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Funnelytics Review 2023: Best Funnel Mapping Software?

By Hanson Cheng

August 19, 2023

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  • It’s unimaginable.

    Back in the day, business owners used whiteboards, PowerPoint, or sheets of paper to map their funnels. There was no tool you could use to visualize your funnels.

    Until Funnelytics saved the day.

    Hailed by many as the best funnel mapping tool, Funnelytics has received rave reviews from Russell Brunson and other renowned marketers.

    In this Funnelytics review, I will look at the ins and outs of the tool.

    What Is Funnelytics?

    Funnelytics is a funnel mapping software that lets business owners and funnel marketers map and track the performance of their sales funnels.

    Mikael Dia built Funnelytics because he spotted a gap in the market. He realized there was no funnel mapping tool for funnel mapping and tracking. So he built one.

    And digital marketing hasn’t been the same since then. Funnel building and envisioning have become much easier. Many entrepreneurs use the tool to improve their bottom line.

    Who Can Use Funnelytics?

    Many people can benefit from Funnelytics’s power to map and analyze marketing funnels. 

    With the various business intelligence tools and features that Funnelytics offers, businesses can make sure they are getting the most out of their marketing campaigns and strategies.

    These include:

    • Digital marketer.
    • Funnel marketing specialists.
    • Sales funnel agencies.
    • Freelancers.

    Basically, anyone who is serious about growing their business through optimizing their funnels can use Funnelytics.

    If that’s you, then you’ll benefit from this review.

    Funnelytics Review: An Analysis Of The Major Features

    Now that the basics are out of the way, let’s move on to the prime features of Funnelytics. In this jam-packed Funnelytics review, we will evaluate each feature and show how it can help your sales funnel campaigns.

    Drag And Drop Funnel Mapping

    First up, Funnelytics star feature—funnel mapping.

    Before Funnelytics arrived on the scene, envisioning your funnel was tough. You could have a brilliant funnel idea in your mind, but making it practical was a struggle. Funnelytics helps you plan your funnel from A to Z using their drag and drop builder.

    From traffic source through to sealing the sale, you can see and rearrange all the customer journey steps as you see fit. The tool has all the steps and content assets you need. You can have a complete funnel map before you in a few minutes.

    It covers steps like:

    • Traffic Source

    Traffic is the starting point of any marketing funnel. Whether you get traffic from Facebook ads, Google ads, affiliates, Instagram ads, or organic visits, Funnelytics allows you to drag and drop your traffic sources onto the canvas.

    • Landing Page

    The next step on the buyer’s journey is your landing pages. That’s where you present a free offer to capture the potential customer’s details and group them according to their needs. This includes opt-in pages, quizzes, and more.

    • Email Sequence

    Once the leads are in your email list, you can then nurture them until they are ready to buy. How? Through an autoresponder sequence. You can visualize this step as well.

    • Sales Page

    Next, you can show the sales page position in your funnel. You decide what you want to include, e.g. order page, checkout, etc.

    • Thank You Page And Upsell

    Sales funnels don’t end after you win the sale. They go on to squeeze as much value as possible from each customer. This means adding thank you pages, upsells, and cross-sales.

    In short, you have an entire picture of your sales processes before you.

    Like this.

    The funnel builder is so easy to use that even a beginner can plan a funnel in minutes.

    The best part?

    You can save your high-performing sales funnels for future use.

    Sales Funnel Templates

    Not sure how to build a funnel from scratch? No worries, Funnelytics has got you.

    Pick from their rich pool of tried-and-tested funnel templates that cover a wide range of common marketing scenarios.

    • Webinar Funnel.
    • Mini-class Funnel.
    • Survey Funnel.
    • Product Sales Funnel.
    • Lead Magnet Funnel.
    • Application Funnel.

    Their funnels cover all kinds of marketing funnels offer types. Examples include SaaS, lead generation, membership sites, consulting, physical products, and more.


    Funnelytics doubles up as a forecasting tool.

    Instead of guessing your way through your funnel, you can predict its numbers. This helps you plan better, spot opportunities, and see what’s workable or isn’t workable. The Funnelytics forecasting allows you to create funnel simulations based on different scenarios. You input numbers into the system and let the algorithm take over.

    There are 3 arms to the forecasting functionality.

    Forecasting Traffic

    Without generating qualified traffic, your funnel engine stutters. Fewer potential clients come in, resulting in lower sales. 

    Funnelytics allows you to experiment with potential traffic figures so you know how many prospects to bring in to have a profitable funnel. Also, forecasting traffic helps you determine your ad spend.

    Forecasting Page Goals

    Whenever a user is on any page of your funnel, you want them to fulfill your page goals. 

    Whether your goal is for people to download a resource, click through to an upsell page, or complete a form, you can set foretell the impact of these numbers on the rest of your funnel.

    To do that, simply feed fresh page goal data and let the system do the rest.

    Forecasting Actions

    Page actions help move people through your funnels.

    You can use Funnelytics to foresee the knock-on effect vital actions have on your conversion rates and sales. For an action to appear in the forecast overview, you should mark it as a Key Performance Indicator (KPI).

    Best of all?

    You can use both real or imagined numbers for forecasting purposes. A pretty cool feature is that you can compare your real numbers to the predicted numbers. 

    Forecasting is powerful.

    It takes your sales and marketing to the next level—the future. Whether that future is bright or bleak depends on what you do with the number you see.

    To enjoy forecasting and deep analytics, join Funnelytics Pro.

    Understand User Actions

    Another way you can use Funnelytics is to track user actions.

    Using UTM tracking codes in Funnelytics, you can track exactly what leads are doing as they move through your funnels.

    These user actions cover:

    • Purchases.
    • Button clicks.
    • Downloads.
    • Video views.
    • Form completions.
    • Landing page views.

    Each user action is a mini-step that guides leads to the ultimate conversion, the purchase. By focusing your optimization efforts on these small actions, you can swing huge doors. Your funnel performance peaks, and you boost revenue.

    You don’t have to go outside the Funnelytics to see the user stats of your funnels. Right inside your Funnelytics dashboard, you can see the performance of all your funnels alongside your KPI dashboards.

    On top of it all, user action numbers help you read patterns you can use to grow your business. 

    Funnelytics Vault

    It’s no secret that marketers keep their million-dollar sales funnels closer to their chests.

    If they share their funnel intel, they charge, ahem, accordingly.

    Truth be told, in most cases, you won’t afford their pricey funnel hacks courses or thousand dollar coaching calls for step-by-step funnel walkthroughs.

    But if you buy the Funnelytics Vault, you sidestep all these massive costs. They give you access to their Funnelytics Vault. This is an insanely rich treasure chest of winning funnels from rockstar marketers and brands like Clickfunnels, Tony Robbins, Michael Hyatt, Lady Boss, Sam Ovens, and Ryan Levesque of the Ask Method fame.

    As you can imagine, with so many curated templates from so many leading voices, they cover virtually all marketing situations and industries. 

    There’s more. Each funnel hack comes with:

    • In-depth video walkthrough.
    • White label Clickfunnels template.
    • Full-page screenshots of order pages, sales pages, upsell, and downsells.
    • Completely mapped out in Funnelytics.

    Surely, with all these resources, you can’t go wrong.

    Besides the standard funnels most online marketing tools offer, they have an impressive array of niche-specific funnels like:

    • Real Estate Funnel.
    • Dental Funnel.
    • Lawyer Funnel.
    • Chiropractor Funnel.
    • Accountant Funnels.
    • Small Business Funnels

    The vault is one of the best Funnelytics features. It allows you to ride on the success of top marketers to grow your own business.

    Google Tag Manager

    For Funnelytics to play nice with Google Analytics and generate conversion numbers for your funnels, you must install the Funnelytics script. 


    Using the Google Tag Manager (GTM). 

    Google Tag Manager anchors all your triggering options. It enables you to release tags on events like form submissions, video views, page scrolls, and clicks so you record them accurately.

    To install tag manager, grab the two GTM code snippets. Insert one in the <head> section of your site. Put the other code at the end of the <body> section. If you use WordPress, you can insert the code easily using the Insert Headers and Footers plugin. 

    To finish setting up, grab the Funnelytics code from your dashboard.

    Thereafter, paste the Funnelytics script to the GTM HTML box.

    Funnelytics Use Cases

    Our next stop on our Funnelytics review journey is seeing how you can use the platform.

    Funnelytics is more than just a tool for building funnel maps. Here are 7 ways you can use the tool for:

    • Proposal Presentations

    Impress your boss or potential client when you pitch funnel ideas. Present clear, stunning funnels people get easily. This is a critical feature if you are running a marketing agency.

    • Collaboration

    Partner with other team members or clients easily. Share funnels with them and hear their input. You can add descriptive notes to each of your funnel map steps to keep everyone in the loop.

    • Tracking And Data Analysis

    Tracking and analyzing many funnel data points can cause a marketing migraine fast. Not so if you have Funnelytics. The system crunches all the vital numbers from acquisition to the sale and displays them on the dashboard.

    • Sharing Tool

    With Funnelytics you can share and export funnel maps with key stakeholders. Share with a simple URL or invite them into your dashboard and easily brainstorm ideas.

    • Reporting Tool

    Usually, to get accurate funnel reports, you must get your hands dirty with spreadsheets. And once you’ve finished, you must compile a custom report. Funnelytics saves you from all that, so you spend the time on other things. View all your key performance indicators (KPIs) on the handy KPI window. Add or remove KPIs as you desire. As such, knowing what is KPI and which ones to focus on is critical to make the best of this feature.

    • Lead Profiling

    Collect customer data from opt-in or lead forms and track separate customer journeys as people zig-zag their way through your funnels.

    • Traffic Source Results

    Share the numbers of the best-performing traffic sources with your clients. Be a data marketing guru. Show them which ads or emails bring in the highest revenue.

    Funnelytics’s all-around prowess is unmatched. They’ve built a potent tool that’s brilliant for mapping funnels and a host of other marketing activities a modern marketer needs to perform. Other funnel mapping tools aren’t packed with the same value you can get from Funnelytics.

    Support And Documentation

    Our next port of call in the Funnelytics review is customer service.

    For help when you get stuck or want to learn how best to use Funnelytics, you can reach out in the following places.

    • Help Center

    In the help center, you get all the tips and tricks on how to use Funnelytics. You get advice and answers from the Funnelytics team. They share their expertise about optimizing and analyzing your funnel, how to install with Google Tag Manager, mapping and tracking, etc. 

    They also have a FAQ section that addresses common questions users encounter. It’s always a good idea to check this section before you reach out to the support team.

    • Email Support

    Can’t find help from the help center articles? Submit a support ticket so the support team helps resolve your issue. Their support team is prompt. Many Funnelytics customers laud them for their support. They usually respond within 24 hours for those on the Pro Plan. For those on the Starter Plan, it can take up to 48 hours to get a response.

    • Facebook Group

    Another great place for getting the help you need fast is the Funnelytics Facebook Group. It’s an active, loving community of marketers who live and breathe digital marketing every day. They don’t stint on their funnel expertise. Between them and the Funnelytics team, you get all the help you need.

    • Chat Feature

    If you are on the Funnelytics Pro Plan, you have the privilege of talking to the support team via chat. This support channel isn’t available for people on the Free Plan.

    Cross-Channel Tracking

    Digital marketing is complex.

    People start their customer journey on one channel and end it in a completely different one. They also switch devices. Nurturing leads requires many intricate steps and content assets like landing pages and videos. Depending on how you set up your funnel, you might host these assets on other platforms outside your website.

    Therefore, tracking traffic becomes challenging.

    The solution?

    A platform with cross-channel tracking capability. Thankfully, Funnelytics tracking features are nimble enough to do this. So there’s no need to worry.

    All you have to do is to install the Funnelytics tracking script. Voila. You can now track your customers across many platforms and see all your numbers.

    Once you enable cookies, you can integrate Funnelytics with your best-loved tools like ClickFunnels, WordPress, Lead Pages, Active Campaign, and more, knowing that the clever system will track and spit out all the numbers.

    Moving on, let’s look at the Funnelytics pricing.

    They have two plans.

    Funnelytics are committed to helping business owners nail their funnel strategy. They have a generous free plan you can sign up for to kickstart your free trial.

    Here’s what’s inside the free plan.

    • 1 workspace.
    • 6 basic funnel templates.
    • Unlimited funnel canvases.
    • 50+ page, traffic, and action icons.
    • Email support with a 48-hour response limit.

    All this for a free trial? Their free version is as good as some paid plans.

    No one in their right mind would pass up such a deal.

    The Funnelytics Agency Accelerator deserves a special mention. It’s a special standalone program for agency owners who want to scale rapidly and take their agencies to the next level.

    It costs $1,997.

    The Funnelytics Plan costs $99 for those who want to pay month-on-month. But you can get a better deal if you opt for annual billing. Then the price comes down to pay $74 per month.

    For the pro version, you get all the Stater Plan features, plus:

    • 3 workspaces. (Pay $9 per month for the additional workspace)
    • 50+ premium funnel templates from top marketers.
    • Unlimited tracking and analysis of customers, leads, and more.
    • Track any custom action on your pages, such as clicks or video views.
    • Visualize conversions on the Funnelytics canvas.
    • Pick and place KPIs anywhere on the canvas.
    • Forecast the revenue potential of your funnels and compare forecast vs real metrics.
    • Customize icons to give your canvas a personal feel.
    • Collaborate and strategize with your clients or team.
    • Priority chat support.

    Funnelytics used to offer a popular lifetime deal. Not anymore. 

    They now offer yearly plans only. 

    Perhaps Funnelytics has piqued your interest. But you have a few questions buzzing in your mind. Here are answers to common questions that pop up before people buy Funnelytics.

    Does Funnelytics offer a lifetime deal?

    They used to offer a lavish lifetime deal, but they’ve stopped. They only offer yearly plans now.

    Does Funnelytics integrate with other tools?

    Nope. Not at the moment. But they say they are working on it so you will connect Funnelytics to your favorite tools soon.

    Can I use Funnelytics to build funnels?

    No, you can’t. Funnelytics only maps and analyzes funnels. They don’t build them.

    Is there a free trial for Funnelytics Pro?

    No, there isn’t. But they have a 14-day satisfaction guarantee for anyone who buys the pro version. If you feel the tool isn’t a good fit for you, you can get a refund if you ask for it within 7 days.

    Does Funnelytics show live analytics?

    Yes, they do. Just install the tracking script and the software will display all your live numbers straightaway.

    What’s the difference between Funnelytics and Google Analytics?

    Funnelytics is a funnel mapping software while Google Analytics is a web analytics tool. Another major difference is that Funnelytics gives you a holistic view of your metrics as you can view your numbers together with your funnels. Google Analytics can’t do that.

    Can you share your funnels with customers or peers?

    Absolutely. Simply download your funnels as PNG/PDF images and share them away.

    Does Funnelytics have an affiliate program?

    Yes, Mikael Dia made sure of that. You earn a 30% cut on all Funnelytics sales you close and their cookies last 365 days.

    Funnelytics Review: The Final Word

    That’s a wrap of my Funnelytics review.

    The platform does its primary job well—mapping and tracking funnels. You can easily take your fuzzy funnel ideas from your head and bring them to life on their canvas by clicking a few buttons. 

    Before Funnelytics arrived on the market, nobody could do that. But the lack of integrations is a big sticking point.

    That aside, Funnelytics is a brilliant tool that sets the pace for all funnel mapping software.

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