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7 Best Chatbot Platforms To Hike Conversions In 2023

By Hanson Cheng

July 24, 2023

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  • Hunting for the best chatbot platforms to boost conversions?

    Then you are in the right place.

    Bots are clever, versatile, and work 24/7. Smart businesses have embraced them. Research shows 80% of business customer communication in the next five years will be through bot messengers. 

    In this post, you will discover 7 top AI chatbot platforms to automate key aspects of your business and make more money.

    Sound good?

    Let’s jump in

    What Are AI Chatbot Platforms?

    AI chatbot platforms are intelligent computer programs that mimic human conversations and provide website visitors or app users with the info they need then.

    They use preloaded info to have online chats with web visitors through text or text-to-speech.

    8 Benefits Of Chatbot Platforms For Your Business

    Wondering if ai chatbot platforms are all hype but no substance? 

    Here’s a quick run-through of how a chatbot can benefit your business.

    • Prompt answers: consumers get instant answers to their questions instead of waiting for hours for support teams to respond to queries.
    • 24/7 Customer support: a chatbot is an untiring customer service assistant available 24-7/365.
    • Sales automation: ai powered chatbots can take orders and close sales without human help.
    • Lead generation: intelligent chatbots can qualify, segment, and nurture leads on autopilot day in day out.
    • Customer engagement: chatbots interact with consumers synchronously and boost engagement.
    • Customer data: having a chatbot for your business helps you gather valuable buyer data you can use to fuel your business.
    • Save money: using chatbots can slash customer service costs by up to 30%.
    • Save time: because expertly pre built chatbots can automate virtually any marketing and sales task, the best ai chatbots platforms can save precious time.

    See the multi-faceted value a chatbot platform can bring to your business? Chatbot development is a smart move, not wasted time.

    A Head To Head Comparison Of 10 Best AI Chatbot Platforms On The Market

    Now that you have your sifting template in hand, let’s dig in. It’s time to inspect the best ai chatbot platforms on the market right now.

    Let’s begin, shall we?


    Tideo is a chatbot platform that merges live chat, chatbots, messenger, and email marketing in one convenient place for efficient communication with your audience. This nimble software gives you multiple channels to communicate with your customers in a personalized, hands-off way that saves time, boosts sales, and buyer satisfaction by engaging visitors in real-time.

    Top Features

    • Popular website chatbots that suit the seven most popular online marketing scenarios.
    • Chatbot app that automates customer service through super smart Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology.
    • Measure buyer satisfaction via chatbot-driven survey, ratings, and brief-answer questions.
    • Qualify traffic and automate lead generation.
    • Customizable live chat templates to match your brand identity.
    • Free email address validation service.
    • Monitor results and automate chats with AI technology.
    • Learn where your website visitors are coming from and engage accordingly.
    • Unlimited email contacts so you can have an email list as big as you like.

    Tidio offers three monthly plans. 

    The Chatbots and Communicator plan costs $18, while Email Marketing is $10. They also offer basic live chat, chatbot, and mailing features for free for those who want to try the platform.

    Bottom Line

    Tidio is more than a chatbot platform—it’s a complete all-in-one platform for small and medium companies that want to deliver personalized customer experience through chatbots, live chat, and email.


    ManyChat is a hybrid chatbot platform that smoothly combines and automates FB Messenger and SMS to grow your business. A popular chatbot solution trusted by over 1 million businesses. The platform uses artificial intelligence to power over 1 billion personalized business conversations. It’s arguably the number one Facebook Messenger chatbot.

    Top Features

    • 5 ready-to-use chat marketing for eCommerce templates.
    • Click-to-Messenger Ads to send prospects to Messenger instantly.
    • Comments Growth Tool for automated responses to Facebook posts comments.
    • Messenger URL Growth Tool so customers can access Messenger via any channel.
    • Analytics for easy tracking of conversations and conversions.
    • Integrates with 1500+ apps including popular payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe.
    • Effortlessly combine SMS with Facebook Messenger and email.
    • Collect reviews and feedback immediately after a sale.
    • Send personalized one-on-one content to users like delivery info or special offers.
    • Flow builder allows you to have personalized two-way text conversations.

    Many Chat Pro allows you to engage with unlimited contacts starting at $10/month. To unlock their advanced features, you need to get a custom quote.

    Bottom Line

    ManyChat ai chatbot platform is perfect for eCommerce brands and agencies that want to automate customer support by letting robots do most of the work.


    Chatfuel is a social media focused no-code chatbot solution for Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. Their goal is to empower both large and small businesses to build simple chatbots to personalize marketing, boost sales, and automate customer support. It’s one of the most sought-after ai chatbots on the market.

    Top Features

    • Conversation handover to shift conversations from Messenger to other Facebook apps.
    • Team collaboration feature that gives access to multiple staff members.
    • A/B Testing to test contrasting versions of your chatbot flow.
    • Cart Reminders in Messenger to enable you to remind customers to complete their orders via text.
    • Connect Facebook Ads to your chatbot and create lookalike audiences automatically for pinpoint targeting.
    • Full-featured chatbot to fully automate your Messenger inbox.
    • No user limit, so you can scale your business as much as you like.
    • Facebook Ads setup to help you drive users to your chatbot.
    • Synced Cloning enables you to push updates to many ai chatbots at once.
    • White Labeled Dashboard to you to control what your clients see inside your chatbot.
    • Bot Building Help from experts for you to build a high-converting bot.

    Chatfuel has a usage-based pricing model that starts at $15 per month. For more bot superpowers on the Premium plan, talk to them directly. To use their free chatbot, hop onto their free plan.

    Bottom Line

    Mobile apps advertising companies and agencies will benefit the most from this mobile-friendly chatbot platform.


    Intercom is another leading chatbot platform.

    Top Features

    • Business Messenger to customize customer experience and chat real time with consumers.
    • Customer Data feature that combines data across channels.
    • Live Chat Support for personalized customer messaging across the buyer’s life cycle.
    • Automated Answers to resolve frequently asked questions from your audience through natural language processing technology.
    • Customizable Chatbots to build the perfect chatbot for the entire buyer journey.
    • Product Tours to take customers by the hand and teach them everything they need to know about your product.
    • Flexible Inbox Workflow to solve various consumers’ questions via email fast.
    • Conversational ai Account Based Marketing chatbots to receive target accounts and link them to sales.
    • Resolution Bot to offer quick self-serve support via your mobile app.
    • Series Visual Campaign Builder that lets you send a consistent message across channels.

    Intercom’s Start plan with basic live chat and outbound messaging starts at $39 per month. The Grow plan costs $99 monthly. Higher plans for bigger organizations with complex needs start at $499.

    Bottom Line

    Intercom is ideal for large enterprise organizations with complicated needs that need a smart chatbot builder to communicate with their customers across the entire customer journey and have an ample budget for it.


    MobileMonkey is one of the best chatbot builders today. It’s a multi-platform drag and drop builder that empowers businesses to connect with buyers or visitors in real time via Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, web chat, and SMS. Mobile Monkey is foremost in Facebook Messenger chatbots

    Top Features

    • Omnichat uses conversational ai technology to communicate with consumers across multiple channels.
    • Facebook Lead Generator to capture emails and phone numbers straight from Facebook.
    • 20 SMS Marketing Tools—no coding skills required.
    • Easy to use and mobile-friendly website bot to engage visitors 24/7.
    • Industry-specific chatbot software templates for a quick start
    • Artificial intelligence powered Facebook Messenger automation for data collection, reaching contacts, and alerting your team of hot leads.
    • Contact Growth Tools that use machine learning to generate leads and grow your email list.
    • Mobile app for Android and iOS so you stay in touch with your audience even when you are on-the-go.
    • Integrations with top service providers CRMs, Email Marketing Services, and Webinar Services.

    Their basic paid plan will set you back $14.24 per month while the Unicorn plan costs $29.25. Big teams that manage multiple chatbot locations must pay $199. Free chat tools are available if your budget is tight.

    Bottom Line

    Many use cases show Mobile Monkey is superb for automating lead generation. Yes, it does other things well too, but lead leg acquisition and qualification are where it shines.


    Featured on the 2020 Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America, Aivo is one of the best chatbot builders for customer service and support. They use multi-layered artificial intelligence technologies to craft a clever bot framework that serves and engages buyers in multiple languages, voice messages, auto correction, voice messages, and more.

    Top Features

    • Ai powered Live Chat that helps your agents offer quick, efficient service that keeps your audience happy.
    • Agent Bot conversational super engine provides customer help in 50+ languages.
    • Voice Bot uses machine learning to automate phone calls to the help desk and takes the load off overwhelmed phone support staff.
    • Knowledge Microsites for an efficient, exquisite self-service for your answer-seeking consumers.
    • 24/7 Intelligent Support through an ai based rich knowledge base packed with info about your services or products.
    • Conversational AI inspired customer service that has the right answer for your buyers every time.
    • Knowledge Manager for non-techies who need detailed instructions to master chatbot development.
    • Targeted Email that sends the right email to the right person at the right moment through a smart rule based bot.
    • Team Inbox for painless team collaboration to keep everyone on the same page.
    • Lead Development bot that turns prospects into leads and nurtures them until they become buying customers.

    Bottom Line

    If you run a customer service based business, look no further than Aivo, the chatbots help customer support specialists tremendously.


    Flow XO is a drag and drop bot builder that allows businesses to create conversational bots that help you talk and engage your buyers across a wide range of sites, apps, and social media channels like Facebook or Instagram. You don’t need any coding skills to improve customer service and engagement through the platform.

    Top Features

    • Live Chat with intelligent conversational bots that initiate engaging text or voice chats with prospects and hand them over to humans at the perfect moment.
    • Request and accept payments from buyer-ready customers using chatbots that take them straight to the product page and checkout.
    • Welcome new visitors and customers to your business in style using a natural language processing capable bot to individualize their experiences.
    • Pre-filter leads and segment them using artificial intelligence to engage visitors in real time.
    • Gather rich data about prospects who arrive at your business from multiple platforms.
    • Answer basic repetitive questions via conversational chatbot software instead of resorting to pricey dedicated third party platforms like Help Scout.
    • Provide Comic Relief to stressed visitors by crafting a light-hearted bot framework to engage visitors with humor.
    • Use the omnichannel bot to engage visitors no matter which platform they reach out from, be it Slack, web chat Facebook Messenger, Telegram, or Twilio.
    • User data interaction history to capture and store user data for you to review anytime or use in chatbot development research to make your bots smarter.
    • 100 direct integrations with your favorite third party tools.

    Flow XO anchors their pricing on the Standard Plan that gives you access to all features for only $19. This is a great deal since it includes priority support. To add 5 bots or active flows, you pay an extra $10. If you are a high-traffic heavy user, you pay $25 to add 25,000 interactions.

    Bottom Line

    Because Flow XO offers a smooth omnichannel experience and accepts payments, it’s a great fit for eCommerce brands or anyone who runs an online store.

    There we have it. 

    Seven top-notch drag and drop interface chatbots platforms. Thankfully, most of them have a free version you can try in a 14-day free trial, or sometimes a free forever plan.

    One more thing before you go...

    Top Features Of A Chatbot Platform

    When choosing a chatbot platform, it is essential to consider the available features. The best chatbot platform will include many of these features.

    Easy To Use Chatbot Development Platform

    A chatbot platform should be easy to use to create chatbot conversations.

    This means that you should be able to create a chatbot without any programming knowledge.

    The best chatbot platforms will also enable you to create chatbots for various use cases, including customer service, marketing, and e-commerce purposes.

    Create Chatbots For Multiple Platforms

    The ability to use your bots with different platforms is another critical feature to consider when choosing a chatbot platform.

    For example, The Microsoft Bot Framework is a chatbot platform that allows bot developers to create chatbots for multiple platforms. The right framework should also allow human agents to take over conversations when necessary.

    Create Bots With Natural Language Processing

    Natural language processing (NLP) is a chatbot platform feature that allows you to create bots that can understand human language. This is done by training the bots with data from real conversations, so that they can learn how to respond in various situations. NLP also allows you to create custom chatbots based on your specific needs and using technical jargon, which can be used to provide customer service or support.

    Free Chatbot Platform

    A free chatbot platform is a good idea to try if you are planning to build a chatbot. You can use various chatbot tools on the platform to create your own bot based on your specific requirements

    Multilingual Bots

    Multilingual bots are one of the top features of a chatbot platform. With this feature, businesses can build chatbots that can communicate with customers in multiple languages. This is a great way to reach out to international customers and ensure they have a positive experience with your business.

    Multilingual bots should also offer advanced analytics. With this feature, businesses can track how customers interact with their chatbots. This information can be used to improve the customer experience and make sure the chatbot is meeting their needs.

    Chatbot Building Platform

    A complete chatbot-building platform will have all the tools in one interface to help you build and deploy your chatbots easily. The best platforms will also offer popular social media platforms and computer software integrations. Through integrations with various machine learning tools, you should also be able to build smarter and more engaging chatbots.

    AI Chatbots: The New Normal In Online Marketing

    Yes, robots are taking over the world. But don’t be scared. We are not talking about spine-chilling aliens. Business robots are pretty cool.

    Pick the right chatbot platform that suits your brand’s needs. Use bots to automate a wide range of tedious business tasks. Have fun doing it.

    Rock your marketing with robots.

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