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Professional Youtubers Use These YouTube Tools – Are They Worth It?

By Hanson Cheng

August 14, 2023

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  • Do you want to create a YouTube channel but don't know where to start?

    There is a lot that needs to be done to be successful on YouTube. This includes keyword research, coming up with new video ideas, validating your ideas, creating the videos and uploading them, and then driving online traffic to your website.

    If that sounds like hard work, it is. The good news is that there are many different business social media tools out there that can help you with your YouTube marketing. It's important to understand that not all of them are created equally and some might be better than others - this all depends on what you're trying to achieve. 

    In this article, we'll look at some of the best YouTube tools on the market and give you a brief explanation of them so that you can understand whether they are the right tools for you. Keep reading to find out more.

    The Best Tools For YouTube Success

    The following are 15 of the top YouTube tools to use for your channel in order to achieve the success you’re after.

    If you're looking for an easy way to optimize your channel and make it more successful, then TubeBuddy is a great place to start.

    There are four different things that it can help you do:

    1. Gain More Subscribers

    TubeBuddy lets you know where your subscribers are from, what their demographics are like, and also suggests other channels they might like. You can use this information to make sure that your channel has a wide reach when it comes to attracting new subscribers.

    2. Watch Time

    The longer viewers watch your videos, the better. It might not sound like much but this is one of the key factors used by advertisers when deciding whether or not they want to run adverts on your channel. If people aren't tuning in for long enough, you won't make as much money (if not at all) when it comes to monetization because there will be fewer adverts seen by people. By using TubeBuddy's Watch Time feature, you can ensure that people stay on your channel for as long as possible.

    3. Compare, Track And Manage YouTube Channels

    By using TubeBuddy's Comparison Feature you can quickly compare your channel with others that have videos about similar topics to yours.  

    This allows you to see what they've done that you haven't so you can try it for yourself or and see better results. You can also track the performance of multiple channels so that you can get an idea of how much you're growing compared to them over time.

    High-quality YouTube videos are nothing without a great thumbnail. This is the one important key when it comes to viewers selecting which videos they will watch. By using Canva, you can create professional-looking thumbnails for your videos quickly and easily.

    Here are some reasons why Canva is one of the best tools for creating YouTube thumbnails:

    1. It's Free

    Like we just mentioned, it's completely free. There are no hidden costs or anything like that to worry about. You can use it straight away without having to pay any monthly subscription fees. There are some images that are locked unless you pay a subscription but these are totally optional.

    2. Multiple Customization Options

    This means you can get exactly what you want out of it without having to compromise on your design choices at all. It has templates that allow you to choose from hundreds of different layouts so you can be sure that you'll find something suitable in no time at all.

    3. Easy To Use 

    Canva has been designed in a way that means anyone can use it. It's incredibly easy to figure out how to get started and takes almost no time at all for you to learn how to do what you want.

    The above reasons make Canva one of the best free tools out there when it comes to creating video thumbnails that get seen.

    YouTube creator studio is a web app that allows you to monitor and manage your YouTube account. It lets you see how many views your videos are getting and how many people have subscribed to your channel. This means that you can keep track of things without having to spend hours searching through the site - all the information is right there in one place.

    By using this control panel, you can quickly and easily see which videos are getting the most views, how subscribers are growing across all of your channels, where your viewers are coming from, and so on.

    You can also view various YouTube analytics reports, allowing you to see data including which videos got the most engagement as well as the referring sources to your videos. This means that you can understand which channels work best for your videos and focus your efforts on the ones that work. 

    These features are one of the main reasons why it's such a good idea to use the YouTube Creator Studio. By doing this, you can also keep track of all your various channels (if you have multiple ones) so that you know exactly what's going on and improve your videos to make sure they get the attention they deserve.

    Viral Stat is a program that allows you to track the performance of videos on YouTube and other social media sites. It uses a software as a service (SaaS) model which allows you to pay for monthly access or pay an upfront fee with the enterprise plan. The program is good at identifying and ranking videos and getting data from various social media platforms (including TikTok).

    Viral Stat has access to analytics tools as well, including a tool that allows you to understand if any potential partnerships you’re thinking of starting are worthwhile. By figuring out what social creators are uploading regarding your brand, you will be able to make informed decisions about partnerships that you might want to pursue and those that should be avoided.

    This is also crucial to understanding what you need to improve in order to get more views, likes and subscribers.

    VidIQ is a tool that analyzes your video and gives out a score based on several different factors. It will also suggest several tags to put in your videos for more visibility. Moreover, you can see how your channel performs on social sites without using a separate login page. 

    After all the information is presented to you, you can make an informed decision and fix any problems if you believe that there is an issue. This means that VidIQ not only helps analyze your videos and suggests tags that can help your channel get better visibility. It also works when it comes to making you more productive by focusing on the items that give you quantifiable results. 

    Another great feature is that it analyzes your competitors and suggests how to beat them.

    VidIQ comes up with new video ideas based on tags and categories. As a tool, it suggests trending tags which you can try adding to your videos - or create new ones around them. 

    With VidIQ, you're always ahead of the curve because you have access to new tools and video ideas that may be trending in the near future.

    SEMrush is an online marketing and competitive intelligence keyword suggestions tool for online businesses. With the help of this service, you can find all the keywords suggestions your competitors are ranking for on Google and other search engines.

    The free tool that lets you track a limited number of projects and search volume. If you’d like additional features that aren't available in the free version, there is also the possibility of upgrading your licence.

    You will be able to find long-tail keywords that you can create videos around to bring in traffic to your videos. You can also download SEMrush reports from their site to be able to apply filters and get more out of your data. As we mentioned, they also have paid versions with additional tools like keyword rank tracking, backlink analysis, etc. There is also a free browser extension that you can use to get data about any site on the internet.

    With SEMrush you get one-click access to valuable data about pages on your competitor's sites, such as keywords they rank for, organic traffic details, advertising and competitive intelligence data, and so on.

    You can also do a comparison of different URLs in similar categories for detailed insights about their social media engagement, backlinks, traffic sources, and more to find how your site stacks up against them.

    This means that before creating your videos, you will already have confirmation that there are people that are already searching for the information you’re about to provide in your videos.

    Buzzsumo is all about analyzing what content creates the most impact on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc. By doing this you can get an insight into what people love sharing so you can create more of the same.

    Buzzsumo is a paid tool but their free version allows you to analyze one URL at a time. You just need to enter your competitor's domain into the search bar and it will display the most shared content of that particular website on the top social media websites. You will also get data including the total number of shares for each post, engagement, number of incoming links, reddit engagement, etc.

    This means that you will know what type of content gets a good amount of social media engagement so you can create YouTube videos around these topics - ensuring that such videos are a hit with your target audience.

    Google Trends is a free tool available directly from Google which allows you to see the trending topics for any news item, place, or period so you can always have an idea of what people are searching for when they open their browser.

    You just need to enter the keyword you want to check on it and click on the search button on the right side of the page.

    This tool is great when it comes to finding popular topics specific to that day or week such as movie release date, holiday, breaking news, etc. This means that if you're running low on video ideas, Google Trends can show you where you need to focus your efforts.

    Apart from that, you can also check related topics and suggestions to find relevant keywords for optimizing your videos. 

    Camtasia is a screen recorder and screencasting software as well as a video editing software tool that has some great tools when it comes to working with YouTube videos. 

    If you want to create a screencast video (where you explain a concept whilst sharing your computer screen) Camtasia is one of the best software you can use to accomplish this. Camtasia tutorials are also available on YouTube so you can easily find the answer to any technical questions you might have. This tool offers a very smooth recording experience with high resolution, customizable hotkeys, social media sharing buttons, etc.

    They also have a Pro Version of this software for advanced users who want to get more out of their screencasts. With Camtasia, you can easily record your screen activity and edit it in minutes in this software; it also comes loaded with features like cutting out unneeded clips, adding voiceover, etc. 

    Also, you can highlight important points in your videos as well as add annotation and screen notes - items which are not available in other tools. You can also add intro/outro to your video, create slideshows, add visual effects, and much more.

    Camtasia is a fully customizable experience that offers a better way of creating screencast videos compared to other similar tools. If you're looking for the best screencasting software available, then Camtasia is definitely one to consider. In addition, check out this list of the best video tutorial software for more information about this topic.

    Filmora allows you to control different features in your YouTube videos. This includes the video length as well as control the volume of music and voice. If you have multi-track audio, you can mix it with Filmora’s powerful mixer. 

    The end of each clip can also benefit from a luxurious set of effects: slow motion, fast motion, reverse or stop action - allowing you to create a video that looks exactly the way you want it. This software also has some special features such as Chroma key compositing that will allow you to replace one scene with another - or even use a green screen for special effects. 

    The Filmora team have also created a mobile app that allows you to edit your videos from anywhere, anytime. With this app available on both android and iOS, the greatest advantage of this software is the vast amount of filters, textures, and soundtracks available when creating your videos. 

    Finally, Filmora's interface looks very cool and is easy to understand for anyone who has basic computer knowledge. This means that anyone can practically use it - even those that consider themselves to be beginners when it comes to video editing. All its features are very intuitive and easily understandable in just a few clicks.

    Social Blade is a tool that has been designed to help you get useful information from channels that interest you or even those that are competing with yours. You can analyze the growth of YouTube channels on SocialBlade by entering your desired keyword into the search bar.

    The best thing about Social Blade is that it doesn't have any complicated navigation so even newbies will be able to use it easily without any trouble. You can check the data in a very simple and understandable way. To use this free tool you simply need to sign up first before using it.

    With both Free and Premium services as well, Social Blade is a great all-in-one software that gives you all the stats you need to grow your YouTube channel.

    YouTube Search Autosuggest

    Image Credit:

    This is an example of a YouTube keyword tool that not many people use. One of the most common problems that all content creators face is to find out what the trending topics are on YouTube. This is where YouTube search autosuggest comes into play. 

    You can easily find out trending videos by simply searching them in the YouTube search bar. As you start typing, you will see what people are searching for related to your particular query.

    You'll be surprised how many ideas you can generate from this publicly available tool. These ideas can serve as inspiration for future video ideas as well as to improve on any videos that you currently have live on YouTube.

    This is one of the best tools that YouTube offers for free that can give you an edge over your competitors. Due to this, using this tool is a must for those who want to succeed on this platform.

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    Google Keyword Planner is a free tool to discover new profitable keywords. Open up the website in Google Chrome, Firefox or your favourite web browser, and you'll have access to the latest and most profitable keywords to go for.

    This amazing tool helps you plan, do the right market research and analyze keywords that will help you in improving your YouTube channel's organic growth.

    By using this tool, you can easily find out what the most searched terms on Google are. This will be helpful for you in optimizing your video content and therefore, it helps in increasing your chances of ranking higher on search engine result pages (SERPs).

    The best thing about this tool is that it provides data about people who are spending money to advertise on Google. If people are spending money to rank for specific keywords, chances are that they are making a profit - which also means that you can ‘steal’ useful ideas when it comes to YouTube content creation.

    Also, by using this tool, we can make sure we're targeting the most relevant keywords to help us in generating organic traffic. 

    Some of the information provided by this tool is also provided by Google Adwords but with a different approach since it gives you an idea of the average cost for each keyword and other useful data such as related search terms etc. Moreover, we can filter our results according to various factors like geographical location, device type as well as language. All of these filters provide more accurate data.

    Hootsuite is a very useful tool that will help you in managing your social media accounts like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram easily.

    When it comes to YouTube, it can help you schedule your videos to be released in advance. This means that you can schedule your videos for a month or more before the actual publishing date, which is very convenient and time-saving.

    You can also use Hootsuite as an alternative to Social Blade which will help you track all of your analytics regarding social media in one place. Along with other useful details (for example how many people engaged, shared, or responded to your videos), this will give you a better picture of the content that you should be focusing on. 

    Hootsuite is one of the best tools when it comes to scheduling posts on multiple social media channels at once and is definitely a tool to consider if you’re serious about YouTube success. 

    Whilst not really a YouTube tool, we can’t speak about YouTube videos without mentioning Fiverr. In the past, getting videos created used to be expensive but today you can get videos done for as little as $5. There are a lot of talented video creators on Fiverr who are willing to work with you and create high-quality videos at affordable pricing.

    All you have to do is simply post your job on Fiverr and wait for the offers. I recommend you look through the various packages that they offer because some of them include more features such as voice-over services, custom thumbnails, etc.

    At the end of the day, it's all about making your video as unique and attractive as possible.

    Fiverr allows you to get all of the services such as graphics, logo designs, voice-over, and more done at an affordable price and that's why it's a website that you should definitely check out.

    What Tools Do YouTubers Use?

    There are various categories when it comes to tools that YouTubers use. 

    These can be divided into categories such as channel and video performance tools, YouTube SEO tools, a social media management tool, tools that help when it comes to uploading videos, live streaming software tools, tools to schedule videos and even tools that help with video marketing potential.

    As such, YouTube has a wide range of tools that help with various tasks to make it easier for content creators and more interactive for consumers.


    In conclusion, without a YouTube channel, anyone who wants to become successful when it comes to video marketing will have a hard time achieving that goal. 

    By creating a YouTube channel and using the right YouTube tools, you will be able to either start an online business on the right foot or take your business to the next level - simply because of how powerful YouTube is when it comes to online marketing.

    We hope that the above list has helped you to be more informed about the right tools to use for your specific needs.

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