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Kartra Review 2023 Edition: Just How Good Is This All-in-one Solution?

By Hanson Cheng

August 18, 2023

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  • Thinking of switching from your current marketing automation platform to Kartra?

    Then you will find this in-depth Katra review handy.

    You’ll get all the info you need about this popular all-in-one marketing platform, so you make an informed choice. In this honest review, you will get everything—the good, the bad, and the ugly.

    Let’s jump in.

    Kartra is an all-in-one marketing software by Genesis Digital that gives you everything you need to start, grow, and scale a profitable online business.

    Katra was launched in 2018 by the team behind Webinarjam, Andy Jenkins, and Mike Filsaime.

    Endorsed by the heavyweight marketer Frank Kern, this widely popular business platform deserves a deep look. 

    What Is Kartra Used For?

    Kartra is the swiss knife of online marketing.

    Being one of the top Hubspot alternatives, you can use Kartra for a host of business tasks to drive your marketing strategy. 

    As a small business owner, you can use Kartra to:

    • Sell digital products and physical products.
    • Build a profitable ecommerce store.
    • Create a high-converting landing page.
    • Create and manage membership sites.
    • Run affiliate marketing programs.
    • Create a sales page that converts.
    • Build an automated sales funnel.
    • Manage your calendar and appointments.
    • Host marketing videos.
    • Attract, manage, and convert leads.
    • Send email campaigns to your audience.
    • Sell more through upsells, downsells, and order bumps.

    As you can see, this agile marketing automation tool can do virtually anything a modern marketer needs to do for successful marketing campaigns.

    Kartra Review: A Comprehensive No-Frills Look At 11 Key Features

    So, what can you find inside the Katra suite of digital marketing tools? What can the software do for you and your business?

    Let’s find out by looking at 11 core Kartra features.

    1. Kartra Page Builder For Lovely Web Pages

    To run a successful online business, you must create a lot of pages.

    • Home pages.
    • Product pages.
    • Squeeze pages.
    • Upsell and downsell pages.
    • Sales pages.
    • Landing pages.

    Kartra’s drag and drop page builder allows you to build gorgeous pages in minutes.

    Are you an experienced entrepreneur who has run many thriving online businesses? Then you can build your pages from scratch. If you are a tentative newbie and haven’t created online pages before, there are plenty of templates to choose from. 

    What’s inside the Kartra page builder?

    • 500 customizable page and section templates to choose from.
    • Drag and drop function so there’s nothing to code or draft on your page.
    • 100% mobile responsive pages for a mint perfect look on all devices. No need to tweak your page.
    • On-click instant publish to your domain for on-brand pages on your website.
    • Tried-and-tested conversion-ready pages that have been fine-tuned for peak SEO performance.
    • Pop-ups for every marketing context you can think of.
    • Global menus and footers that automatically propagate on new pages so you don’t have to enter the details manually every time you create a Kartra page.

    Takeaway On Kartra Pages 

    In summary, the Kartra builder does the basics well, but it’s slow. Plus, it falls short on advanced features expected from modern landing page builders.

    2. Kartra Analytics: Your Business Cockpit Dashboard That Guides Every Decision You Make

    Running an online business without in-depth analytics is like flying blind.

    Kartra offers you all the vital numbers to help you make sound decisions. After all, today's marketing landscape is data-driven. Unless you want to run your company through gut feeling like your great-grandpa. 

    In contemporary marketing, a b testing and analytics rule. They help you identify growth opportunities and boost your conversion rates. Hence all marketing automation tools have an analytics instrument.

    Inside the Kartra analytics tool, you get.

    • Email analytics for real-time tracking of clicks, opens, click-throughs, and more so you measure the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.
    • Product analytics that gauge product sales based on the traffic source: organic, paid, or affiliate?
    • Conversion analytics so you know if your sales or landing pages, videos, and emails hit home or need improvement.
    • Subscription analytics for all numbers about the performance of your subscription business such as renewals, cancelations, and paid ad conversions.
    • Rich visuals with simple yet splendid diagrams and easy-to-read displays.
    • Helpdesk analytics to assess all customer interactions and enhance customer experience.

    Takeaway On Kartra Analytics

    While Kartra has exceptional analytics overall, their sales and membership stats are scanty. They should beef them up if they want to go toe to toe with the best in the business.

    3. Kartra Sales Funnel And Campaign Options

    Want to know the secret of online riches?

    One word.


    The Kartra sales funnel software allows you to build advanced sales funnels that rake in dollars. But the inventive tech can be a tad overwhelming for some, even with the drag and drop capability. A distinctive feature is that they encourage users to share their funnels with other Kartra users. 

    Therefore, there are plenty of real-world templates from fellow business owners new users can choose from instead of building from scratch. Other benefits you can get from the funnel side of this handy platform.

    • Lead tagging so you can profile your leads as they move through the funnel.
    • Done for you campaigns for you to plug-and-play without reinventing the wheel.
    • Interconnected for you to join any page to your funnel workflow.
    • Rule-based sales funnel using if and then marketing automation that fits every scenario.
    • Tracking so you can track all your customers as they move along your funnel.
    • Kartra Mail for you to incorporate advanced email sequences into your campaigns.

    Takeaway On Kartra Funnels

    The Katra sales funnel builder is one of their standout features. They have solid funnel templates that offer customization.

    4. Capture Leads For Your Online Business Using Kartra Forms

    Capturing leads is the gateway to a thriving company. 

    People typically follow this pattern in their journey to becoming customers:

    • Look around the internet using their browser.
    • Discover fascinating content on your website.
    • Fill in through opt-in forms on a page on your site.
    • Receive content that makes them warm up to you.
    • Buy your products because they now trust you.
    • Forms are a crucial part of this success matrix.

    Katra forms allow you to capture leads and grow your business as people browse your website on any device. Let’s unwrap the contents of this functionality, shall we?

    • 50+ high-converting pro templates that suit all industries and every marketing scenario you can think of.
    • Custom fields to allow you to laser-target your prospects and segment them as they sign-up on your page.
    • An auto-fill feature so users don’t have to fill in their details every time they sign-up for more of your mouth-watering offers.
    • Single or double opt-in to give you the flexibility you need when signing up visitors on different campaigns.
    • Responsive forms that look stunning on all devices. Desktop, mobile, or tablet, they support all of them.
    • Brand sensitive forms that fit your website’s look and feel.

    Takeaway On Kartra Forms

    The Kartra platform forms are eye-catching, easy to fill, and relevant to give visitors a pleasant experience. They meet the high standards of smart lead capture best practices.

    5. Kartra Leads For Smart Lead Management

    Capturing leads is just the beginning.

    You must nurture those leads to deepen your relationship with them. The stronger your relationships with your audience, the higher your conversions, and sales because they trust you unreservedly.

    Your leads are simply the lifeblood of your enterprise.

    Katra leads gives you access to a top leads management system that turns leads into buying customers.

    • Lead tagging through custom labels that group leads accordingly: cold leads, warm leads, and red-hot leads.
    • Lead scoring enables you to assign numerical points to your lead categories as per the value you give to them.
    • Detect bottlenecks where your leads get stuck or lost. Smoothen the friction points so your leads continue smoothly on their buyer’s journey.
    • Gain inside info on the behavior of your leads. Where they come from when they arrive on your website, which links they click, and the path they follow until they buy.
    • Comprehensive lead details like transaction history, active subscriptions, tags, helpdesk tickets, and all the emails they’ve received.

    Takeaway On Katra Leads

    The Kartra leads feature meets the threshold of a powerful lead management tool. Their system covers lead tagging options for efficient list segmentation, plus the standard lead scoring feature.

    6. Give Customers Five-star Service Through The Kartra Helpdesks

    In any business, customers have issues they need help with.

    For you to attend to those customer queries, you need a help desk staffed with a professional super helpful support team. 

    The Kartra helpdesk helps you do just that.

    Use it to build a strong support team around your products or services. With a marvelous support team, your customer satisfaction levels will surge and customer loyalty will increase. Here’s what this feature gives you.

    • Multi-agent collaboration for you to pass support tickets from one agent to another.
    • Canned responses so you automate responses to frequently asked questions.
    • Cross department collaboration for painless transfer of tickets between departments so the support team works as one.
    • Channel tickets by departments for prompt help and fast resolution customers love.
    • An integrated billing system that allows you to see your customers’ transaction histories and billing actions like discount coupons and refunds.
    • Cloud storage of all conversations with your customers for you to download the chat logs anytime.
    • Live chat facility that switches to automated ticket support when agents are offline.

    Takeaway On Kartra Helpdesks

    Stellar customer service is the mainstay of flourishing brands. The Katra client service tool ticks off all the boxes with an efficient ticketing system, canned responses, and multichannel support.

    7. Establish A Strong Connection With Customers Through Kartra Video Hosting

    For a strong connection with your audience, video rules.

    Nothing engages, binds, or sells like video. 

    As a human,  you warm up when you see the face of other people. That’s why smart marketers choose a business platform that supports video hosting. Kartra video hosting puts a potent tool in your hands for marketing your products or services. 

    So, what’s inside the video tool?

    • Fully customizable so can pick video player skins and colors that tone with your website colors and branding.
    • Optimized for all devices so your videos will look good on any device, be it a smartphone or a tablet.
    • Watermark branding so no sneaky human steals your prized content.
    • Timed lead gen forms to grow your list as people lap up your delicious video content.
    • Timed share-to-watch buttons to give your videos the viral element and make them spread like wildfire on social media.
    • Checkout buttons to enable users who have who are ready to buy to do so right on the video itself.
    • Autoplay feature that automatically plays the next video in a queued-up series.
    • Embed videos on WordPress blogs or other standalone pages.

    Takeaway On Kartra Videos

    Kartra video is one of the star features of the platform. It’s specially designed for marketers and has video tagging capabilities, playlist creation, a customizable player, all the hallmarks of high-tech video hosting tools.

    8. Enroll An Army Of Eager Marketers Through Kartra Affiliates

    No matter how brilliant a marketer you are, at some point, you will hit the ceiling. You reach the limits of your energy and marketing resources.

    Does this mean your business stops growing? No ways! That’s where affiliate marketing comes in to save the day. That’s why all marketing automation tools worth their salt have an affiliate wing. 

    With the Kartra affiliates tool, you can unleash an army of marketing partners to sell on your behalf. Your joint venture partners market your product by simply inserting an affiliate link into relevant content. This way you scale your business without lifting a finger.

    Inside the Kartra affiliates portal, you will find.

    • Auto-sign affiliates through a sign-up questionnaire form that allows you to review and approve potential affiliates on auto-pilot.
    • Flexible Commissions that are dollar value fixed or percentage-based. Your affiliates program, your rules!
    • Custom affiliate landing pages to funnel your affiliate traffic to different landing page offers that suit varying needs.
    • Intuitive analytics for you to see vital metrics like affiliate sales vs total sales, earnings per click, affiliate traffic, rebills, and more at a glance.
    • PayPal adaptive payments so you can pay affiliates instantly via PayPal, the world's most preferred payment gateways.
    • Affiliate list feature for you to subscribe partners to a partner-only mailing list and keep your connection with JV partners vibrant by sending them exclusive content.

    Takeaway On Kartra Affiliates

    Their affiliate tool hits the mark. It’s comprehensive and covers all the bases of an agile affiliate management platform.

    9. Kartra Mail: Email Marketing At Its Best

    Your mailing list, by far your most prized possession for fueling online business growth.

    Kartra mail is a key part of the marketing platform. 

    For world-class email campaigns, look no further than Kartra Mail. Let’s unpack what you can do with this marketing tool.

    • Merge email marketing with SMS and line up messages on both channels based on your pre-defined parameters.
    • Behavior-based automation to trigger relevant emails based on your recipient’s actions.
    • Intelligent split testing for you to split test your email marketing campaigns and optimize for growth.
    • Customizable templates that include all elements such as hero sections, testimonials, countdown timers, video thumbnails, and more.
    • Multiple trigger rules that empower you to prompt sequences via tags when customers fill in lead generation forms, buy a product, or cancel a payment.
    • Full control of the timing of all your email messages so customers get them at the perfect moment determined by you.
    • Tags, lists, and sequences for you to step up automated sequences by moving leads across different lists, subscribe and unsubscribe people on your list.

    Takeaway On Katra Mail

    Katra mail does all the fundamentals well. You can follow up with subscribers through their sequence builder. But they lack the comprehensiveness offered by other platforms like Kajabi. So there is room for improvement there.

    10. Unleash Kartra Membership Sites For Recurring Revenue

    Does your business use the membership site or course model?

    Then you will enjoy Kartra memberships.

    It allows you to give your customers a stimulating learning experience while getting a stable recurring income. Whether you want to run a course, membership site, or a private community, the membership platform does the job superbly.

    The membership portal is packed with useful features such as:

    • Multiple membership tiers that give users multiple access levels, tailored content, and different price points at each level.
    • Multiple file formats so you can upload text, video, audio, podcast, or a combo-whatever suits your fancy.
    • Drip content over a set period once and for all and let the system deliver it to users like clockwork.
    • Create an on-brand learning portal that suits your brand colors for consistent branding that doesn’t confuse your audience.
    • Line up content for publication at a future date and time that suits your calendar.
    • Moderate and interact with your audience by answering their questions, managing comments, and granting or revoking access.

    Takeaway On Kartra Memberships

    If you are looking for an agile learning management system, Katra memberships will do the job and then some. So good is this tool that some entrepreneurs build their landing pages on ClickFunnels but host their online courses on Kartra.

    11. Sell More, More Often With Kartra Checkout

    In business, you always want to sell more, right?

    After all, without an increase in the number of buying customers, your business dies—a slow, agonizing death. All your sleek marketing automation strategies and sparkling sales pages come to naught if you can’t close the sale.

    The solution? An optimized checkout system like Katra.

    Kartra checkout has:

    • Stunning checkout pages that make your products and services look gorgeous and tease potential customers to reach for their credit cards.
    • Upsells, downsells, and order bumps increase the dollar value per order you extract from customers.
    • Sell unlimited products or services be they digital or physical.
    • 1-Click transactions for returning customers so they check out faster without filling in their details again.
    • A flexible payment methods, including PayPal and credit cards for total customer convenience.
    • Flexible pricing structure that accommodates one-time sales, recurring payments, trial payments, and finite installments.
    • Promotions and discount coupons complete with expiration dates, an editable portal, and the ability to display it to specific consumers at specific times.

    Takeaway On Kartra Checkout

    Katra checkout hits all the right notes. They build their checkout pages with one overarching goal in mind—conversions. And they did a pretty damn good job of it.

    So, how much does all this super value cost?

    Kartra pricing uses the per month model. Their pricing plans revolve around your marketing needs. The size of your email list and the hosting bandwidth you need are key.

    $99 per month

    2500 Leads

    15000 emails/m

    $199 per month

    12500 Leads, Unlimited emails

    $299 per month

    25000 Leads, Unlimited emails

    $499 per month

    50000 Leads, Unlimited emails

    A downside of their pricing structure is that they limit the number of leads on each level. Kartra alternatives also capitalize on the fact that Kartra is expensive.

    Not sure if Kartra will be a good fit for your needs?

    No problem. 

    You can take it for a spin by signing up for their 14-day trial. 

    Get a taste of all the features of the all-in-one software for just $1.

    A no-brainer if you ask me.

    Kartra Review Wrap Up

    There you have it. 

    Your thorough Kartra review. The all-in-one platform has more pros than cons. They have an impressive array of features. The tool’s all-round brilliance deserves credit.

    It’s a perfect fit for you if you want a premium tool that does everything well and will pay for it. 

    If that’s you, you will enjoy their all-inclusive marketing software.

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