August 19

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By Hanson Cheng

August 19, 2023

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  • It’s undeniable.

    These days businesses need a large number of tools to run their businesses successfully. Therefore, all-in-one marketing platforms like have gained prominence.

    Touted as the ClickFunnels alternative, has got everyone talking. Is all the attention they are getting justified, or it’s just a case of much ado about nothing?

    In this review, I will take an honest look at’s major features.

    Let’s jump straight in.

    What Is is an all-in-one marketing software that gives online business owners everything they need to market and sell their products online.

    French entrepreneur Aurelien Amacker started to help scale his online business, which had hit a growth ceiling. He launched the company in 2018 and it quickly rose through the ranks to become the number one online business software brand there.

    They then spread their wings to the United States and the rest of the world as they took advantage of the company’s rising stock fueled by the rave reviews they got at home.

    A Close Look At 10 All-In-One Features

    With the background info out of the way, our review moves on to the essence. Let's get into the features breakdown.

    1. Funnel Builder

    Sales funnels underpin flourishing businesses. 

    Whether you are into drop shipping or affiliate marketing, one well-laid-out sales funnel can do wonders for your business. has a drag and drop funnel builder to help you build highly profitable sales funnels.

    When creating funnels, you have four options:

    • Build an audience

    This is your list-building funnel. Get people’s email addresses to build your email list.

    • Sell

    Where would your business be without sales funnels? You can build a sales funnel to sell your products or services online.

    • Run a webinar

    Webinars funnels are popular because they convert better. With the funnel builder, you can run evergreen webinars to automate your business.

    • Custom

    Build a custom funnel from scratch.

    Using their effortless drag and drop builder, you can create a funnel in only a few clicks you can. Thankfully, they have templates to make things easier.

      Sales Funnels Templates

    Thankfully, you don’t have to build your funnel from scratch. Why waste time trying to reinvent the wheel?

    There are plenty of proven sales funnels and squeeze page templates out there. Here’s a shot of the squeeze page templates they offer.

    Templates help you enjoy using the sales funnel builder and work faster. If the template you want isn’t on the list, they encourage users to reach out and ask for it. Then they’ll make it for you if the demand is high.

    2. Marketing Automation

    Modern marketing involves juggling many balls in the air. 

    From capturing leads to nurturing leads through email, from delivering transactional emails to blogging, from membership website to social media, from sales pages to squeeze pages, your plate fills up pretty fast.

    That’s where marketing automation comes in to save the day.

    The marketing automation feature helps you join all the dots. They enable you to connect all the pieces and keep everything running smoothly on autopilot. The marketing automation feature flies on two wings, rules and workflows.

    • Automation Rules

    These are specific actions you set to kick-start your automation workflow. These trigger actions span your entire sales funnel. For instance, it can be a webinar registration, a form submission, a course enrolment, a resource download, or a purchase

    • Automation Workflows

    In the workflows feature you can create subsequent steps that follow the trigger action. In other words, you decide what happens next and when that action takes place.

    Let’s say you want every new subscriber to a course, wait for a day or two, and then pitch your product. You can do that and more.

    As you can see, there are endless workflow possibilities on the platform to fit every marketing scenario you can think of. All you do is click, drag, and drop. Easy as you like. Then sit back and allow the software to work its magic.

    3. Email Marketing

    No online business can flourish without an efficient email marketing tool. 

    Your shiny website won’t help you one bit if you don’t combine it with email marketing. Throw the leads you capture into your email service provider to nurture them. Under normal circumstances, you would have to pay separately for an email service provider.

    Not if you have

    They have a native email marketing feature. 

    Like any leading marketing platform, you can send one-off emails manually. Or you can use their marketing automation powers to join several emails into a series of autoresponder email sequences. Include these drip emails into your funnels as part of a larger workflow made up of several connected, intricate steps. 

    You can use the email feature to nurture leads, sell your products, follow up on your customers, offer customer support, send thank you emails, and more.

    When you consider that email service providers like Sendinblue charge $25 for their Lite Plan, this email feature alone is worth its weight in gold.

    However, there’s a major drawback.

    As of now, you can only send plain text emails. Ugh.

    This allows competitors like Get Response, Kartra, and Clickfunnels to zip past them since they have visual editors for creating stylish email newsletters. Sophisticated contemporary customers expect colorful emails because that’s what they are used to.

    That said, they’ve promised the visual email editor feature is on the way.

    4. Webinar Feature offers a handy webinar feature. 

    Webinars are on the surge. Business owners have jumped onto the webinar wave. Every online marketing platform worth its salt offers them. That’s because they convert at an eye-popping rate of 51%.

    They work well throughout the funnel. Webinars can help you attract bumper leads, educate those leads, and showcase the brilliance of your products or services. In short, webinars are an invaluable marketing all-rounder resource for growing your business.

    No wonder everyone’s scrambling for them. evergreen webinars take care of all your webinar needs. You can run recorded webinars.

    The platform does everything you expect a webinar hosting software to do. You can:

    • Register attendees via a dedicated landing page.
    • Send reminders to those who registered for the webinar.
    • Deliver the webinar on a set day.
    • Follow up on the attendees and making an offer to them.

    Webinars are a powerful business asset. One outstanding webinar funnel can set your business up for months to come, years even. And with you have the right technology to roll out evergreen webinars

    5. Membership Sites And Online Courses

    Want to create a sustainable income?

    Create a membership website. It’s your best shot at meeting your goal. A subscription-based business model that revolves around a membership site produces income like clockwork every month.

    Well, the good news is offers a membership sites feature. This equips you to grow your business rapidly through widely popular online courses. 

    With the course builder you can:

    • Create modules

    Create a series of modules complete with a table of contents to guide users so they find what they are looking for quickly.

    • Host lectures

    Create your lecture material and host it on the platform. The cool part is your hosting space is unlimited. They support text, audio, or video content.

    • Add additional resources

    Besides the core content, you can also provide additional material for a richer learning experience for your students

    • Set time duration

    Determine the period between lectures or modules. For example, you can drip content after every 7 days. That’s one lecture per week.

    • Customization

    Change font colors to your liking, adjust padding size, place an image anywhere, or move content blocks as you see fit. In short, you have full control over how your course looks and how people consume it.

    Apart from online courses, you can also create unlimited membership sites where only paid-up members gain access to the content. So, if you’ve been putting off that online course or membership site business idea, the platform is here to help you get started.

    6. Customer Support

    Effective customer support plays a big role in the SaaS product success matrix.

    Customers demand prompt support whenever they have issues with the product. has a solid support system in place. Customers can solve any issues they have through:

    • Knowledge Base

    The first port of call for self-help is the knowledge base. They have a rich library of step-by-step articles organized by topic, so you don’t waste time searching.

    The best part? Their articles have labeled visuals to help you grasp the topic easily and not get lost. Many questions get answered by these detailed, hugely helpful articles.

    • Online Course

    You can also get help through an online course. It covers all the basics and use cases through a series of videos. That’s delightful news for visual learners. The free training course covers these topics and features:

    • Overview of features.
    • Contact Management.
    • Building Sales Funnels.
    • List Building Funnel.
    • Product Selling Funnel.
    • Email Management.
    • Automating Your Business.
    • Creating Membership Sites.

    The packed course has virtually everything a new user would want to know about the tool.

    • Facebook Group

    Another support channel is the Facebook group. Because the online business entrepreneurial journey can be lonely, this group serves a dual purpose. First, you get answers to all your pressing questions from support staff and fellow users who’ve resolved similar issues. 

    Secondly, it provides much-needed mutual support from like-minded online business owners. You get the strength to forge ahead and even develop lifelong friendships.

    Oh, did I tell you the founder Aurelien Amacker is very active in the group?

    I’m sure you will agree with me when I say there’s nothing better than hearing directly from the creator of the platform when you’ve got challenges.

    • Ticket Submission

    Couldn’t find help in the Facebook group or the knowledge base? Don’t despair. You can always submit a ticket and wait to hear from the customer support team. offers four customer support channels. That’s more than enough. It’s a sign of a marketing platform that wants its customers to succeed.

    7. Sell Products

    Everything you do business culminates with the sale.

    Marketers and sales teams pull out all the stops to close the sale.

    Landing pages. Email Series. Sales pages. 

    All this and more has one ultimate aim. Know what it is? Simply to get people to take out their credit cards and buy your products. That’s it. gives you all the tools you need to sell products. Whether you are a startup that wants to sell physical products or want to push digital products as a side hustle, the platform can help you do so with aplomb. 

    It’s the complete eCommerce solution.

    For anyone to pick your goods, take out a credit card, and pay you, you need a shopping cart and a payment getaway. gives you both built into the system.

    What makes things easier is that offers a PayPal and Stripe integration right inside the dashboard. Click a few buttons and you are connected. Just like that, you ready to do business. No fuss.

    Maybe you are wondering why that’s a big deal. Both service providers are renowned names trusted by most people around the globe. So, once customers recognize these names, they will be more likely to do business with you.

    Dealing with recognized names reassures customers. They know the chances of fraud are low, so they transact freely. 

    The result?

    More sales.

    8. Blog


    What started as a hobby has now become an essential business tool. Creating a blog-driven funnel makes perfect business sense. Blogging builds your authority in your niche fast. It connects you with your audience in no time. Importantly, somebody who visits your website can give you their email address for a valuable resource in return and get into an email list. has the blogging side of business covered too.

    You can set up a WordPress blog, get a ready-made theme, and free hosting all under one roof. They also handle another important element—search engine optimization or SEO, as it’s popularly known. So you can blog with confidence knowing your content will be visible to search engines and the people looking for answers related to what you do.

    Another thing I love about’s blogging feature is its flexibility. Either you host your blog on the domain they offer you or bring your custom domains. When it comes to blogging on, you boss your blog.

    9. Affiliate Marketing

    Want to know the secret to scaling your business without breaking a sweat?

    Affiliate marketing.

    By joining forces with people who target audiences similar to yours through smart affiliate programs, you create a win-win situation. Sellers benefit from your affiliate programs as they get generous commissions from the sales they make on your behalf.  

    On your end, business booms because of the steady influx of affiliate sales.

    Luckily for you, the platform has powerful affiliate software. 

    Below are the highlights of how the affiliate program works.

    • Sign-up to the affiliate program is free.
    • You get a significant 40% lifetime commission for every sale you make. This means as long as your referrals remain customers, you will get paid.
    • You pick a payment method, PayPal, or a Wire Transfer. It’s your money, so you get paid your way.
    • You continue to receive affiliate commissions even if you cancel your subscription. Their affiliate program is an independent wing.

    Another cool thing about the affiliate software is that it automatically registers everyone on your email list as your affiliate. Upon sign-up, they automatically get an affiliate ID and can start promoting your products right away without having to go through the hassle of registering. No tech-heavy hoops to go through.

    This unique automatic registration of email subscribers as affiliates helps stand out as none of their competitors has this convenient feature.

    10. Split Testing

    Top marketing platforms have an a/b testing feature.

    A/B testing helps you quickly determine what’s working and what isn’t in your funnel workflow. Armed with testing insights, you can improve on your weak points and capitalize on your strengths. 

    The sales funnel builder has an a/b split test feature. Testing is available on all plans. This is a big plus because alternatives reserve split testing for those who are on the higher premier plans. 

    You can any sales page, squeeze pages, and order forms. 

    But here’s the thing. Remember, you can only split test pages on the same funnel. You can’t test the performance of pages from two funnels. That said, the system allows you to duplicate pages easily and start testing pronto. 

    Another handy feature is color-coding. Your test pages have different colors on the menu so it’s simple to track their performance. 

    You’ve heard everything the marketing platform offers. Perhaps you are now asking yourself about pricing. That’s what we are going to talk about next.

    Are you ready to pull the trigger and take out your credit card?

    Then it’s time to learn about pricing. pricing structure has three plans. They have a Startup Plan for $27 per month, the $47 per month Webinar Plan, and the Enterprise Plan which goes for $97 per month.

    Here’s what you get in each plan.

    Startup Plan

    $27 /mo

    • 5000 contacts.
    • Unlimited emails.
    • 10 sales funnels.
    • 50 sales funnel steps.
    • 5 blogs.
    • 5 membership sites.
    • 10 automation rules.
    • 5 workflows.
    • 10 email campaigns.
    • 10 1-click upsells and 100 order bumps.
    • 10 A/B tests.
    • 1 custom domain.

    Webinar Plan

    $47 /mo

    • 10000 contacts.
    • 50 sales funnels.
    • 300 sales funnel steps.
    • 20 blogs.
    • 20 membership sites.
    • 100 automation rules.
    • 20 workflows.
    • 100 email campaigns.
    • 100 1-click upsells and 100 order bumps.
    • 50 A/B tests.
    • 10 custom domains.
    • 10 evergreen webinars.

    Enterprise Plan

    $97 /mo

    • Everything they offer is unlimited. Only cap contacts at 15000.
    • Create unlimited funnels.
    • Unlimited emails.
    • Unlimited blog posts.
    • Unlimited storage.
    •  Unlimited membership site members.
    •  Affiliate program.
    • Paypal/Stripe integration.
    • Register for the 14-day free trial to sample all the essential features. Review Pros And Cons

    Here’s a quick rundown of advantages and disadvantages.


    • Simple user-friendly editor newbies can master in minutes.
    • One-stop marketing platform with everything you need to run an online business.
    • Flexible payment options that cater to most consumers.
    • Available in French and English so they serve a wider audience.
    • Offers unlimited storage across all plans.
    • Zero hidden costs or fees, their pricing is straightforward.
    • You can use custom domains with the software.
    • Marketing automation available on all plans.
    • Auto registration of subscribers as affiliates.
    • A reachable hands-on owner who answers user questions.
    • Excellent onboarding autoresponder email sequence.
    • No silky coding skills are required to use it.
    • It’s way cheaper than other all-in-one marketing platforms.


    • Apart from PayPal and Stripe, has no integrations with third-party tools.
    • Limited design wiggle room, so you must use the templates, mostly.
    • Some users claim the support team can be slow.
    • Experienced marketers feel its features are pretty basic.

    That’s your review done and dusted.

    The Last Word On Review 2021

    In conclusion, has a spectacular lineup of features.

    Its biggest pitfall the lack of integration options.

    For those looking for an affordable all-in-one marketing solution to run your entire business efficiently, would be a brilliant choice. Its ease of use is its star attraction. 

    If this review has piqued your interest, give the software a try. 

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  • Great review! I have my eye on , but I am also nervous of having all my eggs in one basket.

    If their system goes down, I lose EVERYTHING. While if I have a separate auto-responder for example, automation ensures I can still make money from outgoing sequences.

    So as a starter it’s great, but I like to know that my business has failsafe mechanisms should one SAAS component go down.

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