly responding to their comments and queries, you are showing them that you care about their opinion and are willing to help.

    When engaging with customers, it is essential to be friendly and helpful. Avoid getting into arguments or engaging in harmful behavior, as this will only reflect poorly on your brand.

    Social Media Tools - FAQ

    Can You Use Free Social Media Marketing Tools For Business?

    The answer is yes! Free social media marketing tools can be a great way to promote your online business.

    There are several free social media tools to promote business available, each with its unique set of features.

    Free social media marketing tools for business include:

    • Hootsuite: A free social media management platform that allows businesses to track all their social media channels in one place.
    • Sprout Social: A free social media management and reporting tool that gives businesses insights into their social media performance.
    • Buffer: A free social media management platform that allows businesses to schedule and publish content across multiple social media channels.

    That said, the best social media tool for business are typically the ones that offer the most comprehensive set of features and therefore come at a cost, especially when scaling.

    How Do Business Social Media Management Tools Work?

    Business social media management tools allow businesses to track all their social media channels in one place. This includes scheduling and publishing content, monitoring social media activity, analyzing social media performance, and more.

    Social media marketing tools for small businesses will also offer insights and reporting features that help companies understand their social media performance and identify areas for improvement.

    How Essential Are Social Media Marketing Tools For Business?

    Social media marketing tools for business are essential. They allow companies to connect with their customers and create a relationship. These tools can also help businesses to find new customers and grow their business.

    How Does Market Research Factor Into Social Media?

    With market research tools, you can see how effective your social media marketing is and which type of content you should target when it comes to resonating with your customers. Combined with social media business tools, you can also learn about your target market, their interests, and how to reach them.


    When using social media tools and learning how to make money online, it's essential to understand that many options are available.

    The best social media tools for business will vary depending on your needs and objectives. However, all companies can benefit from social media marketing tools to connect with their customers and grow their audience.

    Be sure to consider all the options available before making a final decision, as this will allow you to find the best social media marketing tool for your business.

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